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Toronto / 100 year old Toronto murder mystery -- solved
« on: July 04, 2019, 07:02:56 PM »
Read about my journey into the long forgotten past and how I solved a 100 year old Toronto murder mystery . 5 years of research and 2 years writing my book " Murder Lost to Time " details my investigation into the grizzly murder of my great uncle . This is a multi layered story  that  will keep you guessing . Read about the criminal mastermind who was so bold as to send letters to the local newspapers mocking and taunting the police and their effect to find them . How the  killers were planting false clues and leading  3 police forces around by the nose in circles . My book can be previewed on amazon( just put in the title  " Murder Lost to Time " . Attached are news articles from 1917  and a letter sent from the killers ….thanks   

It was quit a while ago that I posted anything on the forum .  The topic of my post was regarding a murder of a  Toronto taxi driver  July 20th , 1917 , his name was Carmine Anthony Lapello , he was my great uncle . His case was never solved and remained dorment for some 94 years , until I started researching the facts in the case . My case study took approx. 3 years , I was able thru many sources to bring the case to a conclusion.  I have now written a book about his death that is available at , you can find it under " Murder Lost To Time " ( Kindle book ) Paperback will be up soon . It is a story of Toronto's bootlegging era , a young man's love for his  astranged wife , Canadian gangsters , and a mysterious man and woman who were behind the murder , who remained unidentified for  some 97 years , until now. This is a true story long ago buried in the Ontario archives , if you decide to read his story I hope you will be intrigued. The book " Murder Lost to Time " is on , you can get a paperback copy or Kindle book ...............

                  thanks ...............Joe

I have a question and need help, about a murdered taxi driver , his name was Carmine Anthony Lapello , murdered July 19th or 20th 1917 in Toronto, There is a site that shows murdered taxi drivers Canada wide ( it has his name spelled wrong ) I have contacted the Toronto Police Services ( record dept. ) and they told me there was no record of this unsolved murder in their files ? They did not tell me  if the case was ever solved , but they have no record of it at all ?? If anyone can help with where to look for more info , I would be thankful .If you want to look at the site google in canadian taxi driver homicides 1917 , you can find it by year or name  spelled Laepello . 1917 .thanks   Joe.l

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