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Title: Getting money for doing nothing
Post by: dc1 on December 10, 2010, 08:41:55 AM
We as Canadians have seen crime grow in Canada and now it has organized crime in every province and perverted criminals are
in every city in every province. The government wants people to believe crime has dropped but it has grown worse. Drug addiction is everywhere and more break and entry has risen and the government keeps appointing judges who have very little compassion for victims. When people start demanding more from the people they voted for he is more concerned about his party and what the leader can do. We pay politicians thousands of dollars for doing very little except making crime grow worse.   
Title: Re: Getting money for doing nothing
Post by: Woodland on December 10, 2010, 09:20:39 AM
That is the best description of the problem I have heard in a longtime dcollins1.  Thank-you for the insight.
Title: Re: Getting money for doing nothing
Post by: SAP on December 10, 2010, 10:09:02 AM
So very true dCollins. I couldn't agree more. We, the people need to exercise our rights and do something about that. 
Another place where Government lies to us is the unemployment index. When they say unemployment has dropped, that usually only means that many who were receiving unemployment have reached their limit and are now receiving nothing and still have no work. They don't count in the index.
Title: Re: Getting money for doing nothing
Post by: dc1 on December 16, 2010, 12:12:03 PM
 I like many Canadians have concerns about political parties they have changed the laws so many times that the worst criminals in the world want to live in Canada. The many missing women and children homeless or not aboriginal or what ever race go missing or murdered and the government says crime is down. It may be for politicians but the rest of us see it every a child or woman are hurt or murdered from predators or kids lost on the streets that are addicts that seem to disappear. The middle class to homeless all know crime has risen. But judges keep letting predators back on the street maybe our political parties should listen to the news instead of their singing. I was told politicians would become fools but why do judges have to fallow them they must be going to the same party. Its called the rich and foolish and all members welcome.
Title: Re: Getting money for doing nothing
Post by: dc1 on December 17, 2010, 08:34:06 AM
 If we as Canadians want changes to the law how do we accomplish this with politicians who ignore the people and only concern themselves with big companies that spend large amount of money to get votes that change white collar crime. If we could get rid of the political interference. We could bring back the death penalty and all people rich and poor have the same rights that is what Canada stands for. But unfortunately we have parties who care more for popularity than  morals and people are getting less protection than criminals. Organized crime has been growing along with predators and the laws we have unfortunately do not bother them. If we knew everyone would be considered equal then the death penalty would scare most criminals out of Canada but the laws are not equal and political leaders will not listen to middle-class or poor because we know they are ordinary people that spend thousands on people to make them look and seem extra ordinary.   
Title: Re: Getting money for doing nothing
Post by: jellybean on December 17, 2010, 05:35:38 PM
I agree 100%.  I believe our present government is working on changing the laws, but the bleeding heart Senate won't pass many of them.  However further to this, as citizens we need to report to the police, b&E's, drug houses in our neighborhoods, etc.  Very often we look the other way and don't report it. We expect governments to take care of it. We, as citizens alsohave a responsibility to keep our own home safe, our own block safe as much as we possibly can.  If every person kept an eye on their own block, then we would be in a safer place. Wouldn't solve all of it, but it would be a small part of the solution. And - get on the phone, complain, complain and complain re: lack of safety on our LRT, bus stops, and don't complain when your taxes go up because more police have to be hired due to the crime rate increase. Drugs are here to stay, and all that it brings with it. Few of us attend town hall meetings to discuss drugs and crime as many of us think that there will be enough citizens attend, therefore  "I won't be missed. "  Let George Do it!!
 We had the chance in the 1980's to do something about it, and we didn't. We denied it. We denied it, because it was new to us and we didn't know what to do about it, and hoped that it (drugs) was just a fad and it will go away. City police chiefs denied it.  Gangs in our city?  No gangs here they would say.  We all denied it, and we are paying the price for it today. The door is wide open now.

Title: Re: Getting money for doing nothing
Post by: SAP on December 17, 2010, 06:23:04 PM
I have found that letters to the lower levels of leadership...the community level...do make a difference. Regarding a rash of crime in a particular area that never had it before. A few of us now have full support.
Next level would be MLA's with proof and links that crime is being ignored to a large extent. Everyone follows on the Net, and this is a great pulpit to educate the general public from. A blog of sorts, with a catchy title on crime and punishment, listing the many crimes unsolved and the daily ocurrance of others, especially against the vulnerable. Getting it out in the open more will draw attention.
Good luck though with the death penalty coming back. Last time they tried, it was shot down by clergy of all denominations. I doubt priests and ministers will ever change their minds.