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GSAR-Member, this is a great map, so well put together and the information. Every province in Canada should have this setup.  This is extremely helpful to any law enforcement agency trying to solve missing persons cases. Especially if there is an area of several persons missing, it gives a birdseye view of the area and maybe helpful in solving any repeated crimes.  This was a great idea. You should be working for Scotland Yard.  I love watching the stories about Scotland Yard, sometimes they are on PBS. It is much the same as the FBI, a huge operation in the London.  :D :D :D :D :D :D

In all of the investigation in this high profile homicide, it is just so unusual that there have been no suspects. I always felt that it possibly could be someone that could have been moving about, working for awhile in that area and then going out of the country. It would be interesting to get a line on the individual that has a record of violence to see if he was in the area at the time. Any kind of clue should be followed up. Incredible time and money spent on trying to solve this case and still nobody has been arrested. I know all who are familiar with this case, will certainly be happy when the individual who is responsible is in custody. Also thanking all officers and detectives in all departments that have spent many hours on this one case, they have to be troubled indeed by not being able to get a hot suspect, that they can put the cuffs on and take him in.

Yes, it was all explained on our local CTV news here. I get all the N.B. details on our news.  The SJP are maybe not trained enough in violent crimes and homicides to properly do an investigation. I do believe there is a lot of that going on in Canada. They fail to secure the crime scene, they allow numerous people to walk around without proper equipment at hand. There should only be suited persons on the crime scene and nothing moved and photos taken.  We see this continuously in serious crimes.  The same as in the Toronto homicide of the couple that was murdered in their mansion, classed as a suicide and the crime scene was contaminated. If it wasn't for their children getting PI involved, it would have been classed as a murder/suicide.  How can these officers sleep at night. I mean the conclusion was reached almost immediately, because they just in my opinion, can't be bothered doing a proper job. I don't have any faith in what is going to happen at this trial now, it's been just a comedy of errors, kind of a kangaroo court, so to say.  I have a feeling it's a washout. :( :( :( :( :(

An incredible amount of luck for Dennis Oland, granted a Mistrial immediately and the jury that was selected was dismissed by the Judge.  So now he gets a trial by Judge alone, what an incredible stroke of luck for O'land. If he is found guilty on 2nd DM, he probably will only serve a very short time in prison.  There are chances that he could be found NG, it will be very interesting to hear the outcome of the trial.  His lawyer claims Dennis did not commit the crime.  There are no other suspects, as we are aware of.  So if the evidence is not iron clad, Dennis could walk away a free man and if he is innocent, so he should.  Not knowing what evidence they do have against Dennis, it is hard to know what the outcome will be of this very strange murder case, surely one that won't be forgotten with all it's twists and turns.  Hopefully justice will prevail and the right person will be convicted for the death of Richard Oland. :o :o :o

I am definitely thinking foul play on this missing person. There is no way that he wouldn't have been found, at least some trace of him, it just doesn't add up.  Was there a search warrant for the place the party was held. I mean even after this time, they can still get a warrant for a search warrant for reasonable cause to search the premises. If there was any blood or anything found in there, they have all kinds of ways to get DNA and check out for blood and any type of violence that may have occurred. I do hope Ryan's parents don't let this case go cold. :o :o :o :o :o :o

It certainly sounds like a very unusual case. Maybe the family could have gone to civil court and pursued justice in that way. That has been done before in crimes of murder and other criminal activity. It is very unusual indeed and possibly not the right investigators were on this case. Maybe it can still be solved. :o :o :o :o :o

A very interesting episode on Investigative reports this evening. The reporter who gave the story on Jennifer before on his program, was notified by the Crown, not to give certain information on this case. Which he stated is unusual and knowing a little about legal court issues, I thought it was unusual also. He was told not to report anything. Well like he said, if someone was charged, then you can't report anything, but there are no suspects and no charges laid against anybody. So obviously the RCMP has asked this reporter to maybe not bring certain attention to this case, which is totally unusual, because there has been nobody charged.  He voiced his opinion and at 8:00 there is going to be an update on The Fifth Estate show, along with another story on there also. So he said they just notified him Friday of this information, the Crown. So he then had to leave out certain aspects of his report. It all sounds very odd to me.  The thing the RCMP don't want to focus on is, they botched the investigation and this is something the family said and those who were involved telling the story. So when a crime scene is not actively processed and secured, then it is a botched investigation. So it's time the RCMP owned up to their mistakes here, instead of blaming a reporter for helping a family, who asked him to come to Nfld and do a special report on Jennifer's disappearance.  I say congrats to the family, keep on going and don't stop for a minute, don't let this case go cold. A killer is walking amongst you and you all need to be afraid. The fact that nobody is in custody, no suspects, you have every reason to fear in a small community. God bless you and I hope that answers are forthcoming soon and that nobody intimidates you to keep quiet on your investigation. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

I always felt that this crime could be just someone who knew Sonia's everyday comings and goings. That they may have seen her picture on a dating site. It may have been someone she did not know where she lived and they found out. It could be someone she rejected in some way. I did not realize that the crime scene was so bloody, that is the first time I was aware of that. It just amazes me that after all the investigation the officers did in this and I know it was a high priority case, that they don't know who did this violent crime. I always felt that the person could be in close proximity to where she lived.  The reason being is, they drove her away from the residence. So why do that, it kind of boggles the mind. Why take the time to remove her from the scene, that would take time and they could get caught. Why take her to the place he or they did. Could it be just a thrill killing, to initiate to prove something. It has happened before, we hear of young people that do this.  I always felt this was someone younger that committed this crime.  Someone that has anger issues and would be known in a group of young people. They always know who has a short fuse, so to say, someone who just goes off the rails, if they don't get their own way. This killer could be from the US or another country and could be long gone.  It would be helpful to get information from other crimes over the border and even in Europe.  There could be some similarity in the crimes.  :( :( :(  Hopefully, this crime will be solved.

If the police did not inform him anything about her cell phone, well they are asleep at the swtich. They could have him in cuffs immediately, just by that comment and take him in for intensive interrogation. I believe he is  acting way too cool. So they should get cracking quick on this case and get some investigation going on cell phone, internet and friends he is close to and get to finding out where Jennifer is. Which her best friend and her employer definitely feels that Jennifer is deceased. I would say she is correct in her feelings. God bless the family and what they must be going through, when a person well and alive disappears without a trace. It has to be a great trauma to everyone.  If they can afford it, they should get a private investigator to delve into this before it gets too cold on the trail of this crime. :o :o :o :o :o :o

There are a lot of unanswered questions, why did her husband comment that Jennifer was texting another man before she disappeared,  He would not know that unless he saw her telephone: cell phone was in the home where she disappeared. So that was a slip of the tongue and sort of nailed him to the cross, so to say.  The more he said, the more he hanged himself.  He was too calm, too matter of fact, like he had rehearsed it. But at the end of the conversation, low and behold he sunk his ship:  ("she was texting another man on her cell phone"). In my estimation, that was enough to take him in for serious questioning.  If the RCMP have not watched this news report and latched onto those comments, they all better resign from their positions.  It is open season on women lately.  My prayers to those who are trying to find Jennifer and hope this case does not go cold. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

They live on the northern tip of Nfld. They have already gone through one brutal winter, because she has been missing for 18 months. I believe her husband is guilty of her disappearance. He is a fisherman, I do not believe they would find her body on land. I doubt if they ever will find her remains. He is as cool as a cucumber, talking about how strange it is she has disappeared. I believe they have to bring in special investigators and make this guy sweat. She should have never stayed in his home. She was afraid and she did not follow her gut feeling and she should have. I do hope they find her, but a year and a half gone by and not a trace of her anywhere. A botched up investigation at the getgo and just horrible police work on this case. The RCMP have to step it up on investigations such as this. If a spouse is missing and they know there is marital trouble there, they are not doing what they should be to solve these cases. There has been no comments on this site about this case and maybe some persons in the area do not know of this thread.  >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

I just watched a special edition of The Fifth Estate regarding Jennifer's disappearance. If you go to YouTube and write in Jennifer's name, it is right there when you write The Fifth Estate.  My feeling is that someone definitely knows what happened to this woman and nobody has come forward. It is now 18 months since she disappeared and there has been no trace of her. The facts are not the best in the first stages of the investigation. You will note this when you listen to the CBC doing their interviews. The RCMP were not interviewed, they would not comment.  If I knew how to put the thread in here, I would. But you will have no problem finding it.  We urge anyone that knows anything about Jennifer's disappearance to come forward or call Crime Stoppers in your area, you don't have to give your name, just your information is all they want. My thoughts and prayers to her family and do hope that someone comes forward to give the family some peace of mind and give them some answers as to what happened to Jennifer. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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« on: October 05, 2018, 07:54:31 PM »
I looked for a couple of things here in the past week or so, maybe I'm not doing it right. There is a case of Debbie Hutchinson in Sydney area that has been missing since over a year now. I just saw CTV news on there yesterday with her family members saying they have not received any information about anything the police have found or what they have done. There has been no trace of Debbie. Her car was found burned. Her bank account has not been touched. They feel that Debbie just would not have disappeared like that. She was always with her dog and her pet was found locked in the home, but no trace of Debbie was ever found. They just are looking for someone to come forward and tell anything they know, call crime stoppers or contact the local RCMP or CBRM police department.

Just a young woman, so very sad for this to happen. There is so many deaths lately, so many violent people that it is hard to accept someone taking a life for no reason at all.  God bless her family and friends and the police who have to solve this case and deal with the killer. They have a hard job to do. I did see on the news where they arrested a person for the homicide.  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

I am very shocked that McClintic was allowed to leave jail and go to a healing lodge with the native reserve healing, because she is supposedly an indigenous person. I do not believe she should be allowed this privilege. She is only in jail  for eight years. I believe she should have to spend every waking moment and sleeping moment behind bars.  Torri sure as hell did not get any help from her when she needed it. McClintic lured her to a violent death and a monster who was with her, they took that lovely little child's life. They do not need anybody to feel sorry for them or to help them and she should be put back in a security prison where she was before. My opinion on that.

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