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Barry was really onto something, one year before he died.  He was a disrupter of BIG PHARMA, costing them billions of dollars.

The project to develop a slow-release medical marijuana pill was on. Just a year before his murder, Sherman gave the green light on what scientists at his generic drug firm, Apotex, and marijuana firm CannTrust call the “pharmaceuticalization of marijuana.” People suffering from chronic pain, depression, anxiety, seizures, post-traumatic stress disorder and other afflictions might one day benefit, say investors in the project.

“I think Barry decided Apotex better get in on the ground level,” said Aubrey Dan, a businessman who is involved in the project, but was once a Sherman rival in the generic drug world. “Barry was a true entrepreneur. He has always been a risk taker.”

Health Canada approval is estimated to be two years away, but if it comes, the pills would be a disrupter in the Big Pharma brand-name drug world, and for Sherman’s own generic firm, providing an alternative to highly addictive opioids and other pharmaceuticals. People who worked with the late Sherman say the so-called “pot pill” will be one of his greatest legacies.
“Barry went away and did his homework,” recalled Eric Paul, CEO of CannTrust. “Then everybody got on board.”

Thanks Sap for the articles.  Glad that someone on the board is keeping abreast of things.

I do not think they were American.  Think middle east or a direct connection to it.  Just my wacky opinion.


Thank you sap1 for posting this very informative article.   So, a housecleaner allowed the real estate agent and prospective buyer in.  How did she get in?  Obviously she did not go down to the pool area.
So the bodies must have been there for some time.

I think the ten million dollars may not bring a clue...…. as the end result of their deaths could mean billions of dollars over a period of time,  and ten million is penny anty.

I believe their murders were done by a group of hired people from another country.

Always felt that way....

Many ex secret agents retire and place themselves up for hire and they are very professional at what they do.

Slip in and slip out and leave a message with the placement of the bodies, giving a clear warning to anyone in the know,  that  this will happen to anyone involved in the Sherman's company, or have any further designs!!

In my opinion,   TO police are up against that, and it will take the RCMP on the international crime scene to solve this.   

This is just my opinion of course.   No proof on my part.



The landlord did it.

There, I said it! 


I so enjoy your posts Have Faith!!Now I am very curious!! I will be pondering this all nite, darn you.  LOL


I believe a knife was used.  She bled profusely.  Her townhouse was covered in it.   The family had to put in new flooring, paint, etc.  She fought but lost.

God love her.  Whomever did this, and if he knew her, I hope he has nightmares until he dies.  I hope his relationships with people are stunted, exhausted by  having to put on a big happy innocent face, but  rots internally in knowing what he did!!

Never any peace, terrible flashbacks, nervous, expecting cops to knock on his door. Drinking too much - sleepless nights, and having to take tranks in order to give day time relief.


In my opinion, jellybean...the blood on the jacket is what makes me believe Dennis is guilty...
Also, he did a hell of a lot that day, eh? Here, there and everywhere, even at his mother’s late that night (can’t quite recall...didn’t he return some papers or something?)
is he always that busy?

I agree!- also he took many a trip around the office before he parked, Chicken?  I think he had taken a ping hammer out o his trunk. Placed it in his carry bag or tucked it under his belt.  He had tools that belonged to his father.   a small hammer would have done it.  Fast,sharp with little splatter on him.  Albeit on everything else. He stood behind him, and gave it to him.

Reversed his jacket to do it.
There, I said it!!


I believed that Dennis saw the word Will and jumped to conclusions.  He had not been foretold that his father would revisit the Will.  Nor did Dick discuss with Dennis the addition or changes he intended to make to the Will.

Like Baysailor, I believe that the fear of losing his inheritance was part of the motive.

The blood on the jacket was in the lining "mostly" -  especially on the back flap and up the sleeves. No way could this have been created by Dicks bleeding fingers, or in anyway by him.  There was too much of it scattered through out the lining. 

I guess I should go back and review the pic's - memory can be foggy since I have not reviewed the file in a long time.

A thought just occured to me..... could he have removed his jacket, turned it inside out and wore it backwards.  Reversed it back to its original and walked out with a clean jacket?

However, one would think it would have been covered in blood.  It is a real stumper!!

If I recall it was the jacket used as main evidence in the first trial, that carried weight for a re-trial.


The daughters and Dennis were afraid that Dick was ready to divorce their mother and marry the mistress.

Thus lose their inheritance. They hated her and did not trust her.
A few days before the murder, Dennis was in the office and saw a note on the Accountants desk with instructions from Dick -
to bring up the will for changes and to talk to his insurance company..... so Dennis came to one conclusion.

However he was wrong - Dick added to his will that Connie would inherit almost everything, but it was to be held in Trust
She would get a certain amount every month, and if she needed more, she would have to go to the Accountant for approval.
Poor Connie - still had to go to the accountant.

Dennis ended up as President.  So he must be receiving a salary.
So if Dennis killed his father, too bad that he did not know that his mother would be cared for and he would end up with a job.

Dick had no intention of marrying Diane imo.

The whole investigation was poorly done.... well, we can all agree with that.

Dennis may well be innocent, but there were alot of things stacked against him, especially his jacket. The blood on it was recent when taken to the cleaners and it held Dick's dna.

This trial will be another block buster.  Another book and perhaps a movie.

Dick was an abusive man.....when it came to his family. imo.

I wish Dennis all the best.


Everything has been very quiet on this investigation.  No new appeal.
What is up? 

At times silence can say alot, or they have hit a dead end and it sits in a file in the back room.

Marriage breakup can cause trouble.  If she went back to their home, she could have placed herself in danger.

If they can locate her remains, this may be quickly solved.



funny, I was thinking of Jolene about three days ago, and was happy to see this report on tv last night.

Spruce Grove teacher's murder a priority file for police, 7 years after her death


Police are still actively investigating the death of a Spruce Grove teacher, seven years after she was murdered.
Const. Shelley Nasheim said the murder of Jolene Cote, 36, is a priority file for RCMP — something investigators work on daily.

and - get this!!

"This was not a random act of violence, it was not a crime interrupted," Nasheim said Saturday. "This was a targeted crime."

Who would ever want to target Jolene?

Cote's family is offering a $50,000 reward for a tip leading to an arrest in the case. Anyone with information can contact Spruce Grove RCMP or Crime Stoppers


Edmonton / Re: DYLAN KOSHMAN, MISSING OCT. 11, 2008
« on: October 15, 2018, 04:27:07 PM »
He was living with two older cousins and his brothers Nick Koshman and Colin Demasson. They were renting a house on the city's south side. On October 11, Colin and Dylan got into a fight.
Koshman left the house and the family never saw him again

If this  group were responsible for Dylan's disappearance, surely his brothers would not be involved?

I hope that police have some info for this family.  Ten years - how cruel if someone is holding back.


First the police were sure that only one person was involved, but someone in the community knows something.
This last comment is not unusual.  Cops say that most of the time in most homicides, so I have recently noticed.

The abuse of alcohol or drugs, is usually added in most profiles.  In fact the profile given by the detective is almost identical to profiles given by other cops for other homicides, It is basically generic.  I no longer get excited when I read them.  No longer believe that the killer will be caught when such a profile is used.

At first, it had to be dating sites.  They tracked down 600 men and took their dna  That did not pan out. What a big show that was!!
Now in 2o18 they tell the public that there might have been more than one person, in fact maybe 2  or 3.

Prior to that last statement, they declared that they have a dna process using genomes to assist with identifying the killer.

I am beginning to believe that they have placed this on the back burner, and throw out a public announcement every now and then with hopes that it will satisfy the public for the time being.
I don't believe they  are doing anything.

I hope her family members are contacting the detectives on a regular basis to push for a reopening of Sonia's murder by the Cold Case squad - if one even exists. Or perhaps she does not qualify as it has only been 8 years, not 25.



killer identified:

UPDATE: RCMP Identify Body, Charge Moncton Man With Murder
Posted on Friday, September 28, 2018 12:34 PM

Thursday night, officers arrested a 44-year old Moncton man who appeared in Moncton court Friday afternoon.
Claude Francis Blanchard is facing a charge of first degree murder, and in court, through a lawyer appointed for only this appearance, he said he was looking for legal representation.
He will be back in court October 19th (9:30AM) for the murder charge, but is also going to be in court October 12th (1:30PM) to face another offence for failing to comply with a judicial undertaking.

Why did this take so long?  Were it not for relatives pushing forward on this case, her ex may still be a free man.
Family can make a huge difference when they push law enforcement to look at a case.  Sad to say, but very often the truth.

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