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Russell Williams / Re: Russell Williams: Timeline
« on: June 11, 2013, 07:49:48 PM »
Ron used to post on here, but I think he either removed himself or he got banned.  I don't remember which.  He was known as Cozy Dweller or something similar. I would be interested in hearing why he bought the house and what he plans to do with it. 

Last year, the old machines they had, the crew actually took your card from you and inserted it into the machine.  One day, the whole system went down and they had to manually write down the number of each person's card as they came back on from ashore.  Then they had to try to figure out who wasn't on the ship from the records of who had left before the machines went down.  It must have been a nightmare.  They were calling names over the loudspeaker, looking for the people who they most likely missed (or who hadn't gotten back on the boat).  I recall that we were late leaving the port because of it.  Now you just hold up the card and they swipe it with their handheld machine.  I didn't see a lot of people with kids, and they would probably let you hold your younger children's cards, but they would definitely have to be there with you, and their physical appearance would be checked against the card photo. 

As SAP said, this cruise line doesn't appear to be one of the "big" cruise lines, and possibly don't have the same standards. 


There is a video in this link where info states there are cameras on the ship, however Amani was not on any of the footage.

Question: For any of you whom have been on cruises, are there crew members present as tourists swipe their cards on return? Is it a possibility that the bf could have swiped both his card and her card without being noticed?

Pictures and articles here at this link; also an account from Golshani's sister:

Yes, there are lots of crew members present when you swipe your card on return.  As I said before, I have only been on large cruise ships though - twice the size of the one they were on.  And maybe different lines do things differently.  The ones I have been on, they take security very seriously.  They take your photo when you board the ship initially and it is linked to your card.  Each time you leave the ship your card is swiped.  The last cruise we were on it, it was swiped with a handheld machine, kind of like the debit/credit card thing they use at the tables in restaurants.  When you come back on the ship, it is swiped again.  Both times, they look at the photo that comes up and look at you for comparison.  I doubt they would let someone swipe another person's card.  I have never seen it happen.  Not that it has any relevance here, but you also have to walk through an x-ray thing and your bags and purses are also x-rayed, just like at an airport. 

« on: March 15, 2012, 08:31:49 PM »
I've been on three cruises, all Princess ships.  I have been either with my husband or with other female friends.  I have walked around on the ship by myself at midnight and never felt anything but safe.  Maybe I am naive because I was not worried, but there have always been lots of people around, even at that hour.  All the staff are friendly and polite but I have never felt threatened by any of them.  Most of them value their job too much to jeopardize it, I think. 

Is there a list of the people missing and the name of the cruise line and ship that they were sailing on?  I am wondering if there is any kind of trend. 

I love cruising, but am pretty new to it.  Only three cruises under my belt and all with Princess.  I had never heard of this ship or cruise line, but then as I said, I am new. 

I googled Bahamas Celebration and found the size of the ship here  There are also deck plans on that link.  It is half the size ship as the ones that I have sailed on and carries half the number of people and a third the number of crew.  I wonder, being smaller if it would have cameras. 

I checked the Cruise Critic website, and even the members on there seem to not be very familiar with this line.  However, hopefully you can read this link because it is very interesting that there are only seven posts and two of them are regarding drugging.  One from someone who says SHE was drugged and missing for awhile, and one from someone who knew of another woman who was. 

Something seems very strange on this cruise ship.  Are these women victims of someone who frequents this cruise ship, or a member of the staff, I wonder?  From reading these posts, it seems that possibly the boyfriend is just an innocent guy who can sleep no matter what.... Was this a drugging that went very wrong???

Russell Williams / Re: Russell Williams: Timeline
« on: January 26, 2012, 07:02:53 PM »
I don't think there was any substance produced to validate that story.  It's the Sun.  What more can I say?  As a matter of fact RW's good friend had commented that there was no connection and I believe said they didn't know each other. 

RW used his step-father's last name while he was growing up.  He changed back to Williams (his biological father's name) I think when he joined the military.

Russell Williams / Re: Russell Williams: Timeline
« on: November 07, 2011, 04:28:45 PM »

I am thinking that when everything that can be said, has been said, then why keep talking?  The silence by the military means there is nothing further to say.  Not that there is a gag order or evidence is being quashed. Some people also have overactive imaginations.

I wonder why the comment if you are so certain that the silence of the military means there is nothing further to say? There has never been an announcement RW ever repaid the 12  grand plus he collected from his arrest in Feb/10 until his conviction for multiple murder Oct/ 10.  This is money paid by we the Canadian what happened?  Yes, the military made a big deal of burning  his uniforms, shredding his ( measly) medals..even creating a machine to shred same as none existed prior.  As there was never the need before RW.

And I understand Victims Service is still attempting to collect on behalf of the victims.

So what does the $12K pay and the burning of uniforms have to do with your statement "There is much that needs to be told re the behind the scenes and how very much the military and the Canadian government and re LE have quashed.  Feel so sorry for Ont OPP and other LE not being able to put further information forward, however this hinged on political and military interests.   Somewhat to a major degree a gag order.  It's very convoluted and unless one is is the know and can follow the trail, one would never grasp."? 

First of all what is a "re LE" as opposed to Ont OPP and other LE?    I think the only thing that is convoluted is your writing.

As far as the $12K, maybe you should call up your member of parliament and ask them to find out for you.  Or contact someone at the Toronto Star, or better yet the Toronto Sun who had Bernado and Williams best buddies in school.  I am sure they can dig around and find out.  I doubt it is still owing.  I know military people who have owed money, and the military is very quick to take it back.  The federal government certainly has ways to get money back when you owe them.   I am sure they wouldn't let him get away with not paying it back.

As for the "big deal" of burning the uniforms, I understand that this was supposed to be done quietly, and that the media were the ones who made a big deal, not the military.  Maybe you could ask Cosy Dweller about this, as I am sure he probably saw what went on that day.  However, for some strange reason he hasn't been posting on here lately.  Too bad, because he had offered to answer questions but didn't get all that great a reception.  Seems it is more fun to fabricate information than to listen to the truth. 

Other Locations / Re: Deborah Rashotte | Missing (Jan 2010)
« on: November 03, 2011, 03:34:47 PM »
As to my reference to referring to Debbie as only has to realise Facebook and as a reference the site is quite flaky as most folks have no clue and just wish to be " noticed"

Well the people who have and still posted seem to be friends of hers.  And she was never referred to as Debbie in the media - not that it is always a good source either.  If you check out her condolences page on the funeral home website here
you will only find her called Deborah or Deb.   

And where are those friends who posted here and thought that she was a victim of foul play?  I don't see them lobbying to have her death investigation re-opened.  I believe that there is evidence that non-family members or even friends will ever know.  Her family knows and they are not revealing anything for a reason.  I don't know why this is even considered an "unsolved" case. 

Russell Williams / Re: Russell Williams: Timeline
« on: November 03, 2011, 03:23:02 PM »
One has only the need to be informed and read as to the silence since RW incarceration.  No inside info..

I am thinking that when everything that can be said, has been said, then why keep talking?  The silence by the military means there is nothing further to say.  Not that there is a gag order or evidence is being quashed. 

Some people also have overactive imaginations. 

Russell Williams / Re: Russell Williams: Timeline
« on: November 01, 2011, 08:39:21 PM »
Concerned, your post, number 1731 has so many valid points and I commend you as a result of your observations.
Personally, I am of the opinion, W5, the Fifth Estate and Dateline a year perhaps more back had the main could someone of RW's supposed calibre gone undetected?
There has never been one single solitary answer from any one individual ( in high command) who is able to answer this question.  In fact there has been much backpeddling since his arrest and not surprising as there is much ass covering in Canadian military as of the best of times....
And although RW was assigned an officer, Tony O'Keefe who was a friend and had known him for many years, he was not at the any point and prior to RW's conviction.  Wonder why?
There is much that needs to be told re the behind the scenes and how very much the military and the Canadian government and re LE have quashed.  Feel so sorry for Ont OPP and other LE not being able to put further information forward, however this hinged on political and military interests.   Somewhat to a major degree a gag order.  It's very convoluted and unless one is is the know and can follow the trail, one would never grasp.
And we here on Unsolved never will unless perhaps Julian picks this up.

It seems that you know something that you aren't telling amIam.  Where do you get that there is a major gag order?  And that the military, the Canadian government and law enforcement have quashed information?  Do you have inside information?   I believe that there was a post on here recently that the military had released all kinds of e-mails and documentation requested under the Access to Information Act.  You keep harping on the military as if they are responsible for what happened, because they, like everyone else, were unaware of what was going on in RW's mind.  The military was NOT responsible for RW's actions.  And yes, they were quick to wash their hands of him.  They were victims as well.  Tony O'Keeffe was appointed the military rep to be in contact with RW and yes, he had been a friend with him.  He was also betrayed, don't forget. 

Here:   on April 29, 2010 it states:  O'Keeffe said his visits are meant to update Williams on the military involvement in his case.

"I discussed his administrative (military) review and the fact that we're in, I suppose, a holding pattern while the investigation unfolds," he said. "People are being quiet about the whole thing." 

So maybe there was no reason for the military to be in touch with him any further?  And once he pled guilty, why would they?  There was no requirement.

I also believe I read somewhere that Tony O'Keeffe after several visits to RW stated that he no longer considered him a friend, but I don't have a chance to look for that right now.  Maybe that is also why he no longer visited him. 

Russell Williams / Re: Russell Williams: Timeline
« on: October 30, 2011, 11:18:51 AM »
This sounds like a case of "blame the mother" to me.  Yup - why do the mothers always take the bum rap when something goes wrong with their child?  Hey, where is the father in all this? 

And so this is an assumption made by these two supposed "experts" that his mother did all this?  I would be suing the pants off the teller of this "story" if I was her.  And these "experts" as well for allegations that she is responsible for this horrendous behaviour.  How do these so called experts know that she ran around the house in sexually stimulating undergarments?  Give me a break!!

Russell Williams / Re: Russell Williams: Timeline
« on: October 24, 2011, 06:09:51 PM »
Right on SAP!  I totally agree.  It is just another chance for someone totally unrelated to the story to benefit from other people's tragedy.  I seriously doubt that any of these authors/film makers are truly interested in promoting the safety of citizens in our country.  I would say that it is a sensational story and they are using it for personal financial benefit and no other reason.  So if they were required to donate ALL profits to the a victims fund, how many people would be writing these books and making these movies?  It is all about the almighty dollar and filling their own pockets at the expense of all people who were affected by RW. 

I read the link and I still don't understand amIam's comments.  How is this book going to increase sharing of information between police jurisdictions and the military to screen their personnel better?   All I know is some of the victims, Andy Lloyd for instance are speaking up and saying that they are offended and distressed by this type of coverage.  And that is good enough for me.  Cosy Dweller is also a victim.  It doesn't sound like he is happy about this type of exploitation either. 

Russell Williams / Re: Russell Williams: Timeline
« on: October 23, 2011, 06:00:15 PM »
If you google around, you will find that there has been disproportionately higher rates of crime in military towns/neighbourhoods in the states anyway. This has been partly attributed to the fact that a lot of single men living in a concentrated area tend to commit more crimes.

Just curious..forgive me it's been  very long day and perhaps I should not ask this question:  Have the said single men who tend to commit such crimes been identified as military men? Either current ot past?

Interesting point amIam.  WERE they identified as military men?  And truthfully, I wouldn't compare the Canadian military with the American military.  Not the same.

And just out of curiosity -- why are you picking on Cosy Dweller's statement about firefighters from NYC?  Telling him he should be calling them from FDNY?  Really??  What difference does it make?  It just makes you look petty. 

What I don't get is someone comes on here, tells you that they knew RW very well, and states how devastating it was to be betrayed by him.  Instead of asking what it was really like as it all unfolded, asking what MEH was really like (if he would tell you), how it came to be that Larry Jones was charged, how it feels to live next door to the "cottage" and just in general the atmosphere in the community, you treat this person terribly - it seems in an attempt to scare him away from this forum.  Not just you, but other posters as well.  It seems that he may have details that we have never heard, that he might be willing to divulge, but instead, he is bullied.  Every word he writes is dissected and critiqued.  WHY????   

Russell Williams / Re: Russell Williams: Timeline
« on: October 22, 2011, 08:17:59 PM »
So in closing if anyone on this site can tell me where the hatred of the military comes from let me know because I for one find it hard to slam some one who will at a moments notice leave their loved ones and risk life and limb for a lot less money than lets say a cop or firefighter's and be surrounded by people who have no respect for life at all.

CozyDweller, in retrospect and as a result of my response to your statement which I have as well quoted I am very curious as to your  (seemingly JMO) negative comments re remuneration re military as opposed to cops or firefighters..the moments notice factor and being surrounded as you commented; by people who have no respect for life at all.
Does it really matter if either those in either the military, police, fire dept or for that matter any emergency service respond to calls regarding those they may or may not perceive as individuals who have no respect for life?
To my mind they all chose whatever profession be that what it may for a reason as they were caring and compassionate individuals.  And wanted to make a difference in not a monetary sense.
I for one, know not one single military Mom and Dad, widow of either a lost soldier, deceased LE officer or fire fighters direct member who ever said it was about the was all about caring and giving.  The loss off life re emergency services on 911 was obvious.

Not to speak for Cozy Dweller, but I am thinking what he is referring to is the young military personnel who are risking their lives in Afghanistan or such places.  These would be places where they are surrounded by individuals who have no respect for life.  The young soldier does not make a whole lot in comparison to a fire fighter or policeman.  After a more lengthy career in the military, yes, but not when they are young and just starting out.  And yes people do get into these careers because of the compassion and wanting to give.  But the pay cheque is also important.  The military is not unionized and they get what they get from the government.  However, I vividly recall reading news articles about various police and fire departments wanting raises, for example because one dept didn't make as much as the other.  So correct me if I am wrong, but does this not indicate that yes, while these heroic people do their jobs for compassion and caring, they DO  want to be compensated for the daily danger in their lives?  And there is nothing wrong with that.  I don't know why you are jumping all over Cozy Dweller for his statement.   At least I think that is what you were doing amIam.  Your post is somewhat convoluted and hard to understand, so I could be wrong.

I do agree with Cozy Dweller -- there has been hatred for the military splashed all across the pages of this forum.  It wouldn't take much to go back and pull several really good examples out and paste them here.  But I am not going to embarrass anyone.

Russell Williams / Re: Russell Williams: Timeline
« on: October 15, 2011, 10:33:25 PM »
Williams may always remain an enigma. He's not the type to talk, his family of origin is keeping a low profile, his wife certainly isn't saying anything, apart from that the charges were devastating to her, and neither is the one and only girlfriend from way back.  The person who has told the most seems to be his best friend or oldest male friend. I personally doubt that he never invaded anyone else's property or spied on anyone all those years between college in the eighties and 2006.

Whether he assaulted or killed anyone is of course much harder to say or prove. But I certainly wouldn't rule it out as a possibility. While serial killers may not be able to stop themselves cold turkey, I think the evidence shows that they can reduce their rate of killing at times as did the Green River Killer when he approached middle age and was happily married.

Author Pennie Morehead says that when she interviewed Ridgway (the Green River Killer) in prison, he said his urge to kill was reduced while he was in a relationship with Mawson, causing him to commit fewer murders than he otherwise would have, and that he truly loved her. Mawson told a local television reporter, "I feel I have saved lives ... by being his wife and making him happy."

Similarly, did Russell William's wife (who by all accounts is a wonderful person and also was completely in the dark) help spare the world many more murders? Both couples had good lives together and kept beloved pets but had no children together, so some interesting parallels there. Ridgway also served in the military at one point.

Very well said and I agree with you!  I am not being defensive of RW.  IMO it is bizarre to be accusing him of killing of every single person who has died a mysterious death in the military or in a military community for the past 20 years.  He isn't the first or the last killer out there, unfortunately.  But every time there is a mysterious death in the military mentioned on here, fingers are pointed at him and assumptions are made about how he came to be in the area.   Even the woman Major who apparently committed suicide in Kandahar.  His name was mentioned on here for that one too.  Truthfully, I would be happy if he was guilty and convicted of them all.  It would clear up a lot of mystery. 

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