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Thanks, Have faith....Dennis never gave his mom the log book though, did he? Didn’t he just leave it in the sun porch or something? Sorry, but I can’t seem to find any pertinent articles when I look back through this thread.
One big problem is that Dick’s body wasn’t found until the following morning, by his,No one was aware of any wrongdoing until the next morning...except the perp.
So no one suspected anything...

My recall is the same as Ruby's in that he left the log book on a hallway table, and there was no mention that he saw or spoke to his mother.

Thanks, RubyRose!
I’m still concerned about when the log book was returned though, because there is no definite answer...Dennis should be able to answer that question...I hope they ask him.
I think it’s an important question too...because if Dennis was out late that night returning the log book, (unbeknownst to his mom until the next morning)... then in reality, he could have been hiding the murder weapon, and any blood stained items...he could have been doing anything.

Dennis returned the log book to his mother's house the next morning. It became part of a search warrant since it was placed in RO's office by his secretary before she left work the day of the murder. Testing showed no blood on it.

DO's reason for taking the suit and several shirts to the cleaners was to have clean clothes for RO's funeral.

Dennis was put under police surveillance immediately after leaving his interview at the station, the day RO's body was found. So he would have had to dispose of the murder weapon the evening of the murder or the next morning.  He said he was gardening---LE dug at his property; he said he went to the pier--LE did dive searches; he said the next day he went to his wife's boat--LE searched the boat.

I have trouble with Ainsworth's later explanation of how he was "influenced" by Shaw as to the timing of the thuds. He arrived at work the next morning to see the building and area overtaken with cops cars. He tried to go up to RO's office and was stopped by a cop who said he wasn't allowed to enter. He was asked if he heard or saw anything suspicious from the day before, and he said yes, he heard the thuds coming from RO's office. He said it was "around 8ish" pm.

Any reasonable person seeing the police presence, and being denied access to the building, and being asked if he heard anything suspicious would think that this was a crime scene. Just like RO's mistress who drove by at the same time and saw the all the cop cars knew that something horrible had happened to RO. Yet Ainsworth, who was directed to the police station to give a formal statement, is saying he thought all through that process, and all day long that Dick maybe had a heart attack until he heard at 3:30 that he was murdered. Seriously, that his excuse for later changing the time--he didn't know DO was murdered when he gave the original time, and it took him years to realize how important that time he added two hours before his and Shaw's reported time .

The only person I feel sorry for is Anthony Shaw. I can't imagine what he must feel knowing his good friend is lying in a murder trial. moo

I think it’s understandable Ainsworth had to give a general range of time when he heard the noises.

 I don't find it "understandable" that Ainsworth changed his original statements of the timing he heard RO being murdered. I also think that it would be easier for him to narrow down the time span closer to the time when he had a customer (8.11pm) as he originally did, than to add two hours before that event. Unlike his friend Anthony Shaw, I don't find Ainsworth credible.

I believe Ainsworth changed the timing after he also testified (7:30-8:00) at the preliminary hearing, but I can't find the reference to that.

"When Ainsworth and Shaw spoke to police at the scene on the morning of July 7, 2011, shortly after the victim's body was discovered, they both indicated the noises were at "8ish," according to the officer's notes, the retrial has heard."

".... a videotaped statement made under oath by Ainsworth in 2011 for a private investigator working for the Oland family and entered into evidence on Friday, makes it clear that originally, Ainsworth also thought the sounds were made at 7:30 to 8 p.m."

You're welcome blueriver. You can usually "google" a question and find a media link that addresses it.

For example, google--"what did Dennis Oland pick up from the wharf". Our memories can't retain everything we have read. :)

Yes, he did claim it was a beer bottle but the witnesses
Said in first trial (and they were not on the stand but through
A statement or a video) after picking something up and
Putting it in the bag, Dennis walked to the end of wharf,
 sat down and took Something out of the bag and looked at it and put
It back. I think they said it was red. No information has
Been provided as to the colour of a phone case . Does anyone else
Remember this part? Or am I remembering wrong? Or is the reporter
Just not mentioning this on her twitter feed.

Re R.O.'s cell phone being red --it has never been identified as being red. You may be thinking of the phone tests done by Const. Davidson, where he used numbered red stickers to indicate the test locations?

Re D.O. taking something red out of his bag on the wharf--""He opened the bag and took something red out, possibly a bag. He wrapped whatever he had picked up in the red thing and put it right back in the bag."

Thank you, Have Faith.

I reread the articles on Mrs. Adamson's testimony regarding her arrival that morning and she said something to the effect of finding the exterior door unlocked and the door to the Far End Corp being unlocked as well.  Of course that could be interpreted either way.  I'd like to know for sure, too.  She also testified about going downstairs to ask for assistance from the employees of Printing Plus but it's not clear if she had to go outside to do so.

If you watch the video from this Global TV update from Friday, the camera focuses (twice) on the single door to the left of the Printing Plus double doors. This is the door that has R.O.'s company plaque beside it. So I assume that this door was the main entrance to his office. If you stay on the link, all of the other videos will play...interesting.

I recall that Dennis walked with a slight limp, and he told the detective that he hurt it while on his wife' s boat.

The back stairs for the back entrance to the bldg. were oddly built, and I wonder if he hurt his leg jumping down from the back door.  He did not have a limp when he went into the bldg.
Don't know if he had a limp when he went to drug store with wife etc; hopefully someone on this board might remember more about it than I do, and will be able to clarify.


Hi jb--I don't recall him ever having a limp, but I remember during his LE interview (video)  he rubbed his leg and said he injured it sailing.

Thanks Ruby, yes I did read about the possibility of court not sitting next week. I hope you fare well with the storm!


Thank you BaySailor. I had looked for the Jan. 16 blog and didn't find it. I thought court was dismissed that day.

There is indeed an interior door from Printing Plus to the stairwell, as well as a 'freight' elevator at the back from Printing Plus to the upper hallways.

In today's testimony the forensic sergeant said that in March 2014 it was his idea to compare the foot print photos from before and after the removal of Dick's body, but in cross examination a defense lawyer shows the court an email from the previous trial's crown prosecutor to this sergeant stating that the footprint issue will come into play in trial, and that he should downplay the footprint's significance. That's not really kosher. And completely coincidentally, the defense sent an email in January 2014 raising the footprint issue.   

BaySailor, thank you for the info re the accesses to Oland's office. Do you have an idea which door was usually used, eg single door, or through the double doors?

Could you tell me where you read the testimony about the foot print evidence?  TIA

Another revelation, that is news to me, is that the will found on R.O.'s desk was a genealogical will, not his personal one. There had been speculation that Dennis may have snapped if he saw disturbing changes to Dick's will.

If you go to google maps, and locate 52 Canterbury Street "street view" (by clicking on bottom picture), you can see a single door with a name plate beside it "Far End Corporation".  The next door down from this is a double door with a sign "Printing Plus" above it.  I just assumed that Far End had that one outside entrance, but it is possible you could get upstairs from those double doors. I hope someone can let us know.

A more recent picture of the location is on Printing Plus's website. It now shows a small sign attached near the door frame on the next door down from the double doors.

clarify door signs and correct company name

Hi Have Faith

I believe Thandi's cameras face in more than one direction so I'm thinking that it's possible (although I don't know) that one of them might happen to pick up something from 52 Canterbury since  it is directly across the street.

One interesting thing regarding Anthony Shaw's testimony during the first trial was that while being examined by the Crown, he was asked if  he knew Gerry Lowe.  He replied that he would not know him to see and the line of questioning was not further pursued.  It seemed somewhat strange at the time but in hindsight I recall that Shaw had said earlier that he had stepped outside (don't recall if he gave a time but likely would have given at least an approximate one) to have a cigarette.  I suspect now the Crown was attempting to make the point that Shaw could have been the man Lowe claimed to have seen.  Lowe, of course, was never called as a witness.

Regarding the Thandi video range- yes, you would think that it would show the front door to Far End Corp. offices. Although video showed D.O.'s silver car driving near 52 Canterbury, and the Thandi video showed him at his car in the parking lot beside Thandi's, I don't know of any video showing Far End Corp. entered as evidence. The first visit Dennis made to to the office had to be confirmed by the secretary's husband who was waiting outside the office. Obviously there was no video of this visit or video mentioned for his other trips to the office. I believe if they existed, they would have been valuable evidence.

Interesting questioning of Shaw by the Crown re Gerry Lowe. I think you are likely correct in reading the Crown's intentions considering that Shaw had exited the building for a smoke. Shaw would have exited out of the printing shop door, but that is pretty close to the office door. Good thinking Ruby.

edit white car to silver car.

Hello Everyone,

I agree with both of you regarding the police and do feel sorry for King and Oram.
The defense is doing their best to state the killer left by
The back door and the police can’t remember if the door was locked. Not being a
Resident, Thandi’s video camera caught Dennis leaving by the front door only once? Did it
catch him entering three times? And did Thandi’s video camera catch the person
this Lowe person saw leaving at 7:30 pm? Not understanding exactly where the
Camera faced exactly, it’s a bit confusing. I am also rusty on the times etc.

Hi blueriver.  My recollection is that Thandi's surveillance camera does not show R. Oland's office building at 52 Canterbury Street. Therefore, it would not capture Dennis entering or leaving the office, nor the person seen by witness Gerry Lowe leaving the building.

Dennis was caught on Thandi's video at 6:30 (after leaving RO's office) as he was about to cross the road across from Thandi's, to go to his car which was parked in the parking lot next door to Thandi's.

Gerry Lowe saw somebody leave R.O's office "sometime after 7:30". He was actually in Thandi's from 7:40 to 8:35 (per video). During this time period Dennis was caught on security video (at 7:40) across town shopping with his wife.

Anthony Shaw and John Ainsworth who were in the printing shop below R.O.'s office, both gave police statements claiming that they heard loud thumping noises coming from R.O."s office around 8pm.  During the first trial  Ainsworth (owner of 52 Canterbury) changed his statement to the time being between 6-8pm. Shaw did not change his estimate of 8pm.

Just saw Ruby's post as I was posting mine.  Hi Ruby!

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