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Title: Pedophiles in Nova Scotia
Post by: lostlinganer on September 17, 2009, 03:29:05 PM
After hundreds of years of pedophiles living in the safe refudge of the Catholic Church (where they had unlimited access to victims, and unlimited convenience of brainwashed Catholics, who believed the Church and its' leaders were "infallible") victims are finally able to get some closure .....and also some justice by means of monetary settlements.... many without even having to testify at this point. 
However, it's still a hard and almost impossible journey for the victims of abuse in other institutions.  This involves government in most instances; and while the public is not brainwashed into thinking the government in infallible, these victims still realize the hell they have to go through to fight "the institutions". 
Here's the latest horror story/s from my home town.

A victim speaks of his experience with Cesar Lalo
His crime was called horrific. His sentence hailed as a victory for justice. But for a decade, Cesar Lalo used his position as a youth court worker to feed his sexual appetite for young boys. Now we hear from one of his prey. Lonnie Murphy was 11 years old when he was sent to the man whose duty it was to help him. Instead, he met a predator who operated in the very halls of justice. He told his story to reporter Rob Gordon. And a warning: some viewers may find this item disturbing. (runs 3:41)


N.S. pedophile declared long-term offender
Updated Wed. Aug. 4 2004 11:15 PM ET

CTV.ca News Staff

A Nova Scotia man has been designated a long-term offender and sentenced to nine years in prison for molesting boys under his supervision.

Cesar Lalo, 64, a former youth probation officer and child-welfare worker, also agreed to undergo drug treatment to reduce his sex drive.

"I think he's gonna do some hard time," one of his victims told ATV News Wednesday, who described this as "a good day."

His total jail time is now 18 years, which Crown prosecutor Catherine Cogswell said was either "the highest or second-highest sentence given to a pedophile in Canadian history."

"To me, the biggest point to all this is that Cesar Lalo has finally come to court and acknowledged responsibility that he sexually victimized 29 victims," said Crown prosecutor Rob Fetterly.

The crimes all occurred in the 1970s and 1980s. It's been 15 years since his last assault. He stepped down as a probation officer in 1989 when the abuse allegations first surfaced.

"The evidence of the offences against these children provides compelling stories of horrid, brazen, callous acts of indecent and sexual assault, gross indecency, buggery and attempted buggery," Justice Heather Robertson of Nova Scotia Supreme Court said in passing sentence.

"All but two of his victims were children in his charge for whom he had undertaken to protect, counsel and provide guidance."

All the victims were between age 11 and 17 at the time of the offences.

Lalo began serving his first nine-year sentence in 1993 for seven offences and has been in jail ever since, even though his sentence expired in August 2002. He was convicted in 2003 of 15 additional offences and then admitted to seven more.

While Lalo was given a nine-year sentence, he was given a double-credit for the two years he spent in jail dealing with the most recent charges.

During his court appearances, four experts testified that as a homosexual pedophile, Lalo was a risk to reoffend because pedophiles are never cured.

Prosecutors wanted Lalo declared a dangerous offender, which meant he was shown to be unable to control his sexual or violent impulses. That would have left him jailed indefinitely.

However, the court chose to deem him a long-term offender, which means he will be under the supervision of the courts for 10 years after he gets out of prison and will be required to continue drug treatment over that time.

"Once we got to the sentencing phase of this prosecution, our concern ... was to protect children from Cesar Lalo," Cogswell said.

Those who were abused by Lalo still suffer from it. "My life has been very hard, a hard road," the victim said.

The man's brother was also an alleged victim, but the Crown didn't proceed because that man died of a self-administered drug overdose in 1997.

"We were trying to escape reality a lot of the times," the man, now 41, said, his voice breaking. "So, to see this happen today will bring some closure for me."

"Justice was served," Fetterly said. "I think folks can move along in their lives and say this chapter of their life is over."

But the victim said he will be launching a civil action over this case.

With a report from ATV's Rick Grant

Title: Re: Pedophiles in Nova Scotia
Post by: lostlinganer on September 17, 2009, 03:34:50 PM

.....and the government ignored the victims pleas for help at that time!

Nova Scotia abuse victims demand answers
HALIFAX — In Nova Scotia, some men who were sexually abused as boys by their probation officer are having to come to grips with new information.

A CBC News investigation has found the government had warnings of problems with Cezar Lalo, but did not stop him.

A paper trail of memos, e-mails and scrawled notes shows there was no system to catch the signals.

Even after a mentally disabled boy complained to police, the civil service allowed Lalo to continue working alone with children.

Lalo has since been convicted of seven sex crimes and faces 135 more.

That mentally disabled boy who first went to the police is nearly 40 now. When he was a foster child, Lalo was his social worker.

Police believe Lalo abused the boy from age 12 to 22. They never laid charges because they didn't think the boy would be a good witness.

The man finally told a neighbour, who took him to police. February 1989, the RCMP told a senior official in the provincial department of community services about the investigation.

An internal memo reveals that official didn't tell anyone else in the department for four months. It took another two months before Lalo was moved to a job that didn't involve children.

During those six months Lalo kept meeting with his clients, often behind a locked office door.

This was not the first time officials in the department had heard concerns about him.

CBC News has found documents from a decade earlier. There's a record that senior officials spoke to Lalo after a mother complained Lalo had put his hand down her son's pants.

Other complaints are not as specific. There were calls from parents upset that Lalo talked to their son about how male prostitutes make money, or taking their son for drives alone at night.

But Lalo's job evaluations don't reflect those concerns. There's one glowing rating after another.

It doesn't appear that the department had a system to track the complaints.

Kevin Stacey says if there had been his life might have been different. In 1981 he was sent to Lalo for counselling. By then, the department had received at least five complaints on Lalo.

"I feel robbed of my youth over something that could've been avoided. He took part of my life away and the fact that could've been avoided offends me. Isn't government here to help us?"

Lalo has been convicted of forcing Stacey to perform oral sex.

Lawyer John McKeigan represents several men who have laid criminal charges against Lalo and have civil suits against the province. Those suits say the government should have known something was going on.

McKeigan says the evidence of complaints over almost 15 years shows the system failed.

"What kind of record keeping did the department have? Was there a file for complaints, allegations? Was it simply a trash bin they went into?" McKeigan says any evidence officials were warned means the government is as responsible as Lalo for the damage done to alleged victims.

In all, 33 people are suing for compensation.

Title: Re: Pedophiles in Nova Scotia
Post by: Chris on September 18, 2009, 05:27:00 PM
Even after a mentally disabled boy complained to police, the civil service allowed Lalo to continue working alone with children

Standard operating procedure by institutions in these cases.
Title: Re: Pedophiles in Nova Scotia
Post by: lostlinganer on September 19, 2009, 09:51:41 AM
I know what you mean; who's going to take the word of a mentally challenged child or person???? seems to be the attitude.  In reality, I suggest I would take their word a little quicker - all being considered: they are not astute enough to fabricate such events - if so, they must be telling the truth! 
And to think; that's the attitude our tax dollar and country's purse is paying for!
Title: Re: Pedophiles in Nova Scotia
Post by: yardr on November 18, 2009, 08:25:47 PM
Pedophile's can't be cured, it is a known fact ,you are put on this earth gay,straight,or the latter,no amount of councilling therapy,incarceration,or any other kind of treatment including chemical casstration fill their insatiable appettite for young victims.they will always reoffend given the chance,so if in fact guilty of doing such an act i beleive ,now this might sound harsh,i beleive they should be exterminated ,there iz no room in society for these maggots period...no amount of money will buy back what those boys lost to these perverts...
Title: Re: Pedophiles in Nova Scotia
Post by: Trouble445 on August 13, 2011, 07:29:51 AM

Lalo behind bars again after computer search
Police confirm arrest but mum on details they say will be evidence
By IAN FAIRCLOUGH Staff Reporter
Sat, Aug 13 - 4:55 AM

Cesar Lalo is back in jail again.

The notorious child molester from Nova Scotia was arrested at his home in Ottawa last month, sources say, after a search of his computer.

The 71-year-old former probation officer and child welfare worker was convicted of dozens of sex crimes against boys who were in his care in the 1970s and 1980s. He was sentenced to nine years in jail on some of the charges in 1994, and another nine years less time served in 2004. He was released in 2009, but as a designated long-term offender he is under supervision for 10 years.

Ottawa police won’t say anything about why Lalo was arrested, but his long-term offender supervision orders include conditions that he not possess or access any type of pornography.

Const. Marc Soucy said he could confirm that Lalo was arrested and facing a charge of breach of a long-term offender order, but said anything else would be part of the evidence of the case.

"It’s still being investigated and is still before the courts," he said.

Lalo’s release was suspended after he was arrested, putting him back in prison.

Lalo has been in trouble because of pornography since his release from jail. In August 2010, the National Parole Board ordered him to spend an extra six months in an Ontario halfway house. As part of its decision, it said he borrowed a pornographic DVD from another halfway house resident. The video involved "she-males," according to the parole board, which said Lalo was "cautioned about the inappropriateness of your choice and the lack of judgment shown."

He was released from the halfway house and able to get an apartment of his own last February.

In all, Lalo has either admitted to or been convicted of abusing 30 boys.

The crimes ranged from sexual touching to sodomy.

He resigned from his position as a probation officer in 1989 when the sexual abuse allegations arose. The courts heard during his trials that he committed assaults on two more boys that same year, even when he knew police were investigating him on another sexual offence.

The victims were between the ages of 11 and 17, and many fell into drugs and crime and have never recovered, the courts heard.

More than two dozen civil suits against the province have been filed by victims of Lalo’s crimes. Some have been settled, but others are still before the courts.

( ifairclough@herald.ca)