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I often wondered about the 2am thing myself. Nothing much was said about it. I know at that age I wasn't allowed out at 2am.

It is funny that this issue has come up.  I grew up in a little town not far from New Liskeard and I must say that I never considered the fact that Melanie was out at 2 am to be particularly odd to me.  However, if this had happened in a more urban setting, I would probably feel the same way as some of the posters in this thread about her being out at 2 am.  What has to be considered is the culture of that particular area.  I believe, having grown up in that area, that the parenting is more permissive up there.  That isn't to say that it is good or bad - I think that most of those who I grew up with and received such parenting have done okay in life - but it is just different.  People in that area believe that they are insulated from events like what happened to Melanie and they don't really think twice about their teenager being out that late.  She wasn't very far from home and her mother probably just didn't think that anything like this could happen to her and the reality is that these kinds of cases are rare, even in big cities (although we are led to believe differently because of the media attention that such cases receive).

As far as what happened in this particular case, my guess is that Melanie was a victim of foul play and was probably killed by somebody who knows that area well (as tends to be the case in most such murders).  Anyone who has been up in that area of the country knows that there would be ample places to place a body without it being discovered for many years, if ever.  Is the person responsible for Melanie's disappearance still in the New Liskeard area?  I think that odds are better than not that he or she still is but the person doesn't appear to be a serial killer because there have been no other disappearances in that area to my knowledge since Melanie's.  My theory is that the abductor meant to sexually assault Melanie and went further than he or she meant to but that is only my theory and there just seems to be no evidence at all here.

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