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Solved Cases / Re: Amber Kirwan - Murdered - New Glasgow Oct. 9th 2011
« on: October 13, 2011, 02:18:47 PM »
I hope Amber is found alive. If that turn out not to be the case then I hope the evidence is solid enough to lead the police to whom ever harmed her. I hate the cases where the police come on saying the evidence has been compromised or that it was too late to find good evidence and the persons responsible are never found out.

I spoke earlier of my feeling that her BF may have been involved . As an adult I admit that was a gut reaction as a parent written in the early AM. My child is older and lives away but still something about this case hit home. I have seen this Mason a couple of times in person and did not care for him.  Perhaps that was just a reaction as a dad. I know others who know him and have had negative dealings but thats a far cry from hurting your girlfriend I guess. I was upset when I wrote my earlier post. It seems to me like the kids are hiding something , or maybe just scared to speak up and I was imagining how things must be from her parents viewpoint. Frustrating. Who do you believe ??

Maybe she was intoxicated or drugged , there are different versions of this going around too. There is the story of her being in the bathroom crying & upset just before leaving. While I know its just hearsay, it could also be true. Maybe she had an argument with her BF or a girl friend, add in too much booze and who knows. If she is found gone could it maybe have been accidental ? First reports said staggering from bar. Then those got changed to no, only one drink over the next few days, which is it ?? Or more likely somewhere in the middle ? The pic of her at their apartment before going out certainly looks like more than one drink. Add in a few more drinks over the next few hours ?? Will the story get changed back ??

These are just the ponderings of a parent who sees things a little differently than the youths close to Amber.
Praying for her return.

Solved Cases / Re: Amber Kirwan - Murdered - New Glasgow Oct. 9th 2011
« on: October 13, 2011, 01:35:24 PM »
Ahhh...OK...I see now. Thanks.

Solved Cases / Re: Amber Kirwan - Murdered - New Glasgow Oct. 9th 2011
« on: October 13, 2011, 12:40:07 PM »

Point 2
The cops questioned Mason to have these RUMOUR starters shut their mouths. Mason was on camera driving towards Big Al's, pulling in at Big Al's and waiting. The cops are diligently working with Mason to find Amber, he is given all information from them as well. Something they wouldn't do for a suspect.
Mason himself said / posted that HE got the call.
Point 3:
Mason is running on NO SLEEP and NO FOOD and is more than worried and is absolutely distraught due to this very very tumultuous situation that is before us.  He is the one that is out at all hours with Police and SAR helping and giving up ALL INFORMATION needed to help find her.

Yes I noticed that he brought up how he has been sleeping very little , understandable , it was the way he said it though that caught my eye. It is gone now because when the NG New updates they remove the old unfortunately but it was his choice of words , again, that has struck myself and others that read it as odd. bringing up that he didn't really have total recall of all he'd already said etc. It was strange. Not saying anyone would remember everything, but there is just something about the way he talk about things. Call it a hunch. He certainly had no regard for how the police operate when Amber was first missing as was shown in his own words. Just because the Needs store may not have turned out to be a real lead. Mason DID make that post and those are his exact words copied & pasted from the FB page prior to them being removed. There was a SAR member online at the time that can verify that if needed.

" I've been out there everyday searching, getting posters, getting donations. I know what's been found, I know where the progress is and the cops are "FAR FROM CLUELESS" (their words not mine) "
This aspect of things also bothers me, lots of civilians who are friends with the people involved in this case, close friends, had / have been give were given free access to a lot of the information gathered & videos. Especially in the beginning. All you need to do is look at the posters the police are still allowing to be posted around town with the boyfriends cell number as the contact number, not the police number, but HIS cell number. Drive around town people if you don't believe me look at the posters with the grad pic of Amber, now look at the 301- **** number. Guess who's that is ? I'm sure by now its tapped but what about those first few crucial hours ? Why did Ambers friends feel the need to put Mason's number instead of the police on those posters ? Why not both if they felt his HAD to be there at all ?  :o   
I know I know, your going to say because they are kids or something right ? But did you read all the negative they were saying on Sat night about the local police ? Some of us did. Your going to bring up the 24 hour thing I imagine, I still don't know if that is true in NS is it? Anyone verify ? Anyway the police number could still have been on those posters as well and later when all these other posters were going up...perhaps those should have come down. As I see them all over the place side by side usually.

Now imagine being a youth in this small area and you might know something but all the posters you see going up on Sunday have Mason and his Moms
 ( correct me if I'm wrong on the second number, it was someone's family member, NOT the police ) what does that say to you ???
What if you don't like Mason, not everyone does, no matter what some would like you to believe. Do you really call him with the info ?? I feel the RCMP major crimes unit should have been called in from the beginning ,but thats just my opinion. I think our police did a their job but let things get a little out of control at times. Now important evidence may be lost for good. Hopefully not. Will keep praying for Amber

And just an FYI, I too was out looking. I was even at the North end rec to get some of those posters you had donated. Not the ones with Mason's number.  ;) But I am not a kid that has to go along like a lamb and agree with everything. I'm entitled to my opinions. If I feel someone harmed her I will say it, even if I feel was her boyfriend , I don't hang out with your that crowd so I am not wearing blinders. I hope I'm wrong, I really do...I'd hate to think that the person she must have cared about and trusted was the person to turn on her, to harm her.  :'( 


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