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London / Re: Frankie Jensen - London, ON - Murdered - 1968
« on: Today at 04:43:32 AM »
Right on, chickapey....look at this latest arrest in Kingston..(murder of Henrietta Knight)
Murders dating back to 1995.

I’m going way back to the beginning....when Sonia first disappeared.

Why was BOTH front doors open on her vehicle (and the trunk), when it was first discovered in the parking lot?
Was there two perps??  Or did one perp open the doors and trunk, but why?
I never really understood that about Sonia’s car...but...ever since I came across the article about the Nurse that was murdered in Toronto and then the arrest of two guys (without addresses)..I’m thinking more about Sonia, another nurse.
.(Rhoderie Estrada...Solved cases)....need to keep a watch on the trial..need to know why two seemingly random guys broke into Rhoderie’s home and murdered her....
Now I really wonder about Sonia’s murder.

thanks for the update!
The article is correct, families now get answers...such a long time.

I’m thinking that this Wentworth guy (and his ex..Carr) are just assholes that did whatever ..including get money and or drugs, when they got desperate.
So disturbing to know he could beat an elderly woman to death and his wife accepted it.

Other BC Locations / Re: Natasha Lynn Montgomery - Deceased - Still Missing
« on: February 03, 2019, 06:53:01 PM »
I wish they would deem Legebokoff a dangerous offender, he is.

I was just saying today...hmmm lots of weird deaths around that area...
Pretty sure I recall another explosion..maybe a year or two ago?

Other BC Locations / Re: Natasha Lynn Montgomery - Deceased - Still Missing
« on: February 02, 2019, 07:28:51 PM »
Truly, this Legebokoff should stay in maximum security forever...we don’t want him around...he doesn’t belong in society, ever again.
Just like they have been doing with Bernardo..hopefully they keep it up.

This lovely nurse @ St Joseph’s, and mother of three was brutally attacked and murdered in her own home.
Arrests of David Beak (22) and Yostin Murillo (23)....who seemed homeless, happened fairly quickly....but WHY...what was the motive? Very puzzling.....

I guess we have to wait for the court case....but there’s similarities to Sonia Varaschin’s murder...both women attacked in their own homes...both were nurses....
These two perps that were arrested would’ve been way too young to have killed Sonia.

Wonder if they charged “the lone defence witness”...
Glad to see a guilty verdict was handed down... MAY Carol RIP.

I’m hoping this is a DNA tests.
Prices have come down, too.
We did ours through and 3rd cousins are coming out of the woodwork...I pass them on to my sister who keeps better genealogy records.
Same on my husbands side....we have been contacted by long lost relatives...

Pretty sure I recall, wellwell, that the perp most likely came through the open sliding glass door in the back.
Can anyone confirm that?

They collected 600 samples...wonder how many from the hospital?
Most likely none.

I just made a comment on one of my news feeds, regarding this UNSOLVED murder of Sonia. I want to hear some updates.
It really isn’t far from my mind...and sorry but you all must know I think it’s someone from the hospital..someone they would not expect..obviously, they don’t suspect, I guess, as they haven’t arrested anyone.
I have to say I’m very impatient on this...cannot imagine what Sonia’s family feels.
I go through Orangeville every few months...very impersonal, highway intersection there...everyone busy trying to get where they’re going...even though around Orangeville is rural...everyone seems in a hurry.

In my opinion, jellybean...the blood on the jacket is what makes me believe Dennis is guilty...
Also, he did a hell of a lot that day, eh? Here, there and everywhere, even at his mother’s late that night (can’t quite recall...didn’t he return some papers or something?)
is he always that busy?

Where a petition to stop this insanity?
 McClintic doesn’t deserve a break.

There has not been a similar murder since Sonia was murdered.
Not many murders where the perp murders the victim in her home, then uses the victim’s car to remove her and  drops her several Kim’s from home on a side road, and then returns the car back to a downtown parking spot.
Yes, there has been many murders in Ontario...but none that I’ve heard of with this M/O.
Is it someone that knew Sonia and tried to distance himself by removing Sonia...did he think he would have more time if he removed Sonia from her home? She might not have been found for months, but was found sooner....
More time to do what though...finish a job....leave the province?

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