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Never heard a whole lot about it other then I was always wide-eyed when I biked or drove past the house.  What I do remember, correctly or not, is that his mom was hanging clothing in the backyard and he disappeared from the front yard.


I was Cameron's age when he disappeared and lived nearby.   My father and brother helped out in the search.  I remember coming home for dinner, late, shortly after he disappeared and my parents lost it on me.  They had called the police who were searching for me and my friend.  There doesn't seem to be much media attention on this.  I am having trouble finding old articles. 

There was a man in Kilbride who was considered a strong suspect in the Schuett case and considering Cameron disappeared from nearby I wonder if he was a suspect in Cameron's case as well.

Any new info or direction where to look for it, would be appreciated.

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