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Maybe the police were "man handled by the political system" to the point that they quickly got tired of "going through the motions" of investigating guys they "knew" didn't do it.... because many knew who did!  Maybe they weren't lazy or inept.  ::)

This is the scene of her murder:  just below 33rd and Spadina

For anybody who is reading Alex's thread, I am posting something I finally figured out about Meades Drug Store:  the reason I could never find out any information about its exact location in reference to where the murder occurred at The Weir, is because all these years I was searching for Meads/Meades Drugstore in Saskatoon.... and could never find it.  Now that I've been on a roll this week, I finally zeroed in on its location (in 1962) ... I think.  take notice of the photo below of Meades original Drug Store in 1954 ... it is the exact same address. .. also a pic of the outside same year - 1953  So "bingo" on that!
It is a Meades Drug Mart on the corner of 7th street (although called Shoppers Drugmart).... and it even still has a post office; so I think that's the one Alex mailed her letters at back in 1962.  Therefore; I decided to trace the shortest "walk" she might have taken to The Weir.  Turns out it is a ten minute walk.  So I am showing the ad for Meades Drug Mart and also the google link I used to trace the steps and distance.  If you click on the google link, you will see the steps show up as tiny blue dots.,-106.6577679,1822m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en-US

and Meades Drug Mart Ad

page 24.... and whatta ya know?  Baba, at that point reached a realization about time of death and why it was probably dictated:

Thanks Cape, sorry I haven't been on for  'a' while....

Something else cropped up in my research...the time of death. Although, I am not trying to discredit the coroner...but by the time they had found her body....they all ready knew what she had to eat. So in order not to panic the women of the city and appease the family, I do believe they lied about the contents in her stomach. The Chief of Police would have had something to do with that, but since he has passed away via a heart attack shovelling snow, ...hmm... was it last winter???? Anyways I guess he will never convenient for the murderer(s).

Although today's forensics will tell you that to be that accurate would not have been very professional on the coroner's part! Well forensic science has come along way since then! Therefore, due to forensic science, there has a lot of scientific variables and/or factors that have to be taken into account before an accurate time of death could have been pinpointed. Therefore, she may have been alive for some time, before she was murdered! Since her body was discovered so much later than her disappearance or death, it was very bold of this coroner to make such a statement!

Seems to be all neat and tidy....doesn't it!

Sorry for "replying to my own posts";  just laying out new thoughts as I have started reading this whole thread again. 


Thank You ....

The family was not invited to the coroners inquest. We have asked, and we are not sure why.

So the description of what happened, is what we have collected from the newspaper reports, etc. All I have read and concluded was that there could have been a possibility that someone said they were going to meet her there. When that person did not show up, she went to go home. Was it a lure???? We are not sure.

Was she killed the same night? We are not sure.

Forensic phsychology, what we get off of television would indicate because her face was destroyed, this  person knew her. By the force of the blows, this person/s was very angry at her.

I do not know if she was strangled, she was raped, crushed by a concrete construction block, and died from sand being in her wind pipe. We believe she reached up through her shallow grave for one last attempt for help, or for someone to find her with her outstretched hand. Whether this is all of it, we are not sure.

I do believe, because of what Alexandra believed in. I believe Alexandra would have fought off her attacker/s the best she could, because she was not going to be raped if she could help it. Alexandra's courage, I am sure angered the perpetrator/s, that is why I believe she was raped after he/they crushed her with the concrete block. This person/s raped a dying woman and had to look at her crushed body while doing this, meaning that this person/s was obsessed, was demented, very disturbed, whatever you want to call it. A sicko!

One thing that keeps popping in my mind, that she was lured there that night.

- Unless Alex was in the habit of wandering to the weir on such an inviting night (one will never know at this point) I too, feel she was there for a purpose.  ... to meet up with someone pre-arranged... not necessarily knowing them well, maybe just a "get acquainted in a place she considered safe and tasteful?"

- or she knew the person already?

- or somebody else came instead - knowing she would be there alone waiting?  a messenger? a jealous guy who knew the guy she was meeting wouldn't be showing up?  ... or even worse, a jealous woman interested in, or connected to the guy who wouldn't be showing up -... no text messages back then!  people exchanged notes- or trusted confidants with messages-  .. and it was nothing among little cliques to over-hear something and take the opportunity to "alter the turnout" ... again, a guying bragging he changed his mind about "hooking up" or maybe said he "just couldn't get away" ... creating an opportunity for a deviant person!

- I find myself wondering if they "lay in wait" at the tree line because they were certain she would walk in that direction - which indicates her killer was familiar with her likely-route?  or indicates that might have been a usual path back to her residence, or at least they knew she would head home that way as opposed to the street.
- did the killer - become acquainted in minutes, or else already known to her, having exchanged friendly conversation, suggest a little walk when it seemed nobody was looking?

- or, did someone such as Stephen Kozaruck follow her from the drug store, and sit back waiting for the opportune moment?

- Again I wonder if the piece of concrete was considered "belonging to that spot"?

- and was the "grave" intentionally dug?  If not.. and it was dug in haste, how impacted was that ground for digging (was it damp and soft because it was shaded? or would it have been somewhat hard pack from whatever number of days that had dry air and sunshine prior)?
- What would the killer have used for digging? If it was soft ground, a stick, piece of board, or branch would do; otherwise some sort of shovel would have been required. I noticed in the crime scene photo, there was what looked like a huge plastic pail incorporated into the ground brush left of the grave.  ... like the fuel and oil cans carried by heavy trucks and equipment on job sites.
- Was the "grave" actually just a ditch left by construction there? (If so, whoever did this had to be quite resourceful to find the necessary earth or vegetation compost to cover her over - again suggesting either familiarity with the site, or else, the necessity to return again to do the burying.)

- One can't help but think that Alex might have been abducted that night, and then returned and buried another time or another day.
(If there was tell-tale articles left near or where she was buried, (such as a bottle, eyeglasses, clothing button/s, or whatever a murderer might lose) that would indicate it happened there either all at once, or else in a few visits.  .... if it did take place there, why are her purse and one shoe still missing?  :-\

- If she was killed elsewhere and brought back there for burying, that would explain why her
 hand was still reaching out... fighting ... perhaps that was the case; and because rigor had set in, she had to be buried that way.  If the killer went through all the work of burying her right after he killed her, I would expect he/she/they would have placed her hand flat to get it out of the way and make the work easier.... suggesting that she was either buried alive, still breathing, and with one last spontaneous movement, raised her hand?   

- or left dying in a vehicle, or building, or at least well hidden until the killer/s acquired a shovel ...  by the time, they got all their faculties together, rigor was either partially or completely set in, requiring the concrete block to help flatten the body (or was the block / weapon just thrown in to get it out of sight?

I'm sorry if most of this is repetitive of all the previous pages, but it's just my way of narrowing it down to the initial facts and suppositions:  that way, I don't have to read the whole thread again each time I revisit the thread.

Seems like it happens again and again!  We all want to see this kind of animal thrown into the crowds of inmates who deal with women killers and kid killers.... but when they survive that, they make it to transfers.  Sometimes that transfer takes them to an unexpected situation that surprisingly leads to their demise;  but then, again, behind-the-scenes transfers often seem to lead to a watered-down version of "prison" and eventually day passes and freedom.  No telling where this will lead.  :-\  Jobo is right that it's time to bombard that authority with letters to show the public is watching and infuriated.  However;  that didn't seem to deter authorities from eventually freeing the likes of who murdered the workers at Mac Donalds in Sydney River.  Power, Profit, and Privledge can be lurking in the most unexpected places.

Here is the only image I could dig up of Stephen Kozaruck;  He is the guy in the centre (3rd) .. is 5 ft. 11 in. tall and has dark blonde hair.

I have just about every news scrap about him at the time... at least 20 if anybody wants them.  All that is needed now is to contact Dr. L.M. Brand who last prescribed Kozaruck's "killin' pills" which he mixed with alcohol every time he raped and killed. ... or contact Dr. Collins of Saskatoon who also prescribed some of his pills. 

The police recovered 5 empty and partly empty pill bottles at the scene of Rose Whitehead's murder..... used to convict him in 1962.  ... and the monster was in the area at the time.  I wonder if he picked up a prescription at Meades Drug Store as Alexandra was mailing her letters?  :-\  ... and I wonder if there would be trace of the drugs and booze in the abundance of skin Alex retained under her finger nails?

I just came across this article... one I saved from the web page created way back (when Baba was still taking part).  I don't have the link for it, but it was public at the time, so maybe it will be alright? :-\    The following news article alone sparks many questions for me - one being, as I've harped on forever:  Why was Stephen Kozaruk not investigated?  And why was there no press whatsoever pointing to him as a possible suspect who was actually referred to Chief Kettles by a "heads up notice" from Manitoba police?  At no point was Kettles ever asked why he completely disregarded Kozaruk as a suspect.. or why he may have ruled him out.  The article also spooks one to think that
a prime suspect was ruled out as being considered out of town when it happened. .. what a crock! (that being the politician's son)
No wonder the case was never settled!  or progressed! Here is why!  from Baba back at the beginning - telling it like it is - In fact; nothing to the contrary has transpired as of yet!  One can only imagine the Karma and horrors that must have beset those guilty of her murder and and/or hiding the facts - keeping quiet for whatever reason or benifit it might have for them.

The area in which she was buried alive, was on the upper part of a large riverbank, by a clump of trees. There were homes across the street from this riverbank. Someone heard something. Someone saw something. Someone was on the river, or across the river on the opposite bank.

The family put up a $10,000 reward at the time. In 1962, that was a lot of money...why did no one come forward??? Police affiliation or corruption, or cover up, whatever you want to call happened. Saskatoon, had little mafias all over the city, at the time. There are always crooked police, in those circumstances. Missing evidence, early on in the investigation. Evidence sent to other cities, why? why? why? Records disappearing all over the place. Further hampering any honest police officers attempts to find Alexandra's killers. Many police officers were told to mind their own business, at the time.

Why was this investigation impeded in so many ways. Whether, it was inexperience or not, I cannot believe the photos I have seen of the head of the police department in Saskatoon smiling and/or laughing beside Alexandra's coffin. This was a shock to the City of Saskatoon, and devastated the innocence of this beautiful city, and he is happy??? "A picture can paint a 1000 words."

The murder of Alexandra Wiwcharuk has spurred many emotions since 1962. Everyone in Saskatoon, was effected by this murder, and everyone who knew Alexandra. Their lives would never be the same, and all of them have their gentle reminders of what had happened to such an innocent young woman. Their lifeline would forever be changed! Today, powerful emotions still arise from the "Death of a Beauty Queen - Alexandra Wiwcharuk."

another example of some seedy element of corruption is probably doing favors behind the scenes. 

FWIW, he dropped her off at a bus depot in Winnipeg, lost.

Ty wellwell;  I had read that he dropped her off.  Maybe he had other plans (as if a schedule) ... and if it was him, he may have been uncomfortable, for some reason, with being in another country ... and the truck attracting attention.  .. who knows?  :-\

wellwell:  This is the story you are referring to that puts Robert Rhoades in Canada in 1985.

here is a bit of her story.... the rest, including pictures are at the above link.

Investigates, National News | February 24, 2019 by Holly Moore | 0 Comments

Holly Moore
APTN Investigates

A Thunderchild First Nation woman made a chilling discovery online that could help police in two countries discover more about a convicted serial killer‘s activities.

“Hey, that’s me,” said Pamela Milliken to her then-boyfriend back in 2015. “He was like, yeah right.”


(A post circulating on Facebook. Photo: Courtesy Pamela Milliken)

Milliken, now 52 said she was browsing through Facebook and she came upon a post asking for help identifying a young Indigenous woman in a photo found left in the semi-truck of “The Truck Stop Killer” Robert Ben Rhoades.

Rhoades is currently serving life sentences in Illinois for three murders. He pled guilty to the first degree murder of 14-year-old Regina Walters in 1992 after investigators found haunting photos of the teenager in his apartment.

His truck is said to have contained a homemade torture chamber.

(Robert Ben Rhoades)

Milliken was first referenced publicly in a 2012 GQ article by Vanessa Veselka.

She wrote about escaping a trucker like Rhoades herself and writes of how retired FBI investigator Mark Young gave her the photo.

One paragraph in the GQ story written relates a conversation Veselka had with Mark Young.

“Young pulled out one last picture and slid it across to me The photo was of a beautiful young girl, possibly Native American.

“She was on the end of the roll with Regina,” he said.

She’s shown sitting in Rhoades’s truck wearing a gray hoodie. Her eyes are partly closed, as if she’s stoned or sleepy. Rhoades must have just picked her up, because he hasn’t cut her hair yet. It is glossy black and long. No one knows who she is.”

Veselka confirmed that the photo in question was given to her by former FBI investigator Mark Young during her research for the 2012 GQ article.

She explained that the photo Milliken believes is her was found on alongside another of Rhoades victim, Regina Walters, at the end of same roll of film. That’s according to what Young told Veselka at the time.

However, the incidences were five years apart from one another.

When asked to explain how that could be, she said there were a lot of photos attached to the case.

“To me that inconsistency of where or when the photo was taken does not rule out her story. All of the photos came out of Rhoades apartment.” she said. “If that is her in the photo, that’s her in the photo. And that photo came out of Rhoades apartment.”

“He took a lot of photos.” she said. “To me it doesn’t matter if it was Rhoades or not, these guys are so common. If it wasn’t him it was someone like him.”

“I knew right away that it was me.” Milliken said. “I was going to find my brother in Winnipeg.”

She says she started hitchhiking from Thunderchild First Nation in Saskatchewan in the spring of 1985.

After a series of successful rides, she met up with a semi-truck driver she identifies as Rhoades in the town of White City just outside of Regina.

“The sun was setting, It was 8:00 or 9:00 at night. I was walking a ways and it was getting dark. I stuck my hand out and waited for someone to pick me up,” she said.

When a flat-nosed, white semi-truck stopped on the highway and she went running after it.

“I opened up the door and I looked at him,” she said. “ He said, ‘Hey jump up on in here.’ I said I have a really heavy bag you are going to have to help me with it. I put my bag on the seat and he said, ‘Yeah I’ll help you with that and he put it in the back.‘”

Just as Milliken was turning around to climb up onto the passenger seat, she says the driver took her photo.

“I said ‘What did you do that for?’ he said ‘Well I am going to take your pic. If you rip me off I can tell the cops that you stole from me.’”

She and the driver who introduced himself as “Robert” chatted on the way to Brandon, MB.

“He told me he was going to Florida and he wanted me to come with him,” she said. “At one point, he pointed to a sign on his dashboard that said ‘CASH, GRASS or ASS — No one rides for free.’”

“I didn’t have any money. I didn’t smoke pot so I knew which one it would be.” she said, adding that she and the driver had consensual sex in the back of the truck.

This guy was the "real sexual sadist"  .... as far as Kelly's murder goes, I cannot imagine this guy letting any girl go (unless Kelly's autopsy report was fabricated to keep a lot secret) ... Rhoades never walked away without doing "his thing" ... and he was never pragmatic enough to stalk and arrange a meeting IMO;  he always scooped his victims off the side of the road it seems.  Kelly was no way in this ball park. ... and Rhoades only seemed to have traveled the states.  Not a very likely suspect.  BTW, it seems Rhoades had a girlfriend, Barbara he met and married in 1983... she divorced him a few years later.  Here is a pic of Rhoades during those early years as a memeber of (you guessed it !)  a sick club:   Serial murderer: Mr Rhoades was involved in the BDSM and swinger scene in his hometown of Houston in the Eighties

For starters:   a little thin in the face at the time... but maybe had lost weight. 
 Here he is in 1980 and the truck he was driving.

and here is a 1990 documentary (FBI) that tells the basic profile:

good point well (about Kelly's almost escape)  I don't remember if he was looked at before. 

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