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Title: Julie Martel - Missing - Canmore (June 22, 2007)
Post by: Chris on June 27, 2007, 03:15:02 AM
Golden BC is about 2:15 west of Canmore.

CANMORE -- RCMP say a credit card belonging to an Alberta mother who disappeared after giving birth has been used in B.C.

Julie Martel, 28, of Canmore west of Calgary, has not been seen or heard from since she walked away from hospital Friday.

Martel's family and friends have said she may be suffering from postpartum depression.

RCMP said yesterday the school teacher's credit card was used in the town of Golden, B.C., but wouldn't say by whom or for what.

"We have done some inquiries to try to see if they could locate her there and were unsuccessful," said Sgt. Patrick Webb.

"That was in Golden. She could have gone to any location after that."

The woman's husband, Claude Awad, has said Martel wanted to get lost somewhere and just let herself die in the wilderness.

He said Martel wasn't coping well and had been suicidal.

Awad, who is an outdoor guide, has said friends in B.C. have put up pictures of Martel in the hope of getting information from people who may have seen her in the last four days .

RCMP are treating her disappearance as a non-criminal missing persons case.

"We have an individual that has some signs of depression and has been reported as a missing person," Webb said.

"In this case we will try to locate her and determine her safety, and then advise her that she should be contacting her family."

Postpartum depression affects up to 25% of mothers in Canada with varying degrees of severity, experts say.

The hormonal condition can manifest itself as the relatively common "baby blues" to more severe postpartum psychosis.

Women who suffer postpartum psychosis show symptoms almost immediately after giving birth, said Carol Hauer of Families Matter, a Calgary-based non-profit counselling group.

The condition requires immediate hospitalization, she said.

Title: Re: Julie Martel - Missing - Canmore (June 22, 2007)
Post by: Chris on June 29, 2007, 12:24:33 AM
Found Safe In Golden BC

CALGARY/AM770CHQR - A 28-year-old school teacher, who disappeared from the Canmore hospital June 22 has been found in Golden, B.C.
Police say someone saw Julie Martel walking on a street, and she's in stable condition at the local hospital.
She gave birth to a baby boy last week, then went missing from the hospital in Canmore.
It was feared she suffered postpartum depression.
Title: Re: Julie Martel - Missing - Canmore (June 22, 2007)
Post by: Adrian on June 29, 2007, 01:31:36 AM

I am happy she made it home. Deep depression can be really harmful to one's soul.I am glad she didn't take her life, and gets the help she needs.

Depression, is not laziness, or self pity, a deep depression can mimic other mentaL health issues, and medication can help dramatically.