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Title: Robin Stoney| High risk offender| released to Edmonton Ab
Post by: SAP on January 25, 2012, 02:24:48 AM

Edmonton Police have issued a public warning about a high-risk offender who has recently been released from federal custody.

The warning is being issued for Robin Cameron Stoney, 54, who has just completed an eight-year sentence for sexual assault and attempted sexual assault.

He's considered to be a high-risk offender, who could pose a significant risk of harm to the community.

Stoney is described as:

170 lbs.
Black hair
Brown eyes
Stoney will live in the Edmonton area, under the supervision of the Correctional Service Canada, with help from the Edmonton Police Service Behavioural Assessment Unit.

Police said the warning was issued after all related issues including privacy concerns were considered, under the belief that it is clearly in the public's interest to inform the community.

The warning has been issued to allow Edmonton residents to take precautionary measures, not to encourage people to engage in any form of vigilante action.