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Wrongful Convictions / Re: David Milgaard
« on: July 08, 2015, 12:31:43 AM »
Hey everyone, figured this link should go here. Feel free to move if I'm wrong.

That was so nice of you to type it out rebel.  :D You are a angel.

Very nice of you indeed. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Besides this forum there is very little evidence that Spencer even existed. I would like to thank everyone for the help and kind words.

Wrongful Convictions / Re: David Milgaard
« on: April 12, 2011, 01:42:05 AM »
i think peds and women beaters should play in gen pop.

That tells me your not against the death penalty.

I dont recall Sangster having anything to do with it. As far as I know Randy Gushulak is the man to thank.

I don't think Skinner knew the area well enough. If he was just looking for a place to abandon Spencer I doubt he would have just stumbled onto this pit by chance. Skinner lived in an upstairs apt over a garage on main street Stonewall. I think that he associated with people who would better know the area Spencer's remains were found.

Thank you and yes it was.I personally dont think he acted alone but I dont recall anything to support my opinion coming up at the trial.

I should add that this is just my opinion.

Solved Cases / Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered
« on: July 04, 2010, 08:01:29 PM »
  The most recent picture I remember of Spencer was our school photos.It was the Winnipeg free press or the Tribune that ran the photo after he went missing. My parents are what you might call hoarders so the thought of trying to find an old class picture in their place scares the hell out of me.If anyone has access to news paper archives I would appreciate anything you could share on the board.The only hit I have ever found was on this site.I'm afraid my search tactics dont come up with much.

  Thanks, Dave

Solved Cases / Re: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered
« on: July 03, 2010, 11:43:06 PM »
Hi, Yes he should still be on the inside.He received life with no parole for manslaughter.Spencer was taken when we were 14 yrs old.I cant remember the date but I was already with my wife and I met her in 1990.I'm guessing I was with her for maybe a yr or 2 when I appeared for the prosecution.I'm figuring he'll be out in 2017. I believe his last name is Skinner.He lived in Stonewall.We all new him.Spencer's dad was a pharmacist and it is believed Skinner was making Spencer take stuff from his dads work and Spencer's death is the result of a scare tactic.
Officer Gushulak received a promotion to detective and requested this cold file. Skinner was in jail at the time and Gushulak had an informant on the inside who was able to get close to Skinner and get enough out of him to make an arrest.I wish I could give more detail but 30 yrs is a long time.I can tell you that he was a really nice kid and good friend who didn't deserve to be tossed into a hole and left to die like he was.I wish I would have walked with him that night,things could have been so different.


Mods,could you please move these posts to their proper location? Thx

Solved Cases / Re: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered
« on: June 29, 2010, 05:56:50 PM »
Thank you. His remains were found by locals in and old quarry not far from Stonewall.When he walked away his skates were slung over his shoulders and were still there when he was found.I believe his hands were bound.Its been 30 years now but I still remember his moms voice when she called us early the morning looking for him.


Hi everyone.I have been looking for information regarding a friend who was  taken from us in 1980 and I have wound up here.His name was Spencer Middleton.(I underlined his name in red) It may be my poor search tactics but this small line is the first evidence I have found that shows Spencer even existed.I see there is no info on the status of his case so I am happy to add his killer got life with no chance of parole.I believe it is the first manslaughter conviction to receive this sentence.The officer responsible for his conviction was Randy Gushulak and he will always be a hero to me. He spent alot of time with me preparing me for the courtroom to testify against the defendant.If anyone can give me any tips on how to find more on Spencer's case I would be thankfull.I would also like to add the Spencer was from Stonewall Mb.We were all hanging out at the arena the night he disappeared.He said he had to go.I waved and never saw him again.

Thanks for your time, Dave

This is the order of boys I know of. Locatio is where they were found or where they were last seen.

1957/12/24 - Larry Nelson - Age 3 - Calgary, AB - Missing -,1900.0.html

1966/02/11 - Michael Kent - Age 6 - Elmvale, ON - Murdered - 25km N. Barrie -,2492.0.html
1967/Spring - Richard Hovey - Age 17 - Schomberg, ON - Murdered - 50km S. Barrie,58.0.html
1967/Spring - Unknown Male - Age 15-22 - Coboconk, ON - Murdered - 100km E. Barrie -,510.0.html
1968/02/09 - Frankie Jensen - Age 8 - Murdered - Thorndale, ON - 22km N. London -,717.0.html
1968/02/15 - Scott Leishman - Age 16 - Murdered - Port Burwell, ON - 70km S. London -,919.0.html
1968/08/03 - Robert Brown - Age 12 - Missing - Pefferlaw, ON - E shore Lake Simcoe-,2491.0.html
1969/06/07 - Robert Stapylton - Age 11 - Murdered - London, ON -,710.0.html

1975/05/07 - Cameron March - Age 4 - Missing - Burlington, ON - 135km S. Barrie -,851.0.html
1977/11/11/- Robin Windross - Age 21 (mentally challenged) - Missing - Orillia, ON - 38km E Barrie - - OPP - has mental age of 6

1980/04/04 - Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - Murdered - Winnipeg, MB -  No info if solved. Found in a gravel pit.
1980/04/24 - Jeffrey Dupres - Age 3 - Missing - Slave Lake, AB - Similar to Cameron -,336.0.html
1981/02/?? - Lonnie Boudreau - Age 11 - Missing - Ottawa, ON -,1818.0.html
1981/03/?? - Richard Nutall - Age 21 - Missing - Ottawa, ON - no other details
1981/06/?? - Rene Laflamme - Age 24 - Missing - Ottawa, ON - no other details
1981/08/24 - John McCormick - Age 15 - Missing - Caledon, ON - 100km S. Barrie -,765.0.html
1981/08/24 - Eric Larsfolk - Age 14 - Missing - Caledon, ON - 100km S. Barrie -,765.0.html
1981/11/?? - Wayne Martin - Age 22 - Missing - Ottawa, ON - no other details
1982/12/01 - Robert Heintz - Age 12 - Missing - Kearns, ON - 40km E. Kirkland Lake -,2493.0.html
1983/04/30 - Tyler Bowe - Age 14 - Missing - Whitehorse, YK -
1984/10/31 - Scott Dove - Age 17 - Murdered - Thunder Bay, ON - found in a gravel pit -,863.0.html

1991/03/24 - Michael Dunahee - Age 4 - Missing - Victoria, BC -,52.0.html
1996/01/19 - Scott Lottery - Age 18 - Murdered - London, ON -,1892.0.html

1998/09/25 - Jong Donohue - Age 18 - Missing - Edmonton, AB -,2008.0.html
1999/10/28 - Matthew Richard - Age 16 - Missing - Sicamous, BC -,1897.0.html

2002/08/04 - Joseph Andrews - Age 10 - Missing - Salmon Valley, BC - 30km N. Pr. George -,2494.0.html
2005/06/22 - Josh Wales - Age 14 - Missing - Mirror, AB -,1938.0.html

After the last date we have a rash of 20 somethings, young men, missing in BC. I know this list is far from exhaustive, but there appears a pattern in the Ontario cases. Not enough to really narrow anything down, except the killer of Katherine Wilson in 1970 in Kirkland, near Kearns, Timmins, was from London, ON and recently arrested.

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