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Title: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: Willythickfoot on June 29, 2010, 03:15:50 AM
Hi everyone.I have been looking for information regarding a friend who was  taken from us in 1980 and I have wound up here.His name was Spencer Middleton.(I underlined his name in red) It may be my poor search tactics but this small line is the first evidence I have found that shows Spencer even existed.I see there is no info on the status of his case so I am happy to add his killer got life with no chance of parole.I believe it is the first manslaughter conviction to receive this sentence.The officer responsible for his conviction was Randy Gushulak and he will always be a hero to me. He spent alot of time with me preparing me for the courtroom to testify against the defendant.If anyone can give me any tips on how to find more on Spencer's case I would be thankfull.I would also like to add the Spencer was from Stonewall Mb.We were all hanging out at the arena the night he disappeared.He said he had to go.I waved and never saw him again.

Thanks for your time, Dave

This is the order of boys I know of. Locatio is where they were found or where they were last seen.

1957/12/24 - Larry Nelson - Age 3 - Calgary, AB - Missing - http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,1900.0.html

1966/02/11 - Michael Kent - Age 6 - Elmvale, ON - Murdered - 25km N. Barrie - http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,2492.0.html
1967/Spring - Richard Hovey - Age 17 - Schomberg, ON - Murdered - 50km S. Barrie http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/board,58.0.html
1967/Spring - Unknown Male - Age 15-22 - Coboconk, ON - Murdered - 100km E. Barrie - http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,510.0.html
1968/02/09 - Frankie Jensen - Age 8 - Murdered - Thorndale, ON - 22km N. London - http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,717.0.html
1968/02/15 - Scott Leishman - Age 16 - Murdered - Port Burwell, ON - 70km S. London - http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,919.0.html
1968/08/03 - Robert Brown - Age 12 - Missing - Pefferlaw, ON - E shore Lake Simcoe-http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,2491.0.html
1969/06/07 - Robert Stapylton - Age 11 - Murdered - London, ON - http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,710.0.html

1975/05/07 - Cameron March - Age 4 - Missing - Burlington, ON - 135km S. Barrie - http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,851.0.html
1977/11/11/- Robin Windross - Age 21 (mentally challenged) - Missing - Orillia, ON - 38km E Barrie - missing-u.ca - OPP - has mental age of 6

1980/04/04 - Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - Murdered - Winnipeg, MB -  No info if solved. Found in a gravel pit.
1980/04/24 - Jeffrey Dupres - Age 3 - Missing - Slave Lake, AB - Similar to Cameron - http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,336.0.html
1981/02/?? - Lonnie Boudreau - Age 11 - Missing - Ottawa, ON -    http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,1818.0.html
1981/03/?? - Richard Nutall - Age 21 - Missing - Ottawa, ON - no other details
1981/06/?? - Rene Laflamme - Age 24 - Missing - Ottawa, ON - no other details
1981/08/24 - John McCormick - Age 15 - Missing - Caledon, ON - 100km S. Barrie - http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,765.0.html
1981/08/24 - Eric Larsfolk - Age 14 - Missing - Caledon, ON - 100km S. Barrie - http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,765.0.html
1981/11/?? - Wayne Martin - Age 22 - Missing - Ottawa, ON - no other details
1982/12/01 - Robert Heintz - Age 12 - Missing - Kearns, ON - 40km E. Kirkland Lake - http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,2493.0.html
1983/04/30 - Tyler Bowe - Age 14 - Missing - Whitehorse, YK - http://news.webshots.com/photo/2889307150064924833TOJcHE
1984/10/31 - Scott Dove - Age 17 - Murdered - Thunder Bay, ON - found in a gravel pit -http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,863.0.html

1991/03/24 - Michael Dunahee - Age 4 - Missing - Victoria, BC - http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,52.0.html
1996/01/19 - Scott Lottery - Age 18 - Murdered - London, ON - http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,1892.0.html

1998/09/25 - Jong Donohue - Age 18 - Missing - Edmonton, AB - http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,2008.0.html
1999/10/28 - Matthew Richard - Age 16 - Missing - Sicamous, BC - http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,1897.0.html

2002/08/04 - Joseph Andrews - Age 10 - Missing - Salmon Valley, BC - 30km N. Pr. George - http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,2494.0.html
2005/06/22 - Josh Wales - Age 14 - Missing - Mirror, AB - http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php/topic,1938.0.html

After the last date we have a rash of 20 somethings, young men, missing in BC. I know this list is far from exhaustive, but there appears a pattern in the Ontario cases. Not enough to really narrow anything down, except the killer of Katherine Wilson in 1970 in Kirkland, near Kearns, Timmins, was from London, ON and recently arrested.
Title: Re: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered
Post by: Sleuth on June 29, 2010, 11:23:09 AM
Welcome Willythickfoot! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Kudos to Officer Randy Gushulak! :) Maybe when Chris or Des happen along, they can move your post and a thread can be started for Spencer Middleton. Was Spencer ever found and brought home?
Title: Re: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered
Post by: Woodland on June 29, 2010, 12:30:15 PM
Willy - the Winnipeg Free Press has some coverage of the trial, but not very much in the way of detail.

Glad the case was solved.
Title: Re: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered
Post by: Willythickfoot on June 29, 2010, 05:56:50 PM
Thank you. His remains were found by locals in and old quarry not far from Stonewall.When he walked away his skates were slung over his shoulders and were still there when he was found.I believe his hands were bound.Its been 30 years now but I still remember his moms voice when she called us early the morning looking for him.

Title: Re: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered
Post by: Sleuth on June 30, 2010, 01:14:18 AM
Thanks for the information Willythickfoot. Is the perp still in prison? Do you know if the perp committed any other crimes before Spencer? I do understand fully about receiving a early morning phone call and how it stays with you for the rest of your life. Also when something minor triggers recollections out of the blue at the oddest times.
Title: Re: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered
Post by: Willythickfoot on July 03, 2010, 11:43:06 PM
Hi, Yes he should still be on the inside.He received life with no parole for manslaughter.Spencer was taken when we were 14 yrs old.I cant remember the date but I was already with my wife and I met her in 1990.I'm guessing I was with her for maybe a yr or 2 when I appeared for the prosecution.I'm figuring he'll be out in 2017. I believe his last name is Skinner.He lived in Stonewall.We all new him.Spencer's dad was a pharmacist and it is believed Skinner was making Spencer take stuff from his dads work and Spencer's death is the result of a scare tactic.
Officer Gushulak received a promotion to detective and requested this cold file. Skinner was in jail at the time and Gushulak had an informant on the inside who was able to get close to Skinner and get enough out of him to make an arrest.I wish I could give more detail but 30 yrs is a long time.I can tell you that he was a really nice kid and good friend who didn't deserve to be tossed into a hole and left to die like he was.I wish I would have walked with him that night,things could have been so different.


Mods,could you please move these posts to their proper location? Thx
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered
Post by: Sleuth on July 04, 2010, 11:02:00 AM
Thanks for the information Willythickfoot. You did help your friend, by testifying against the perp. You are the 7th person to tell me you wish you were with your friend that night. You can't beat yourself up over not being with your friend. If you had been, the perp would have chosen another night when Spencer was alone. Too bad the perp is getting out in 2017, not too many years from now. Life should mean life, to the last breath taken.
Do you have a picture of Spencer to post? God Bless.
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered
Post by: Willythickfoot on July 04, 2010, 08:01:29 PM
  The most recent picture I remember of Spencer was our school photos.It was the Winnipeg free press or the Tribune that ran the photo after he went missing. My parents are what you might call hoarders so the thought of trying to find an old class picture in their place scares the hell out of me.If anyone has access to news paper archives I would appreciate anything you could share on the board.The only hit I have ever found was on this site.I'm afraid my search tactics dont come up with much.

  Thanks, Dave
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: Chris on July 05, 2010, 02:48:46 AM
Hello, sorry about your friend. So this case was actaully solved?
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: Willythickfoot on July 05, 2010, 03:50:13 AM
Thank you and yes it was.I personally dont think he acted alone but I dont recall anything to support my opinion coming up at the trial.

I should add that this is just my opinion.
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: Sleuth on July 06, 2010, 02:14:46 AM
Willythickfoot, what makes you think Skinner did not act alone? I know it's your own opinion, but sometimes something stick's inside one's mind to make a person think that.
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: Willythickfoot on July 06, 2010, 02:58:39 PM
I don't think Skinner knew the area well enough. If he was just looking for a place to abandon Spencer I doubt he would have just stumbled onto this pit by chance. Skinner lived in an upstairs apt over a garage on main street Stonewall. I think that he associated with people who would better know the area Spencer's remains were found.
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: chanty on August 28, 2010, 06:42:17 PM
Hi Willythickfoot,
I am very interested in learning about whatever, you may know about this case.  I had heard about this case once before, but never really put too much thought into it.  This interests me so much, because my fiance grew up out in Stonewall Manitoba, and I have been out there, when I have been with him.  You say good bye to him one minute and the next minute he is gone.  Its scary to think about because, this kind of stuff doesn't  happen out in Stonewall.  I would like to personally say that I am sorry that you had to loose a friend in such a way.  Do you know how the perpitrator was caught.  Did it take a long time after the killing to find, out the killers identity.
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: Margo on October 05, 2010, 10:01:51 PM
I remember Spencer.  This is the first place I have found any information about his case.  Thank you. 
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: wheels19 on January 21, 2011, 10:46:58 AM
Sorry to hear about your friend it was a shock to all of us who lived in Stonewall.  I am 47 years old and lived in Stonewall at the time of his murder. I used  the same railroad tracks to get to the rink  and back since my house was right beside them.  I knew Spencer not as a friend, just thru association, his father and my father used to curl in the same league and of course we went to the same school albeit a couple of grades higher. When he was found in the pits that day, a group of us had a party out there the night before.  This is the first time my search for Spencer Middleton on the internet has come back with something.  The only other time was reading an article by Gordon Sinclair who was writing a story about an investigator named  Sangster from the  RCMP who was retiring.  Sinclair wrote about two of his biggest cases and one of them was Spencers murder.  He wrote it was a 10 year old cold case but found out who the murderer was and went out to B.C. before he finally found and arrested him,  he didn't mention in the article who the murderer was thou.  Skinner is a name I remember but I can't put it to a face.
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: Willythickfoot on March 02, 2011, 08:44:28 PM
I dont recall Sangster having anything to do with it. As far as I know Randy Gushulak is the man to thank.
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: meganray on March 04, 2011, 01:34:05 PM
I am really really sorry for your loss. We recenty lost a friend to murder... and I can't imagin even after 30 years not missing him every day.
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: richardd on January 30, 2012, 11:49:05 AM
Hi dave like you i knew spence we were in cadets together and when they reported that they found the guy who did this well that was a good day. the pit that they said they found him was at argyle, I too was at the arena that night we had gone out side for a smoke a van came up he went to talk to who was in it and that was the last time i saw him i went back inside the arena, its been so long ago yet it stays in your mind. I kept hoping that he would be found alive , i never had anyone to talk to this is the first time i found this site, They say that this rocked stonewall would be an under statement, the amount of people at his funeral you could barely find a seat , He was a great friend and will be missed by many, me as one , Its hard to believe its been so long ago since he was taken I hope the whomever did this will suffer.I hope others that lived there and knew spence can find this site and send him your prayers. He was a great guy to young to be taken like that.
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: debbiec on January 30, 2012, 12:00:43 PM

Hi richardd, welcome to the site. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. It was obviously a traumatic event in your life, that has had a lasting effect. It's nice to see that people have not forgotten Spencer.
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: rainstorm on March 06, 2012, 08:56:33 PM
I am sorry about your friend. 30 years is along time. I been to stonewall. It was a really nice town. Hope you keep posting.
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: rebelgirl on March 08, 2012, 09:15:30 AM
was it James G. Skinner?...i found something...I'll post it when I figure out how.
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: rebelgirl on March 08, 2012, 10:29:34 AM
Ok, so I couldn't Copy the article so I typed it out by hand.

Stonewall Argus and Teulon Times

Skinner claims stories all made up
                 BY KELLY LANGEVIN

The trial of James G. Skinner continued last week as the jury heard taped conversations of the accused confess
to an undercoverpolice officer about the murder ofSpencer Middleton, then later state it was all
made up to gain the confidence of a friend.
In an elaborate RCMP sting operation,undercover officer Const. Jean Gagnon befriended Skinner, 43, while in
in prison in Vancouver and later on while Skinner was on parole.
Tapped conversations between Gagnon and Skinner recorded Skinner describing how he lured Middleton into a Chevy
Vegas outside of the Stonewall Arena, Dec.6 1979, then drove out of town and strangled him.
Gagnon, however, said later on Skinnerdescribed the murder differently, stating Skinner said the 14-year-old boy
must have died of exposure after he wrapped his skates around his neck, tied his hands up, stuffed his sock in his
mouth and let him out of the car outside of town.
Based on the conversations Skinner was charged with murder in May,1991. Last Friday the court heard Skinner's con-
versations with RCMP officers as he discovered his three "friends" were RCMP undercover police.
With the tape recorder visible in front of him, Skinner spoke briefly to RCMP before asking for his lawyer.
"I proved my innocents with a polygraph 12 years ago," said Skinner referring to a lie dector test he underwent with
the RCMP. The results of the test, however, were not presented in the court. "I'll talk to you guys, I've nothing to hide."
Skinner said he made the story up in order to gain Gagnon's confidence to help him get a job.
"You were telling me how you could help me make money," Skinner said to the undercover office who posed as a convict
who killed his brother. "I'm thinking,well, I gotta be a bad guy, I gotta be a bad guy to make some money."
"Because I was promised jobs, I had to say something." Skinner then stopped the conversation asking for his lawyer from
Winnipeg to be present.
Earlier in the trial police and other witnesses testified that Skinner told stories of other criminal acts he did not commit.
Skinner's lawyer Greg Brodsky maintains his client's account of the murder provided no more information than what was already
acailable in the media reports.

Mark Krul later testified that he had worked with James Skinner at Perimeter Aviation cleaning aircrafts.
He said he rememberd being late for work Dec.6, the night of Middleton's disappearance, because he had no means of getting to work.
Krul said he usually received a ride to work with Skinner, who borrowed a car from Davide Brown, with whom he was staying in Wheel
City Trailer court.
Krul testified that Skinner quit the job the evening before because he thought he was going to be fired.
Dale Gefreter, who was 15 years old in 1979, said he saw Middleton and Skinner together at Skinner's ex-girlfriend's house, Doreen
(Doddie) Meilleur.
Gefreiter said many teenagers frequented the house to drink or smoke marijuana. He said he saw Middleton and Skinner talking to
each other at the house in the fall of 1979.
"They seemedd to be getting along," recalled Gefreiter who babsat for Meilleur, as did Middleton.
He said he knew Middleton at the time, but was not a close friend. He said he remembered Middleton as being "cheeky" to older
guys, and played a lot of pinball. "For a guy who didn't work he seemed to spend a lot of money," said Gefreiter who suspected
Middleton was selling drugs.
Defence council Greg Brodsky questioned the accuracy of Gefreiter's testimony.
"Are you sure about very much?" asked Brodsky who referred to Gefreiter pointing to Brodsky's assistant as being James Skinner durring
the preliminary hearing.
"All I can say is Mr. Skinner's appearance has changed a lot in the past 12 years," said Gefreiter.
Crown attorney George Dangerfield said the prosecution's case will be completed early this week. Adecision on the second-degree murder
charge from the four-man, seven-woman jury is expected to be brough down before the end of the week.

if I find any more articles I will post those too
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: rebelgirl on March 08, 2012, 11:31:20 AM
Skate quote helps pin Skinner

Lucky charm an omen for solving case
By Kelly Langevin

Minutes after Henrietta (Hetti) Middleton stepped out of the court room, having just
heard the "guilty" verdict that would put her son's killer behind bars, RCMP Corp.
Bob Urbanoski pinned his lucky charm onto the mother's coat lapel.
The "lucky charm" was a gold-plated tie clip with a C.C.M. hockey skate mounted on it.
Urbanoski, the officer who also helped solve the Helen Betty Osborne murder case, wore
the lucky charm throughout the trial. It was passed onto him by Const. Randy Gushulak
whose diligence on the case led to a conviction.
The charm proved to be worth its weight in gold. "It's one of those superstitious type
things I guess," recalls Const. Gushulak. "We wew just yacking arounf the office one
day and I had got it (the pin) from my father-in-law, and Turbo (Urbanoski) mentioned
to me that during some of the previous operations he found it good luck to hand along
to someone else a good luck charm. So I said, 'Well here, have this one,' and as he
said when he was done with it, if things went well, and he had good luck, he'd pass
it along to someone else. So he figured he'd give that one to Hetti."

Helped Conviction

As fate would have it, a pair of skates helped lead to the conviction of James G.
Skinner of manslaughter.
skinner,43, was sentenced to 25 years in prison last Thursday after being convicted
of manslaughter in the death of 14-year-old Spencer Middleton the day before.
The four-man, seven-woman jury deliberated for approximately ten hours on the case
before reaching their decision.
The jury began reviewing the witness testimonies and taped conversations between
Skinner and undercover Const. Larry Gagnon at 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.
Approximately two hours after the jury was in deliberations, a question was raised by
the jury concerning the skates that were found wrapped around Middleton's neck. The
jury asked if the skates belonged to Spencer's brother Tyler and if they were new skates.
Referring to Hetti Middleton's testimony earlier on in the trial, Judge James Scolllin
replied that they were neew and belong to Tyler.
During the trial the skates were rarely mentioned in the case as the coroner did not
believe they were used to strangle Middleton. Signs of asphyxiation were evident, however,
as Middleton was discovered with a sock stuffed in his mouth, believed to be the cause
of asphyxia.
During the taped conversation between Skinner and undercover Gagnon, Skinner recalled how
Middleton was anxious about losing the skates, which was why Skinner wrapped them around
his neck so he wouldn't lose them, he told Gagnon.
Skinner's lawyer Greg Brodsky, bases his client's defence onthe fact that Skinner was a
compulsive liar,and often bragged about crimes he never committed. Brodsky claimed Skinner
was lying to Gagnon to gain his congifence, so he could get jobs with a fictious criminal
group the undercover officer spoke of.
Skinner's accounts of the murder were taken from media reports and elaborated on to sound
realistic, Brodsky claimed.
But the pair of skates turned out to be a link of truth between Skinner's elaborated
account of the murder and what really happened that fateful night of Dec 6th when Middleton
went missing.
There were no reports in the media about the skates found wrapped around Spencer's neck
being new or belonging to his brother Tyler. Skinner's conversation to Gagnon pointed out
that the skates were special to Spencer, which was why the young boy was anxious about
losing them.
"We found that quite interesting when they asked about it (the skates)," said Gushulak.
"There's no question about it, we can look at (Skinner's comment about the skates) as
being a very important statement."


Another ironic aspect of the case was pointed out in Judge Scollin's comments after
convicting Skinner for 25-year sentence. Scollin stated Skinner predicted his own demise.
In taped conversations between Skinner and RCMP officers, the suspected killer said he
would get 25 years if he was convicted of murder.
Last Thursday morning, his prediction came true.

Sadly there is no pictures with any of the articles
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: rainstorm on March 08, 2012, 05:19:58 PM
That was so nice of you to type it out rebel.  :D You are a angel.
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: rebelgirl on March 08, 2012, 06:47:12 PM
well the only place I found it was on this newspaper site and you had to subscribe to it ... but it showed you the paper REAL tiny like....so I just used the magnifier thingy and then typed it all out...that way no one has to pay to read it  ;D
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: Willythickfoot on April 07, 2012, 01:59:52 AM
That was so nice of you to type it out rebel.  :D You are a angel.

Very nice of you indeed. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Besides this forum there is very little evidence that Spencer even existed. I would like to thank everyone for the help and kind words.
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: Brother on July 13, 2012, 01:46:30 PM
Hello All

   I am Spencer's brother, I want to thank you all for your concern, thoughts and prayers over the years.  33 years later and his memory is still strong with our family.  Tragedy was thrust upon us and the entire community all those years ago and it brightens my heart to hear that his friends still think of him from time to time. To clarify those skates were mine and they were new.  I was supposed to go skating with him that night ( he bugged and bugged me to go ) I refused and my regret of that is carried with me every day of my life.  To make it up to him I let him borrow my skates and insisted that they be returned without a scratch ( even in death my brother he held to his word ).  Skinner is now out of jail and my parents are aware of where he is and what he is doing.  I wish people would have came forward with information that came out in the trial earlier but as we all know things happen and people get scared.  The RCMP, especially the lead investigator was amazing and I wish I could inform you of the inside help we recieved at that time but can't.  I am here today because of their help.  I was in court every day and watched the result of the conviction.
   I still have a huge empty spot in my heart where Spencer should be but sadly only memories reside there.  I will check this site on occasion and wish all that the missing souls all be found and brought home.

Thanks  T
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: SAP on July 13, 2012, 02:05:48 PM
Hi Brother and welcome. Very sad situation about Spencer. Skinner was to be incarcerated for 25 years ... to 2017, so he got out early. I don't agree with the system but it's what we have. Always more consideration for the perp it seems.
I'm sure your brother loved you very much and would not want you to feel guilty for not walking with him. Certainly happy you had some very helpful police detectives on your side. Take care, and try to keep in your heart all the good memories of Spencer and try to push the pain away. :)
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: debbiec on July 13, 2012, 02:59:23 PM

Welcome Brother,

Thanks for sharing a little about Spencer. Having a family member show up here is as good as it gets, in my opinion. I'm also disappointed to read that Skinner is no longer incarcerated. It sounds like those involved in the investigation did a great job and they should be commended for that.

I just can't help but think that if Spencer were able, he would tell you there is no need to feel guilty. He would want you to be happy and live your life to the fullest. When we lose someone we love it leaves us with an empty spot in our heart. Thankfully we have our memories and will carry them with us through our lives. They can see us through our darkest times, truly a gift.

Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: HarberM1971 on September 11, 2012, 03:13:17 PM
I was only 9 years old at the time but my brother was friends with Spencer and Dave. I remember the day he went missing. There was always alot of speculation as to who was responsible and Skinner's name always came up around town. There was one other person that was always under suspicion by the police and the people in the town but he seemed to remain just outside of the RCMP's reach. I don't even know if he's still alive but his nickname was "Crow," I won't give his real name but he was a real low life.  Jim Skinner was a family friend of ours and the guy always gave me the creeps, he was given the nickname of "Skip" in prison previously. He had stayed with David Brown's mother in the trailer court in Stonewall and we even had him over for supper numerous times. I remember going to see the movie "Bloodsport" with him and a friend of mine in 1988 at the theatre in Stonewall. When I think back to that I always get chills. It was only 8 years after he killed Spencer. Skinner even worked with my dad and I in Stonewall briefly, painting houses. So needless to say when I found out in '92 that he had been convicted, I wasn't at all surprised.
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: Jfly76 on January 22, 2013, 10:18:14 PM
Hello everyone!  Though I was never blessed with the opportunity to meet Spencer, my parents had a close tie to the family as they were his Godparents. For whatever reason, today, I was struck with his memory. I can still visualize his school photo in one if my parents' albums. I was only 4 years old when he was killed so, it was many years before my parents explained to me what had happened and even as a young kid, I just couldn't imagine what a 14 year old child could do to deserve such a fate. The devastation to the family made everyday living an extreme challenge, that is something that as a mother now myself, I cannot imagine going through. This is the first of many times I've tried to find info on the case and I'm so appreciative for all the comments etc as this is the most I've ever known about it. I'm sure Spencer smiles upon us all when he sees how often he is thought of.....  Wish I'd had a chance to meet my 'GodBrother', as my kids say!!!❤  God bless you all!
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: M.A.K. on January 21, 2017, 10:32:50 PM
WillyThickFoot   I read your posts on this site...but it's now 2017 and time marches on. I was involved in this case, because Dave Brown, whose mother owned the yellow Chevy vega that James "Skip" Skinner often borrowed, was my friend. But, I also knew the Middletons a bit because I was their paperboy in the early 70's. I also knew Skip Skinner because I worked with him at Perimeter Aviation and got my ride into work with him for our 10:30 nightshifts. My name is Mark Krul...and I had to go up against Brodsky in court...where,thank God for a sharp memory for accurate details, I prevailed over him and Skinner ...twice!. One of the original policemen to work on this case was Bob Urbanowski who successfully solved the Helen Betty Osbourne cold case in The Pas.  Maybe next time I go to Stonewall, which isn't very often, I will look up the policeman who lives there...I think it's Randy Gushulak...butI'm not certain, could be Bob.  I hope, despite some of the unsavoury people that Spencer came to be associated with, that we all remember that he was just a youth who deserved to live his life like everyone else. We should all never forget him or the Middleton family!  If you want to reply to this post please do.   M.A.K. out !
Title: Re: Spencer Middleton - Age 14 - murdered | Stonewall, Mb (1980)
Post by: M.A.K. on January 21, 2017, 11:00:51 PM
Harper...I know what you're talking about...other people that the police were interested in...Randy Gushulak told me about this. However, Skip Skinner was staying with Jack and Gay Brown because they were part of a prison outreach program at Stony and they had made arrangements to take Skip in once he was released so he could make a new start.  I believe he was just finishing a ten year sentence for armed robbery. Randy Gushulak and Bob Urbanowski told me that Skinner was always the #1 suspect because even though there were some scumbags in Stonewall, they weren't on an armed robbery scale of scumbag. I was friends with Dave Brown and I never liked Skip from day one.  My buddy Dave had some tithe money saved up for the church we both attended and Skip took the money and bought Jack Brown a chainsaw for Christmass with this stolen money. Over many years I was interviewed again and again by the police. i went to their main headquarters at the time on Portage ave, for hypnosis etc. When I left Stonewall in 1980, my mom told me that Skinner was constantly asking all my friends where I had moved to...and in the  summer of 1981, when I looked out of my second story apartment window, much to my horror, I saw Skinner walking down the street peering up at my apartment block, hunting me down, probably to find out what i told the police...or worse, who knows. He never got to me...and when the preliminary hearing and then trial happened ...I got to him!  I will never forget this as long as I live.