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I love what you say here one knows what little incidents can save a soul ..beautiful words

ALSO A Media Release link  I JUST FOUND
its regarding the friends family supporters group creators etc of
Facebook Group:  "Help bring MILA JOHNSON home"
PLASTERING Areas of the City with POSTERS of MILA's Picture and Information
In hopes that SOMEONE WILL HAVE SOME INFORMATION As to her whereabouts !!!!

Please search share join add to Pinterest account Tweet BLOGBWATEVER ...and let's

Please help

I cannot get MILA's other pictures to post from the computer I'm using right now. I will however, do it soon...
Mila Johnson is a "friend of the family" and we r veryy disturbed by this news. No matter what MILA's been through in the last however many years--it is EXTREMELY OUT OF CHARACTER for her to JUST..."DISAPPEAR"...for some strange reason, I am NOT Convinced either that SHE HERSELF 'deleted her Facebook acct' (but it does sound convincing by a persons response post above like it COULD FIT somehow into the story, ie maybe she was feeling threatened???..) ... NONE of us know. NO ONE knows. ONLY the perpetrator(s) that have something to do with her 'DISAPPEARANCE'... ALL I DO KNOW, is that Mila is sweet funny quiet n kind. Not the type to get involved in any trouble she shouldn't ....I do NOT KNOW her sooo personally but my children n I HAVE spent off n on time with her in the past few years... Mila Johnson & my niece were BESTEST friends for the longesttt time...I've seen them giggling n hiding in the bathtub behind shower curtains, playing tricks on my other nieces n my daughters; I know my eldest spent a week with the pair years ago, laughing the night away til the wee morning hours ...I don't remember EVER hearing a negative word out f anyone's mouth, with MILA's name in the same sentence...I have 2 daughters of my own 3 nieces a nefew n 1 brother...THIS IS A MOTHERS WORST NIGHTMARE COME TO LIFE, having your baby missing....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...Share, Post, Pin it, Tweet It, Facebook it, blogg about it, BUT DON'T STOP TALKING OR SEARCHING OR PRAYING FOR the SAFE RETURN of Mila Until we get her home, back to her family!!! I just cannot say it enough, my heart breaks for her mother n the rest of the family. My DEEPEST MOST SINCEREST PRAYERS go to them as well...this has kept me up many a night, checking beds, over texting my children wen out for just a simple walk etc ...ALSO, PRAY that ANY PERSON out there KNOWING ANYTHING at all about what's happened to her--Pray that in this moment they find a conscious n CALL 222-TIPS to give up information on her whereabouts or on her disappearance. Her family deserves it. MILA DESERVES IT PLEASE. 
PRAY PRAY PRAY--"a PRAYER withOUT Belief, is Still a PRAYER"
Thank You for starting this topic..n I AGREE, WHY AM I NOT SEEING MORE OF MILA n PLEASE TO BRING HER HOME, IN THE NEWS for Gods sake!! COME ON!!!

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