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I also figured he would be found Not Guilty...too bad the case was bungled from the start.

So....New Brunswick investigators...get apparently have a killer that has gotten away with murder for eight years now.  I’m surprised that Dicks family hasn’t been screaming about the killer who got

Toronto / Re: 100 year old Toronto murder mystery -- solved
« on: July 19, 2019, 05:50:04 AM »
I’m glad you solved this murder of your uncle....I shall look to buy this book...I want to know who did it.
I bet your family is so thankful to you.

Today is the day they decide Dennis’s fate.

Would be nice to know who installed this....can’t just put a culvert in anywhere... I do about Sonia....and thinking about the latest news articles....IF there was two the investigators only have DNA from one? 
There was yelling going on that night, and screeching of tires...and somewhere on this thread there Was news articles about both doors of Sonia’s car being left open.  Kind of does make sense that the yelling involved two people....the perp wasn’t yelling at himself...
Two people?  Hmmmm....why? 
It is puzzling....who had it out against Sonia?
How well did the experts investigate her computer?
Her personnel files at the hospital?

General Discussion / Re: The future of DNA investigations..
« on: May 30, 2019, 06:28:39 AM »

I apologize...I don’t know how to post the article in full, on my iPad.
I really, really wish they would use this technique on Sonia’s case...and many more.

I think about this unsolved murder from time to time...and agree with Lindsay’s dad...not enough has been done.
I believe someone wanted her kept quiet...That’s why she was murdered.

Regarding the money upsets me greatly that Canadian authorities are so stupid.
B.C. woke up to some degree...hope Ontario does.


B.C. Coroners’ Office has released an interactive map of those missing in B.C.  (200+ people).

You should try you say, it’s been over 20 years and they will most likely have you on file.

It’s hard to predict how a perp will react...Lets just say, if you fight back...they may kill you, but if you comply, they won’t harm you. Or, you may fight back and they may take off running.
i am Of the opinion Sonias murder was more personal...but that’s just my opinion...and we just don’t have enough info.

Thanks, RubyRose....Hmm. This logbook...jellybean, maybe he already took it with him the second time he left the office...had it in his bag, or left it in his car.  I think he STILL mixed up in his sequence of he is saying he went back the third time for the log book.
I would’ve questioned Dennis as to the exact time that morning he left the log book at his mom’s.

Sorry...but what was Dennis’s original reason for visiting his dad for almost an hour?  There is no way in hell they didn’t have words over money....the trading error and/or Dennis’s debt.
 Speaking of debt, his lawyers must be taking a huge chunk of his (family’s) money.

Don’t “successful” men use briefcases anymore?

I urge you members to contact:
I’m writing again as my last email was forwarded, but they gave me this (above) email address.

Legebokoff should not be given any special treatment...he belongs in Max security for the rest of his life.
I’m wondering, trying to read between the lines...if he was being threatened in jail.

I’m wondering if the regular dry cleaning process will remove blood spots...without the customer pointing them out to the cleaner.
 I googled the answer...but I still don’t really know.
The blood up Dennis’s cuff is damning, in my opinion.
I also wondered that about the log book.
I can’t get over the fact that Dennis dropped the log book off at his mom’s...but didn’t visit, unless she wasn’t home.
 Not sure if I know when Dennis actually went there.
He owed all that money, but didn’t worry?  I hadn’t heard there had been words over a trading error....Dick must have been fed up with his son’s financial isssues.  Bailing out a 40 something year old child is no fun.

Oh yes, I’d forgotten that Dennis wife was sick with a cold that night. Never heard where his kids were...

Yes...this crime was up close and personal...
The blood on Dennis’s coat is damning evidence even if there’s only four spots..
And the cell phone forensics is important evidence...I agree.
Problem with liars...the story always changes.

I’ve read a few articles, now, on the re-trial.
The (so called) witnesses admit they are struggling with concrete memory of the day Dick was murdered...and yet...Dennis is easily explaining away his movements that day and he “forgot” what jacket he was wearing and “forgot” how many times he went to Dicks office....he was very busy...was all over the goddammy town that evening.
I am more apt to forgive these witnesses than I am to Dennis for lack of accurate memory.

The cell phone evidence is interesting...last ping in Rothesay...only thing taken from Dicks office.
Probably has been destroyed and hidden, with the murder weapon...and whatever was used/worn to protect clothes from blood spatter.
Wonder if forensics ever confiscated the secretaries clothes to see if she ever got blood on them from Dicks head scabs...that’s how blood got on Dennis jacket, according to Dennis.

Did they search mom’s property? A sniffer dog would have been able to trace Dennis’s steps...he says he returned the log book...but he left it and didn’t visit....
Instead of wanting to clear his name....Dennis (and his mom) should be yelling loud and clear that the killer is still loose.
Haven’t heard that...

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