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Title: Pedophile Toft released from custody after violating a court order that bans him
Post by: Edsonmom on May 04, 2010, 02:23:07 PM
Pedophile Toft released from custody
Last Updated: Tuesday, May 4, 2010 | 11:27 AM MT
CBC News
A convicted sex offender accused of violating a court order that bans him from visiting public places where children are often present has been released from custody.

Karl Toft, 73, appeared in an Edmonton court on Tuesday and was released on a $1,000, no-cash deposit. He is due back in court on May 25.

Toft now must report to police weekly rather than monthly, which was the original reporting requirement imposed when he was released from an Edmonton halfway house in 2005.

He had been released from prison to the halfway house in October 2002, three years before the end of his 13-year sentence for sexually assaulting 18 boys while working as a guard at the Kingsclear Youth Training Centre in New Brunswick.

Edmonton police said they received a call from a member of the public Friday night who said they spotted Toft in a fast food restaurant. That violates one of the 18 conditions Toft is subject to, police said.

Toft was arrested at his home on Friday night.

Toft was convicted in 1992 of assaulting boys at the youth detention centre between the mid-1960s and the 1980s.

He has since admitted to assaulting a total of 200 boys over a 35-year period.

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Title: Re: Pedophile Toft released from custody after violating a court order that bans him
Post by: Chris on May 04, 2010, 05:21:50 PM
What a stupid judge. I mean come on, they did not ahve to let him out.
Title: Re: Pedophile Toft released from custody after violating a court order that bans him
Post by: Sap1 on April 29, 2018, 01:31:24 PM
Karl Toft dead! Not sure exactly to where his soul was delivered!


A pedophile who spent over a decade in prison for sexually assaulting boys while he was employed as a guard at the Kingsclear reform school in New Brunswick has died.

Karl Toft died in Edmonton Saturday morning from lung cancer, according to Charles Ingles, a close friend who met Toft through a community program when the offender was still living in an Edmonton halfway house.

He was 81.

Toft served 13 years in prison after he pleaded guilty in 1992 to 34 charges related to the abuse of boys at the school near Fredericton. He later admitted to assaulting 200 boys over a 35-year period.

Lived in Edmonton after prison
Toft moved to Edmonton after his release from prison and remained in the city after he was allowed to move out of the halfway house in 2005.

Ingles had been working with the Mustard Seed, a Christian group that helps the poor and homeless, when he met Toft. He said they stayed friends, often discussing scripture.

He would go to Walmart ... to do shopping at 10 or 11 at night so that there weren't kids around.
Charles Ingles
Ingles said Toft admitted that he remained tempted by children, but worked hard at avoiding places they might be in order not to reoffend.

"He would not go on public transportation. He made sure that he bought a car as soon as he was out on his own. He would drive from one place to another because then he could avoid being around children," said Ingles, who was driving from Creston, B.C., to Edmonton on Saturday to help settle Toft's affairs.

"He would go to Walmart, for instance, to do shopping at 10 or 11 at night so that there weren't kids around."

Toft said in an interview published in the Edmonton Sun in 2008 that a lot of his victims believed Toft had the power to keep them in the reformatory for longer than their sentences. He said that at 6-2" and 245 pounds, he was a man his victims would not resist.

'I'm still ashamed'
He also assaulted boys from the age of 16 while he worked as a boy scout leader.

Toft told the paper he also got away with many of the sex assaults by befriending parents and their children.

"When it comes right down to it, I'm still ashamed of what I did. I've always been ashamed of what I did and to face that child today, even though he would be a grown adult, I would not know how to justify my actions. I would not know what to say to him, except, 'Can you forgive me?"' Toft said in the 2008 interview.

Alleged victims of sexual abuse by N.B. RCMP officer sue Ottawa, province
Pedophile Toft charged with violating conditions
Former Kingsclear residents claimed the abuse was more widespread and involved other officials connected to the school.

An inquiry by the Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP in 2007 cleared the force of allegations it covered up alleged criminal activities by Kingsclear staff, or by one of its own members, during its investigation of the school.

But it also concluded that sloppy investigative techniques, lack of supervision and poor documentation created the perception of a coverup.

New Brunswick held an inquiry on Kingsclear in the mid-1990s.

Passed surveillance with 'flying colours'
Wil Tonowski, a retired Edmonton police officer who worked with high-risk offenders, knew Toft and remained in touch with him even after his retirement.

"We spent a lot of money doing surveillance on this man and he passed with flying colours in every single circumstance," Tonowski said, recalling an event where Toft was observed in a supermarket and happened upon a young boy with a woman.

"He simply looked, stopped, froze, put the basket down and did an absolute about face, turned around the way he came and walked out."

Wayne Land, a property manager who became friends with Toft through volunteer work helping offenders, said he met with Toft regularly over the years in Edmonton and visited him in hospital just last week.

'His soul has been delivered'
Land said he was skeptical when he met Toft of his claims that he'd accepted Christ, noting that he's heard the same line from other convicts.

But he said he didn't think it was that way with Toft.

"He has tremendous grief in his life and remorse over what he had ruined in so many young boys. However, deliverance is deliverance, and his soul has been delivered," Land said.

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Title: Re: Pedophile Toft released from custody after violating a court order that bans him
Post by: RubyRose on May 15, 2018, 05:34:16 PM
I'm not sure who would even want his soul, Sap1, but if he was being truthful and honest, I guess that's a good thing.  Personally, I'm skeptical of anything Karl Toft would say but at least wherever he is, he is in a place where he can't hurt anyone else.  And it does appear that he tried to abide by the terms of his parole toward the end of his life.

He may have been able to obtain a degree of peace before his passing but I wonder how many of his victims, at least those who are still alive, have truly been able to escape their demons.  The poor boys, most of whom were really not bad boys, had two strikes against them to begin with and then to have to deal with that monster.

It makes me so angry to know that this abuse was able to go on for years and that successive NB governments (and both parties of the day were equally guilty) just swept it under the rug as though the boys were worthless.