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Title: Jeanne St. Germain - MURDER - June 24, 1970
Post by: BCID on November 27, 2011, 04:08:08 AM
Caution: Contains graphic content

At 6:20 am on St. Jean Baptiste Day, a blast rocked a defence department building in the middle of Ottawa. The brunt of the blast was taken by the defence telecommunications room, killing Jeanne St. Germain, 50, of Vanier and injuring two others in the process.

The building known as "B Building" was one of several frame structures in the compound built for the Canadian defence department during the second world war.

The bomb went off 40 minutes before the guard changes were to take place at the main entrance to the building, which was located about 75 yards away.

Windows were shattered over a 7 block radius and glass littered the streets.

The bomb was believed to be planted in a basement window, well below ground level at the southeast corner of the building.

The two who survived but with injuries were Cpl. H. B. Vallance (33) and Private G. I. Swaffield (23).
Note: Another media repot said the injured were Bruce Valance (32) and Claude Giroux (33).

Just before the explosion, a Ottawa radio station received a call from a male saying a bomb would go off "in one minute's time."

The cause of the explosion was assumed to be dynamite. Jeanne was seated at the wall when the bomb detonated on the other side. Still alive, she was rushed to hospital with one arm torn off and a gaping wound in her chest. She died in the ambulance.

The last major explosion Ottawa had experienced was a bomb that went off in the National Film Board of Canada building on December 31, 1968.

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