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Title: James Gregory Lee 19 - missing Sept 2011
Post by: scotsquine on September 06, 2011, 03:51:05 PM
I just found this on the Edmonton Journal Site:

EDMONTON — Ground, air and water searches continue for a teen who walked away from the Smoky Flats campground south of Grande Prairie days ago and has not been seen since.

James Gregory Lee, 19, left the campsite Sunday. He was reported missing that afternoon.

RCMP spokeswoman Const. Ellen Archibald said searches are ongoing Tuesday, with a helicopter and both water and ground crews.

Lee is described as Caucasian, about six feet tall and weighing 150 pounds. He has short brown hair, hazel eyes, and was last seen wearing a brown hoodie, blue jeans and running shoes.

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Title: Re: James Gregory Lee 19 - missing Sept 2011
Post by: SAP on December 13, 2011, 08:52:34 PM
Still missing. Brother says he wandered off drunk but this was very out of character for James who had a good job, was happy and "set" for life.


RCMP still looking for missing 19-year-old 4


Searchers are still looking for James Gregory Lee. The 19-year-old man went missing from a campsite 40 km south of Grande Prairie on Sept. 4. The call came in 10 hours after he went missing, an RCMP officer said.

“The search continues,” said Const. Ellen Archibald of the Grande Prairie RCMP detachment.

Resources used in the search include RCMP from Valleyview, Grande Prairie and Grande Cache, as well as forestry personnel and helicopters, a police boat, ground and K9 crews.

The missing man’s brother said James “wandered off drunk.”

Aaron Lee described his brother, born and raised in Grande Prairie, as an apprentice welder who was “set” with money in the bank, a good job and a good life.

“He was happy, excited he was going camping with his roommates,” Aaron said, adding that James wasn’t prone to running off or despondency.

“This is 100% out of his character. Me and him are like best friends, and this is just so out of character for him,” he said.

Between 40 and 50 civilian searchers have combed the area in search of the missing man, Aaron said, pleading for help from the public and the authorities.

“He’s somewhere out there,” Aaron said.

Title: Re: James Gregory Lee 19 - missing Sept 2011
Post by: eyeswideopen on December 13, 2011, 09:53:34 PM
This is now Dec and he still hasnt been found.  I would say it is more than time those room mates where questioned a little deeper.  That is a long time .  I mean really how far could a guy wander to......that wandered off drunk not terribly far I am thinking.  He needs to be found.
Title: Re: James Gregory Lee 19 - missing Sept 2011
Post by: SAP on December 14, 2011, 12:22:14 AM
Some articles claim he walked off in the early morning hours. I hate to say it but I think GP is prime cougar country, as well the criminal element is strong as many people have gone missing. A video following gives a good idea of the area in which he went missing.

Title: Re: James Gregory Lee 19 - missing Sept 2011
Post by: eyeswideopen on December 14, 2011, 01:09:26 PM
Thanks for that link much appreciated.  I say dont give up hope yet of recovery.  My brothers body was found scattered over a two and a half mile area in denser bush than this.  Praying for answers for the family.
Title: Re: James Gregory Lee 19 - missing Sept 2011
Post by: Shadow Girl on September 30, 2014, 02:48:57 PM

Three years have gone by since 19-year-old Jamie Lee was seen walking away from a campsite down at Smoky flats about 40 kilometres south of Grande Prairie.

It was Sept. 4, 2011 when the young man went missing.

Each year since, his family has been circulating his photo, and hoping for some kind of lead.

Last week, for the first time since his disappearance, there was a development in the investigation.

A short video clip was sent to Jamie’s mother, Julie DeWinter.

Someone who had seen Jamie’s photo on a website, and then seen a video clip on another, thought there was enough similarity to send it to DeWinter.

“I was pretty certain it looked like Jamie. A lot of people that knew him figured it was him as well,” DeWinter said.

She sent the material to Chuck Foreman, a private investigator based in Texas.

When he saw the video, he said there were “tell tale signs for human trafficking.”

He put his forensics team to work on the clip, and circulated screenshot stills from the video to solicit information.

His team tracked the video to a website and was pretty sure it had been posted in Houston, “a hub for human trafficking,” said Foreman.

The young man in the video looked to be the right height, the right age.

But by Tuesday, Foreman was able to determine it was not Jamie Lee in the video.

“Once we found the entire video, not just a snippet, it showed a lot of different angles… now looking at it we can say it’s not him,” Foreman said.

The video was too old, it was not filmed in Texas, and the lead and gone cold.

Originally, Foreman was encouraged by the video. Despite the compromising situation, he said most families are still filled with hope by the proof of life.

DeWinter was.

“It’s a good thing and a bad thing that it isn’t him. I’m glad he’s not in that circumstance… but it doesn’t give us any answer as to what happened to him,” she said.

DeWinter receives tips from all over. She said she’s had calls from Slave Lake, Fort McMurray, and “had a rash of them in Vancouver lately.”

When people call depends on when they happen to see one of Jamie’s pictures. Sometimes the tips have a time delay of weeks and are often too late to look into.

The tips from Vancouver were better, they were more timely.

“People hesitate when they see something, it’s really important to call it in immediately,” DeWinter said.

RCMP and Alberta Forestry were canvassing along Highway 40 last weekend. DeWinter is hoping to get some tips from those efforts.

“I talked to the RCMP on Friday, (they) feel the same way I do. Right now everything says Jamie is still alive and out there. Never has a shred of evidence been out there contrary to that,” she said.

But nothing seemed as definite or held as much promise as the video, which has since been removed from the investigation.

DeWinter was restless once it surfaced. “A lot is involved when something like this happens,” she said.

“The family has been on edge all weekend, waiting to hear. Now that we’ve heard, we are going to take a break.”

She still has hope that some shred of evidence will turn up. “We really honestly know nothing for sure more than we did three years ago,” she said.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact the Grande Prairie RCMP at 780-830-5701.

“We just really need closure,” DeWinter said.


Title: Re: James Gregory Lee 19 - missing Sept 2011
Post by: debbiec on September 30, 2014, 03:01:22 PM
Jamie Lee is pictured below.

Click to enlarge.