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London / Re: Vanessa Fotheringham, Missing, London Ontario
« on: May 31, 2014, 09:56:29 PM »
Thanks for the update JB.
 Lets not give up hope on Vanessa, may the odds be in her favour.

Other Alberta Locations / Re: Lyle and Marie McCann part 2
« on: May 03, 2014, 09:22:34 PM »
I do believe Travis Vader knows nothing of the McCanns' disappearance. I think Vader driving the McCanns suv, is a bunch of BS. And so he should have a top criminal lawyer, he has been set up.
What if the elderly couple decided to walk away, from everything,..... what if they just weren't well?  it is a possibility. and there right to do so.

Where's the link to that news, wow, he wouldn't have survived in there very long anyway.

Other Alberta Locations / Re: Lyle and Marie McCann part 2
« on: September 09, 2013, 05:06:56 PM »
I don't believe he killed the McCanns  Travis Vader is not a killer. Maybe no one did. Did anyone ever think of that.?

What an amazing outcome for these young girls after 10 yrs.!
Very brave of Amanda to take the chance and call out for help. Really great news.! ;D

Leona, I also believe it was someone younger than her. How many years did she volunteer at camps.? Was this a local camp or could anyone attend.? How far is camp Couchiching? from Orangeville.?   Someone she has known for sometime.

I read the case about Cheryl Rowe...and others..I noticed another missing person case from Richmond Hill...

Marc James Gauthier (25) last seen at Parents home at "5 Rathfon Crescent" R.H. - 3/12/2011

Cheryl Rowe (45) ............last  seen on..........................."Rathfon Crescent" R.H. - 22/12/2011

Anyone Notice there last seen in same area, same town...both went missing and 19 days apart?
Seems Like a heck of a coincidence....I assume the police must have seen this similarity...?

Does anyone know of any updates on those to cases?

That is really strange, same street 19 days later. We do need an update. Did James ever make it home?

Cape, I think that is a very good place for LE to start. Not only this doc., but other males she has worked with in the past. Hope they are investigating this possibility. Someone knew her well.?

Lots of people wear construction workboots even if they are not working in a construction site. All kinds of jobs can call for safety boots. There are so many possibilities. I would forget the boots.

For one thing I think more than one person is involved.
Obvious hate for Sonia, did she reject someone, perhaps on the dating site.? Work?
I don't think we a dealing with a mass murderer, yet. But that doesn't mean he won't do it again someday.

Hi Zach, . I often wondered if your mother had any family, or if anyone of them cared. I'm so glad to see you on here, Welcome. Thanks for giving us a little bit about your mother's life. Sorry to hear you had to go through so much.
I  have a couple of questions, maybe you could answer;

Who was the last person to see her? if anyone.
Do you know what this xxxxx person does for a living?
Have the police or family actually done any searching for her.? other than xxxxxx and the park.
Someone must have seen her, to give a description of what she was wearing when she dissapeared.

Sometimes life sure is difficult, hopefully this will have a good ending oneday.

Madelene Van Overdijk went missing in 1973 and was 37 yrs. old. The woman in Napanee was in her 20's, and the clothing from the 80's.  They look very similar indeed.
There are a few woman I have found to have that similar look. I believe there may have been a serial killer after that type of looking female.
It could also be possible that Madelene may be the Nation River Lady.

I did read some where, Darlene and Jan where friends. I have always thought the two are connected.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year Abigail.!  May the blessings be!

Other Alberta Locations / Re: Lyle and Marie McCann part 2
« on: December 24, 2012, 04:26:45 PM »
Innocent till proven guilty. Do time for the things you have done...... Vader did not murder the McCanns.

London / Re: Trever Andrews, 26, missing since Oct 28, 2009 London Ont.
« on: December 14, 2012, 07:23:17 PM »
Trevor looks like the kinda guy with a heart of gold. Thanks Kasey for posting the pic.  Keep him close to your heart.

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