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Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: SAP on August 18, 2009, 03:07:19 AM
Missing and presumed dead, since May 30th/2005 in Aruba. Natalee, one of a group of teenagers celebrating graduation had an all out wild time in Aruba. On her last night there, she left a bar, Carlos & Charlies with 3 locals. Natalee ended up at the Mariott beach with one, a Dutch teen aged 17 yo who claims he left her on the beach and went home because he had exams to study for and she didn't want to leave back to her hotel.
Not a shred of evidence of clothing, etc was ever found as we know it, however we don't know what the Aruban LE have.
The Police didn't place surveillance on the 3 young men for 9 days after the disappearance. As statements came out, interviews held, many lies were uncovered as none of the suspects gave similar statements. Police had been after two black men who had worked as Security at the local hotels, and they were incarcerated even though they had alibis. They were eventually freed as the 3 local young men were incarcerated.
Natalee's mother and step-father made alot of headlines, and sometimes with erroneous statements that angered the general public. Nancy Grace and Greta van Susteran tore a strip or more off Aruba and it's police investigations. All of this spurred alot of hatered towards the family of the missing girl. Those that hated the family, turned to supporting the Dutch teen, Joran van der Sloot and his family, the main suspect.
The case was touted as the "missing white syndrome" or something to that effect, as Natalee's family were of considerable wealth.
Discussions on the case were often heated, threats were made against Aruba, and all of this turned the case into the most bizarre in history as far as I know.
Mediums and other sorts became involved and came away from the case with bizarre stories and as well some local spokespersons in Aruba spun some great stories. Posters became involved in helping the Suspects family, and eventually were able to meet the suspect and family.
The following is an E-line book that has all the videos, and all the media transcripts as well as statements on the case. I will have to say that many of the articles that are written by posters are somewhat biased since the author of the E-line book is one that has befriended the family and believes implicitely what they say.


The main suspect had been doing interviews and as well was riding with an acclaimed criminal, who was using entrapment to have him spill what really happened to Natalee, while the rangerover was equipped with surveillance equipment. Joran claimed she shook all over and seemd dead so he had someone dump her in the ocean. After this surfaced he ran scared and claimed he only said those things to impress the person who was questioning him as he wanted to commence a marijuana/drug operarion with him and he wanted to sound tough.
There is circumstantial evidence but no body.

If you are interested, there is alot of reading at the above link. My opinion is that the main suspect knows exactly what happened to Natalee, however I don't think it was premeditated murder...rather an accident of too much alcohol and possibly drugs, and whatever else that happened that necessitated the body being disposed of rather than 911 being called.

eta: another link with some history on the case:

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Post by: capeheart on August 19, 2009, 07:03:47 PM
I believe that there was a lot of alcohol consumed also. I also believe that they placed something in Natalee's drink, possibly a date rape drug. Why would this girl get in a car with strangers. It would only be that she was drugged and was not aware of the great danger she was in. I believe that they are responsible for her death and know what happened to her. They gave her drugs possibly and she possibly took some kind of a seizure and  they did nothing to help her. There are many stories since the day of this tragedy and I don't know if her parents will ever know the truth of what happened to Natalee. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
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Post by: capeheart on August 20, 2009, 06:55:04 PM
A big coverup for sure, because his father was a Judge. I definitely believe his father was involved that evening and helped cover up a crime. There were stories of a boat that possibly took her body out in the ocean and disposed of her. Searches were done by ships hired by her father and also a search team from the states that went down to help, but to no avail they did not find Natalee. So much time has gone by now and still the guilty parties are getting away with murder. A tragedy all the way around for Natalee's family, because there should be justice in this case. I just wonder how many other cases that are not at the front of the newspaper of people who have gone on vacation and have been reported missing, I can think of a couple in my mind right now that are not on here. They have been reported missing and have never been found. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
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Post by: capeheart on August 23, 2009, 08:52:50 PM
Usually in those high tourist locations nothing much is ever done. There is always usually a coverup, because of the negativity it will bring to the tourist trade. If Natalee's parents didn't push the investigation and spend their own money doing so, I am sure this case would have disappeared quite quickly from the media. I like you, feel that this case will never be solved, because of so many lies and coverups that have been done.  ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
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Post by: capeheart on August 27, 2009, 09:24:02 PM
SAP, I saw those tapes on a program one evening, it was Dateline or one of those programs. I do believe that this young man was definitely telling the truth. The reporter gained his trust by smoking a joint and he said that Nataliee started shaking and taking some kind of a seizure and that was all he said. I remember that part of it and I believe he said they left her there. Those young men definitely know what happened to Natalee and it is a sickening feeling to know that young people can be so uncaring about another human being of their own age. Sad for the family to have to listen to these stories and not know where Natalee is and what happened to her. ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
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Post by: capeheart on March 01, 2010, 04:25:49 PM
I did have a newscast on when there were officials interviewed from Aruba. There is a whole new system in the Attorney General's Department. It was stated that it is possible that young Vandersloot will be taken into custody. And that this time there will not be any coverups or hanky panky going on. It was stated by this person who was interviewed by phone that justice may be forthcoming in this case. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
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Post by: Chris on March 01, 2010, 04:28:27 PM
This is why it makes me wonder why people are against water boarding people. sure it is ugly, but scum like this creep need it.

For murders and sex offenses, I have no problem with judges approving that techniqye at all. If it is good for terrorists, it is good for sicko's too.
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Post by: jobo on March 01, 2010, 06:14:53 PM
I followed this case along with Nancy Grace.  I believe there is truth in each statement Joran gives either to the police or the press/people/t.v.  99% of them anyways.   The truth is THAT HE WAS THERE  when something terribly wrong happened to Natalee.  I believe he went to the beach with her sometime after the bar scene, and had sex with her, and something went wrong then.  I think the sex got outta hand, and resulted in Natalee's death,(he says she shuddered) and Joran panicked and disposed of her body in the ocean or the swamp ( I just heard about the swamp theory, and it makes sense as there would be no witness's of a boat going out to sea, in the swamp theory).  Joran is telling everyone, to some degree, that he knows what happened that night;  and I believe that his father knew, after the fact, because Joran was acting out of character that night .  But his father could not speculate, now could he?  Or admit it to the authorities, or himself.  I do not blame, one bit, Natalee Holloway's parents for being ever present.  They can afford to, and the case needs to be solved.  Natalee's kin deserve the truth.  Now that Joran's father just passed away, perhaps the pressure for Joran to talk again should be now, as he will be more vulnerable.
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Post by: clancy on March 12, 2010, 10:08:09 AM
 I'm  a member of BFN(blogsfornatalee) and want share form the book Into the Deep by by Dr. Andrew Hodeges this book is based on Deepak Kalpoe's email the Dr. Hodges did a thoughtprint reading on. In it Dr. Hodges took Deepak's witen consious words and found Deepak's unconsious words that tell truths that we hide and lie about.  :o  >:(
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Post by: clancy on March 12, 2010, 10:09:59 AM
Every space, word and punctuation is as appears in the book so when reading it please remember that thank you.

This is from Dr. Hodges’s book as it appears in it verbatim pages63to69

From Deepak kalpoe 6/4/05
To: Betty
 In a Message dated 6/4/05 7:33:34 pm Central Standard Time,
deepakkalpoe@______com writes:

Hi betty:

How are you i hope and your family is fine.
Betty is better I tell you the truth , before it will be a shock for you later , but I think it will be a shock for you rightnow.
The missing girl Natalee Holloway.i spoke to her , Sunday she left with me ,mybrothrer and a friend from carlos n’ charlies , it my car like the news said she got in to,   I am one of the persons of interest ,I am one of the students they’ve quedtioned and released as they clamed in the news .
Lets see where to start I don’t even know where to begin these last where so crazy for me I’m very tired haven’t slept good in days : The story starts Sunday night when a friend of mine was playing poker at a local casino (in the holiday inn) after he won the poker at the fourth place he decided to get and play some blackjack so he went to the blackjack table and there was Natalee (they were all drunk)so my friend  started playing blackjack and he was winning quite good , so then Natalee approached him and introduced herself and said to him” you’re a lucky guy , can you help me win some of my money back I lost $360 , of my fathers money” so my friend  said ok , why not  . so he started playing and won 100$ for her back and he said hey that’s the best I can do for you because I doubt it I can win more money for you so its better I quit so she said ok but at least let me buy you a drink so they went to the bar (in the casino) . so they took a drink and started talking ect. About school, the vacation ect. ect. Afterwards my friend had to go an she said that “today is my last day I will be in carlos n’ chalies will you be there” and my friend said well I have school tomorrow I don’t think so . well she begged him and he still said yes I’ll be there, So that was in the casino I was not present ,I was at work so my friend called me and said hey I met some girls in the casino and her friends and they want us to meet them in carlos tonight do you have to work tomorrow morning I said no , so he said pick me up later then I said ok. So I got off my shift at 10 pm  and went home took a bath had to fix something and then me and my younger brother went to pick up my friend was around 12.30 am in carlos(carlos is closing 1 pm) and headed straight for the bar and bought 3 drinks my friend paid for them, so besides the bar there is a stage and people  were dancing and there was natalee dancing too (that’s the first time I saw her )ad she was calling my friend to get on the stage and dance with her my friend laughed and refused so after the song was finished she cane up to my friend  and asked why he won’t dance with her , I only heard that part because I talking to someone else so I don’t what he responded9by then natalee was VERY drunk)so as I said  I was talking to someone when I turned I had lost my brother , natalee and my friend. Well they  were announced that they were closing soon so I thought well maybe they’re  waiting for me by the car its better I go there so I went to my car and nobody was there so I started playing music and was waiting on my brother  and my friend.i waited for like ten min and then I saw my brother stepping in the car and my friend who was with natalee. So I was surprised but anyways I started the engine and my brother was besides me and my friend and natalee were in the back seat so I cruising in the area and asked my friend whats going on so natalee responded to me “hey its no prob let us drive around and have fun its my last night  ,  she said you can drop me off later at holiday inn anyways right” I said sure why not  so as I drove out of the carlos road and got on the mainroad  there were natalees friends and she , pushed het head out of the window and screamed something I can’t recall.so I was driving very slow  to make a left to get in the next  road  and then one of natalees friend screamed for  her to get out of the car ,and she refused so then I stopped my car and said natalee if your friends want you to go with them  its better you go listen to them and go with them , she said no I will stay with you guys I will get a lift from you later, so she bye to her friends and I drove away ,so then we were all talking ect. In the car and then she wanted to see sharks it was by the lighthouse she saw them before that we can go , my friend said ok ,Deepak lets go. So on my my lighthouse there was music playing   and nooe talking for a while when I looked in the backmirror my friend and natalee were kissing and touching (his hands ect was in her blouse but nothing nude or against natalees will) so my brother said just leave them for a while until we get to the lighthouse, when I arrived at the lighthouse I said well here is the lighthouse they did not pay attention to me , so my brother said lets return (I did not stop anywhere not for a min only trafficlights) so after like 10 men my friend is telling me that natalee fell asleep I said you kidding just wake her up and tell ask her if its holiday inn for sure she is staying so my friend  woke her up and confirmed with her natalee she was at the holiday inn, so I drove to the lobby driveway of holiday inn and then we woke her up, she got out of the car and fell on the floor my friend said damn she fell and then rushed out of the same door natalee came out and picked up immediately, after she stood up she pushed my friend  and said leave me alone or something  like that I can’t recall , my friend offered to help het to her room she said no. she he stepped in the car and while I was driving away I saw natalee walking towards  the lobby and  a gentleman with a walkie talkie and black clothes approached her and I think they were talking and I had never seen natalee again sinds.(holiday inn has no cameras in the driveway or lobby) it was around 2.15 am .Monday I came to work normally 4- 11 pm after work I called my friend I said whats up he said ok  I’m at the raddison casino meet me there , I said ok  so I went there we played poker , we some drinks and chat and then we had enough and decided that this casino was boring lets go to whyndham hotel casino . so I drove to whyndham and as I was parking my friends dad called him and said the police is at his home with some family members its about the girl you guys went out with yesterday . so my friend said wait there I be there, so we rushed at my friends home and there was the police and natalees family and it was a nightmare sinds then. The police asked if we knew this girl showed us a picture we said that’s her , they said she was missing and eyewitness say she was last seen with you guys . so they asked a few more questions and we said we don’t understand we left her at the holiday inn lobby drive way how could she disappear and then natalees stepfather jumped and said “yes that’s because after she went with you assholes she lost” and then my friends father jumped and said that’s enough you can’t talk to the kids like this is not the us your out of your juristion this is not the way I want you people of my yard I know the law (my friends father is e judge) so afterwards another family member of natalee suggested to the police if we could id the security guard we said ok. We went there there was no suck security working there as we described .so then we were just standing in the lobby there were questions ect. Asked by other members ,and then me and my friend walked to the car natalees mom was sitting and we said mam you have to believe we did not do anything with your daughter,she was crying and said I don’t believe you2 , i promise you I will make you life a living hell because of this .anways we said we were sorry again ans that we will in any way possible .i went home 7pmtuesday, I was then called 2pm by the police for questioning I went gave a statement  they said I was a witness no suspect the same went for my brother and my friend they were clear to go , wenesday I was called again to show them how I drove the route that day(I could refuse was my right I still decided to go ,as did my brother  and friend) the drove us one by one and then we were free to go ,Thursday morning my friend called me( he goes to aruba international school and his mother is a teacher there and he is a straight A student) in panic and said there a re family members here at school and they are sharing flyers and the flyers said: GIRL KIDNAPPED ASK JORANVANDER SLOOT ( that’s my friend name) the principle asked them to leave ad they did so . that’s my part of the story yesterday and today it was quiet no treathen phonecalls what we got before and I won’t mention the crazythings the newspapers ect. Writes about us its to much to mention. At home my mom is losing it she crying constantly , my dad bloodpresure got high also his hands are red ,my friends home is a disaster also , his mom is crying constantly his dad is pretty cool he clams us down and talks to us also not worry , my brother is pretty cool but on his face you see he is worried  , my friend is pretty worried also. i’m pretty worried also , we have 2 lawyers one for my friend and one for me in case we get arrested and charged with something his dad can’t defend hin he is a judge and he is too emotional attached .my  friend has his graduation this thrusday he has to go to the states in july he has a full scholarship I had to go to vacation also end of this month.many politicians find we should be locked up rightnow, We heard a lot of false alarms that she was dead , she was seen with 2 guys , her hair is cut and is red now ,she was I a crackhouse ect we were arrested and , my car is by the police we confessed to murder and rape, she went in a restaurant to buy food but none of those were true, So betty that was my part of the story what I said here is the same in my statement,people are saying they are bad guys lock them up he family is going thru a lot rightnow , but what they don’t know how the other families fell and how they also have a reputation and careers ect. Because when this all is over they will still be talks that the 3 guys that something to do with the kidnap of natalee it’s a small island they don’t understand the pressure we are having also, if this girl turns up dead we have a problem we were the last seen with her.I lost a lot of friens who think we had to do something with this,many of my friends supported us also brought food ect. For us at home and know we are innocent, we are innocent also we promise I would NEVER hurt anyone in any way,I would do every everything to help find her that’s what we told everyone also , I would take a bullet to save her and bring her back to her family if I had to so would my friend also.i would never never hurt anyone I’m a very happy and social person who likes to make friends with people and not hurting them so betty I will say goodbye now hope you believe me and I pray to god that they find natalee soon and find her well so that this nightmare ends for all of us and they we prove we had nothing to with this, I hope you pray for all of us hi to everyone there hope to hear from you soon and may god bless………

Bye  bye
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Post by: clancy on March 12, 2010, 02:36:20 PM
                                    SNIPTS FROM Into the deep

Page 26   When I first got Deepak’s email I had no idea that I was beginning A nearly two year journey that would take me to the verge of a new search for Natalee’s body in August 2007. Little did I know that one day the profile I developed would encourage Dave Holloway to renew his efforts to pursue that search. And little did I know that Deepak, in this very email, would provide specific instructions on how to find the body

Page 27Deepak’s email was no exception. Early on I could see that it was a confirmation that Natalee was dead, and that the three boys were completely responsible. In due time the specific details emerged in remarkable depth just as I anticipated, largely because of the phenomenal length of the email. Deepak’s obsessive personality shone through to such an extent that he almost went over board in describing specific details. But you could see why, because of the tremendous unconscious guilt driving him to confess. Eventually I saw that he was leading us to the body, first revealing that it was in the ocean and then becoming more and more specific. Unquestionably Deepak was countering Paul’s van der Sloot’s wide reported advise to the three suspects,” No body, no case,” with counsel of his own: “find body, solve case.”

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Post by: jobo on March 12, 2010, 02:38:09 PM
 As a layman, and one who has not read the book, but am very familiar with Natalee's disappearance (through Nancy Grace Show),  I think I can see some clues as to how, Deepak's statement does not ring totally true.  I believe some parts of the story are true, like the fact Natalee was in his car, but what really stands out to me is that he seems to know word for word what Joran and Natalee spoke about in the casino, when they first met.  Even down to how much money Natalee had lost...How would Deepak know that fact, when he wasn't even there, by his own admission.  He seems to recall, pretty good, what was said, when he wasn't there, but when he was present, he can't remember exactly what Natalee supposedly said.  A few times that is obvious, and if he is the gentleman he says he is, why drop a stumbling young lady, who has had too much to drink (and perhaps something else slipped into her drink), off at the front doors of the hotel, when she could hardly walk,(according to him).  Deepak makes himself out to be such a nice guy, well, friends take care of friends, that's not how nice guys act.
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Post by: capeheart on March 12, 2010, 04:54:44 PM
Deepak is a good story writer, isn't he. He is saving his own ass, that is about it. There was a great story coming out so they wouldn't be all charged with murder. That is a total BS story. Because of the fact that Vandersloot has even said a totally different story. They have changed their stories many times. Something terrible happened to Nataliee that night and they know what it is. They are responisible for her disappearance and that story was totally made up. Those are my views and they should all rot in jail for what they did. Natalee should have been warned never to leave her companions and go with strangers when on a holiday. Most young people go on vacation and think they are safe, they are not. You're not safe in your own city sometimes with strangers, but going abroad and drinking and acting irresponsible is not wise. However, it is a sad thing for her parents. Recent stories have stated that there is a whole new judicial panel in Aruba and Vandersloot is not out of the woods yet. He could be charged at any time with murder, it is up to the authorities. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
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Post by: Sleuth on March 12, 2010, 11:23:27 PM
From reading the email sent this is what I got from it. That three young guys picked up a drunk girl, took her to a lighthouse, at least one of them raped her, probably two, then killed her, and put her into the Ocean for the sharks. The story about returning to the hotel with Natalee, and her falling out of the car, and a man wearing black, holding a wakie-talkie approached her, makes for a wonderful cover story. A simple and yet, to some a believable story. I don't for one minute believe it, but there would be those who do. They never returned with Natalee, or even returned to the Hotel. The Judge whisked his son pretty darn fast off that little Island. I really hope one day a guilty conscious will force the kid to speak out. In the meantime I hope they are living a hard, sad life.
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Post by: clancy on March 13, 2010, 09:17:34 AM
Please try to rember that the email is the consous mind Dr Hodges brakes it down from unconsious mind and it does not lie ,can't lie always tells the truth this is why I carefuly copied all revelnt parts so we the layman can understand it as best we can and than from an opinion after we have read the whole thing so please keep in mind there is much more to came from the book. :'(   >:(
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Post by: clancy on March 13, 2010, 09:20:58 AM

Page 28
                   It was always clear to me that, apart from the rare possibility of turning up DNA evidence linking the suspects to the crime, Paulus was right. Finding the body was the only hope for justice. And I knew where it was because I had absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Deepak had told us where it was. So at this point, in  January 2007, I again contacted Dave Holloway with my profile to see where he was with respect to renewing the ocean search.


Dave was open minded. Having had some education in psychology, he was familiar with dreams and the symbolic language of the unconscious mind. He was willing to consider between the lines messages from Deepak’s. By this time Dave was also certain that Natalee was no longer alive, and he ad come to the same conclusion about her body being in the ocean, for reasons of his own.

He reviewed with me how, early in the Aruba investigation after Natalee went missing, an assistant prosecutor, Amalin Fanegan, told him she felt certain the body was in the water. Flanegan resigned a short time later, over inadequate police investigation of suspects. Somewhat later than that, Aruban Deputy Police Chief Gerald Dompeg suggested the same thing. Thus the consensus among the Aruban police, Dave knew, as that Natalie’s body was indeed in the ocean n a large, heavy crab cage that had gone missing the very week of her disappearance from he fisherman’s Huts area where their gear.

Dave also told me how Joran and Deepak were spotted on several occasions that week, repeatedly driving around the somewhat isolated fisherman’s Huts area of the beach, as if hey were looking for something. Dave believed this was wee Natalee’s body had been loaded into a boat before being dropped into the sea. To both of us the most logical for Joran and Deepak’s behavior was that they double-checking the fisherman’s Huts shoreline in case Natalee’s body washed up. In fact as I will describe later, Dave even believed the body was located generally where Deepak suggested it was. Another striking observation by the police suggested that the body was in the ocean, for whenever they searched for Natalee’s body on the land the suspects seemed to relax, but when ocean searches occurred the three suspects would become noticeably anxious.

In addition, Dave believed Natalee has been sexually assaulted, witch led to her death, because Joran had described her panties in exact detail (another hidden confession on his part).   Dave took comfort in knowing that I had arrived at my conclusion in an entirely different way, by letting Deepak’s unconscious mind tell me. We discussed how the ocean search had been postponed, and he informed me that there were tentative plans, again with Tim Miller of Texas EquuShearch, to resume the effort in April 2007. He expressed a strong intent to pursue the sea search and establish a definite plan with Tim. I sent Dave a partial profile, which he than asked me to send to Tim.
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Post by: capeheart on March 13, 2010, 11:16:41 AM
Something else will happen to those young men, getting on TV with their devil may care attitude. Look what happened to OJ Simpson, he thought he'd never go to jail. Well he's in jail now and it is the attitude he has, I'm me and you can't touch me. It is a godly attitude and it will catch up to anyone who believes they can do anything they want and get away with it. I am a believer of what goes around comes around and Mr. Vandersloot and his so called friends will pay for what they did in some fashion. I am sure if they try to get a job somewhere that all of this background on them will be there and nobody will hire them. Their lives are actually in limbo. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
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Post by: clancy on March 13, 2010, 01:58:55 PM
Page 33
Psychiatrist Robert j. Langs, who first established that our unconscious intelligence functions far beyond anything we believed. After years of therapy experience with his patients, Dr, Langs learned to decode L_2 messages in practical hands on setting. He discovered that his therapy patients_ using L_2 communications_ were secretly trying to guide him to new understandings of themselves. And they were simultaneously correcting subtle defects in his therapy to make him a more effective therapist. Deep down, his patients knew exactly what they needed to face to begin healing their wounds, and they dramatically improved when Dr. Langs listened and responded to their l_2 corrections.

Langs is a psychoanalyst by training, based in New York City, who has now authored more than 50 books. He was the first clinician to fully tap into unconscious communication the first man to truly understand how a patient’s unconscious L-2 mind structured its messages in patterns designed to reveal what it alone perceived, to thereby guide the therapist in his efforts to help.
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Post by: clancy on March 13, 2010, 02:03:33 PM
Perhaps this law suit in Ca. will force K2 to revil facts that are not open to the public and tell more about that night. ;)  :o  :-*
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Post by: clancy on March 14, 2010, 01:37:06 PM
  Last I herd on BFN I think some this summer or fall is the next time Deepak has to appear in court in Ca. in person .  He was to have done this I thnk this nov. or dec. but failed to fill out the US entery form( some who has done this aready by his country to Aruba).  To have his case go forward he must appear in Ca. To give testamony for his case. :D   ;D
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Post by: Sleuth on March 14, 2010, 03:24:26 PM
My mind is fuzzy on this case, I can't remember all the particulars since my mind is crowded with a couple of other cases right now. Clancy, if people, 'know' or have come to the consensus that Natalee was put into a 'heavy crab cage' into the Ocean, and the Ocean was searched, why was she not found? I would have thought sonar and skin divers would have found her? Taking into consideration, water movement, direction, strength of water, weight of cage etc. Then again over time, flesh will disintegrate, and be eaten and the bones set free to scatter on the Ocean floor, which in the long run will make it harder to find her remains?
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Post by: clancy on March 15, 2010, 08:46:42 AM
Deepak has given a location where she will be found if his unconsious cofession is right , Many in Aruba know where this is as it is well known I already know that that Some police know of it as does  Dave Holloway knows it as does Tim Miller it has not as far as I know been not searched it is from his unconsious confession about two to three hundred yards out from th Hoilday Inn and a little to right (or north) if you or any one else look at a Goggle map can find a spot that is deep enough to hold a (cage or container) and where storms would not disloge it . The water search that was done some time ago has look there as of yet.

This to me is a prime spot to look why it has not looked into is a surprize  to me, Aruba does not her remains found as it would be a dister for Aruba to have her remains found so close and have not  been found sooner than now. :-[  :-[  :-[
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Post by: jobo on March 15, 2010, 05:52:25 PM
Deepak mentions the lighthouse three times in his email...I think that is where Joran and Natalee got into making out..and something went wrong, right there on the beach by the lighthouse.  Joran panicked when Natalee 'shuddered', (and died?).  That's when the two brothers had to help Joran dispose of Natalee.  Joran was missing a pair of shoes after that night, which lead me to think they put Natalee in the big swamp that is on that island, (perhaps his shoes got stuck?).
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: clancy on March 16, 2010, 01:09:46 PM

•   Powerful message marker “the news.” Deepak makes it clear that he’s unconsciously speaking for Natalee

•   Two other major communication images_”students they’ve (police) questioned” suggest major clues and Deepak’s guilt

•   Deepak is telling a logical story. After giving us a strong message in the first scene, telling us that natalee died, Deepak now tells us what caused her death..

•   The news; Deepak begins a string of sexual innuendos including “I got into her,” “I spoke…her(poke her),” “ I am one of the studs,’ pointing toward a sexual assault in which all three guys were involved.

•   More news: One of Deepak favorite phrases is “my car,”

•   Deepak subtly suggests that Natalee died suddenly in the middle of a sexual assault involving a bondage scenario, which in some way caused her death, with distinct references to being held and released.

•   More details: Deepak suggests that her body was eventually “released” into the sea. This matches his slip “interest” suggesting “lying in rest” and “Hollaway” from first scene.

•   Another key part of ‘The news’_Deepck’s enormous guilt. Image of “police” in “they’ve questioned” followed by confession in great detail suggests deep guilt. And Deepak can’t say enough, “missing girl…I spoke to her…she left with me…it was my car…I am one of the persons of interest, I am one  ...They’ve questioned and released as they claimed in the news.”
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: clancy on March 17, 2010, 02:29:10 PM
Page 94

•   *After promising to us “the shocking truth” and “the news” Deepak makes absolutely clear in a third message marker that his email is, between the lines,” the story” of the crime

•   *With key image “crazy” Deepak suggests that the boys’ crazy behavior_ the sexual assault somehow led to natalee’s death, her “last day.”
•   *Deepak puts much of the story in quotes here as he speaks for Natalee, in the first person, revealing that it’s a crucial part of the story

•   *he quickly moves to a powerful series of double intenders, increasingly crude, indicating a group sexual assault. First Joran was a “player’ and his game was “poker,” suggesting that the boys played “poke-her” in the “Holloway Inn.”

       *Simultaneously Deepak suggests how easily “Holiday inn” becomes “Holloway Inn/end” matching his earlier slip of “Hollaway.”  Deepak also uses “Holiday Inn” in an entirely different way to suggest where Natalee’s body ended up. His use of “Holiday Inn” will be a key image, a key clue indicating the location of natalee’s body.

         *By setting of “Holiday Inn’ with parenthesis and linking it with gambling, Deepak points to the huge risk the boys took in disposing of the body there, whatever else he means by “Holiday Inn.”

•   As the story starts Sunday night at the Holiday inn, he subtly leaves a major clue repeating it three times “where” the body can be discovered.
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: clancy on March 17, 2010, 02:49:35 PM
Kalpoe court dates Are June 1for depoitions

New Trial date is for 2/7/2011
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Post by: lostlinganer on March 19, 2010, 11:14:55 AM
seems as though someone has a lot of drag!  Most people keep negatives or copies! ???
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: SAP on March 19, 2010, 04:31:08 PM
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: capeheart on March 19, 2010, 07:00:09 PM
I just watched this on NG tonight and the FBI are now looking into this, but it sure is about time. This should have been looked into immediately when they received the photo. If it is not Natalee, it definitely is a person who is possibly missing and somebody's loved one. The fact that there is still clothing on this skeleton, would possibly mean that it has not been there for too many years. It does look like a very large skull. Hoping for answers for the Holloway family, so they can put Natalee to rest if it is her. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: Chris on March 21, 2010, 01:17:14 AM
Looks intriging, but it is not a body. I'm no expoert, but that just looks eary IMO.

I saw on Fox tonight that Vander hoot or whatrever that creeps name is, has one again admited to being involved.

This time he says she feel off a balcany and that he buried her in a swamp.

The Dutch, not suprprisingly, still say they do not have enough evidence to prosecute.

Do the Dutch ever have enough evidence to prosecute anyone? Gee whiz.
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: clancy on March 29, 2010, 07:12:07 PM

Page 107                                      Sodomy?

Taking one last look at “can you win some of my back i lost $360” it suggests both “can you win some of my back” and “some of my back I lost 360 degrees. In short, Deepak points toward the possibility of sodomy in addition to vaginal rape, the idea of a 360 degree assault. Likewise “and he won 100$for her back” suggests the identical possibility, particularly with the backwards”100$.” Lastly, “blackjack” suggests “blackjack” which conveys the same idea, possibly confirmed by the earlier idea “where so crazy,’ that it was totally out of control sexual assault in every way. Whatever the case, Deepak has more than made it clear that it was one intense and brutal scenario.


Deepak continues with his striking double entendres as
Poker” now becomes “blackjack,” suggesting  a sudden sneak attack/rape on Natalee by the three guys with “jacks” three boys who got” lucky” and won easily.

He links this with further sexual images, suggesting Natalee lying in a certain place on a flat surface such as the backseat of a car and being “blackjacked’; that
Is repeatedly raped.

*Deepak provides images of Joran changing positions with “blackjack,” now suggesting that he suddenly began controlling her neck from behind with some sort of choker collar.

*Deepak suggests Natalee’s drink was spiked a key part of their strategy to get her alone.

Deepak underscores that Natalee was a “lil drunk,” a crucial idea that will later prove extremely important. He links her being assaulted while on her back shortly after she had been drinking.

Deepak suggests that another key part of their strategy was a carbide ruse, a pretense carried out after making her think she was alone with Joran.

He leaves no doubt that this eventually resulted in Natalee’s death, even speaking for her in the first person,” I lost.”
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: capeheart on March 29, 2010, 08:27:36 PM
Clancy, are you saying he used all of those terms, such as you've written here. This is mindboggling. I mean, we figured all along that it was no picnic that was going on. But, I always felt that it was a brutal crime against a defenseless female, who was young and had too much to drink. She did not take care of herself and put herself in great danger by going with these men. I believe definitely that she was lured away by Vandersloot. Such a tragedy. I have listened to the latest about the skull that was supposedly found in an area that could be close to where Natalee disappeared. But why wouldn't they send down a team of divers to find out if this is indeed Natalee. It just seems to me that it was called off pretty quickly after the pictures were produced. Americans should boycott Aruba once again. I mean this could be anyone that got in trouble there and now they see what can happen, nothing, because that is what is happening. I am appalled about what has gone on and moreso with them not investigating this latest information. A total disrespect for the Holloway family and all other Americans and tourists.
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: Sleuth on March 29, 2010, 08:40:22 PM
Clancy, maybe he's just a sloppy writer, even with his education. Young kid's use a different style of writing and acronyms due to twitter, facebook etc. and can show up in nearly anything they write, ask any teacher. I'm playing the devil's advocate here..............
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: jobo on March 30, 2010, 06:38:56 AM
SAP ...After reading that last excerpt (Page 107)  I have to agree...I would say that is far fetched writing, for sure...I do not believe one word of that....
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: clancy on March 30, 2010, 10:00:59 AM
For everyone who read the posts I put here.
remember They are from the book into the deep they are word for word they are not my opinion.
I am putting them here for you to form opinions for your self's.
When done with into the deep I will post from Beth's book Loving Natalee again it will be from the word for word not me.
After that from Dave's book Aruba the untold story of corruption as with the other tow food for thought.
I'm am doing this because there has been so much disinformation about this case.
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: clancy on March 30, 2010, 06:17:44 PM
I have been told by a writer that as long as I don't make money or don't post whole chapters it is not any copyright issues :)
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: capeheart on March 30, 2010, 08:50:38 PM
I really don't believe any of this stuff that is written. This had to be made up afterwards and it is just not the terminology that is acceptable. It is kind of like dancing around an issue and not saying the true things that happened that night. I would just indicate, this was no card game, this was a murder and Natalee's family deserves to know what happened to her. This reference to the paragraph or lines you have quoted, I just think that is a factor to sell something and make big money on it. It is blood money and I am one that would not buy the book or borrow it, because I believe it is all lies. That is my opinion on the writer of this book. It was to make money and money only. ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: capeheart on March 31, 2010, 12:52:09 PM
SAP, I still do not like the doubletalk, I call it. Like if you were on the stand giving testimony, you can't give doubletalk, because there would be objection after objection. And you would have to tell the story in layman's terms and not try to figure out in your head, well this is what he means or that is what he meant. No way, tell the truth and shame the devil. Well, I am not totally agreed on that Depak or whoever the two men that were with Vandersloot, were not involved. I totally believe they were involved in her murder. In an earlier stage when this case was being investigated, there was video coverage of one of these young men (not Vandersloot), the dark skinned man saying, she's nothing but a slut and he was saying all kind of things against Natalee, this was on a news story quite some time ago. I would not believe one word that any one of these men ever said, they have lied so much and got away with murder. They should still be behind bars, because they were the last ones seen with Natalee. It should be the same as Casey Anthony, she is not out and she won't be. I also have someone, a cousin that was murdered in the states, he has not gone to trial yet, but he is still behind bars and that will be a year next month. They have to charge these men, they were the last ones to be with Natalee and they should pay the piper. Sorry, but that is the way it should be. And they are standing back laughing at everyone and still Vandersloot is trying to buy and sell in the sex trade. No justice whatsoever for the Holloway's.
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: clancy on March 31, 2010, 02:34:03 PM
Here's some food for thought they leave the with her go to the VDS home (I think) they all rape her or park near the racket ball court and it happens there then Joran and Deepak drop off Satish at his home he gets on computer as Deepak, joran, Deepak and friend get boat these three dump Natalee in the sea.
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: capeheart on April 01, 2010, 03:19:26 PM
Clancy, that does sound like a very similar story that was heard during the first days of the investigation. There were so many stories, but I do remember an indication of her being on the property of the Vandersloot's.  >:( >:( >:( >:(
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: clancy on April 01, 2010, 04:14:55 PM
Page 121

Deepak’s words suggest some type of drowning, as in “too much liquid.” He often repeats the word “drink.”

So how could she have drowned? There’s only one way. Natalee drowned in her own vomit while being raped. She breathed in her own puke after swallowing the drink that Joran bought her earlier that night at CnC, were he friendly with the bartenders. Beth, the story really started in CnC’s because, if he hadn’t brought her that drink, she wouldn’t have thrown up. And he brought her one alright, bought and possessed her that very moment because she ended up buying his line. She bought our whole cockeyed plan. Believe it too we did our least for her.

Page 123

An eyewitness, Charles Croes, an Aruban businessman who equipped the Twittys and friends with cell phones when they arrived on May 30, was with them early the next morning when they queried Joran at his house, twenty four hours after Nattalee’s disappearance. Cores also spoke with Joran privately that night.

In a Vanity Fair magazine article published in January 2006, Croes said that after Joran drove an intoxicated Natalee to see the sharks, Joran reported that “Deepak was increasingly uncomfortable at the lighthouse, fearful that Natalee would ‘make a mess’ in the car, presumably by vomiting.” On several other occasions Croes quoted Joran as saying that she had actually thrown up at CnC’s , which turned Joran off. Later, Joran changed his story when he made his public relations round on American television and made no mention of Natalee getting sick. Joran even insisted that she wasn’t drunk.
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: clancy on April 17, 2010, 05:34:16 PM

Page 123

An eyewitness, Charles Croes, an Aruban businessman who equipped the Twittys and friends with cell phones when they arrived on May 30, was with them early the next morning when they queried Joran at his house, twenty four hours after Nattalee’s disappearance. Cores also spoke with Joran privately that night.

In a Vanity Fair magazine article published in January 2006, Croes said that after Joran drove an intoxicated Natalee to see the sharks, Joran reported that “Deepak was increasingly uncomfortable at the lighthouse, fearful that Natalee would ‘make a mess’ in the car, presumably by vomiting.” On several other occasions Croes quoted Joran as saying that she had actually thrown up at CnC’s , which turned Joran off. Later, Joran changed his story when he made his public relations round on American television and made no mention of Natalee getting sick. Joran even insisted that she wasn’t drunk.

Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: clancy on April 21, 2010, 04:57:35 PM
Sap , My self I'm am interested in two things with this case finding her remains this I think is most important for her family.
Next finding why every person who helped Joran get away with this crime.
No one can tell me that all on his own he committed  it all on his own getting it right the first time he killed
I do believe she was given drugs to make it possible for the three to have sex with her(most of the local males do it all the time)why not hem.
So why was it every time evidence was found or about to found something happened so it would not be entered into evidence against him/ them?
Why would officials make sure all rulings went for him/them.
Why risk world view that Aruba is corrupt for one young/three young men.
 The whole thing stunk from the start that is the problem I have with this case not the crime it's self.
That's why I want th who to be accountable.
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: jobo on April 24, 2010, 07:35:36 PM
Maybe the plan was for all 3 to have sex with Natalee, but Joran was with her first and did something so terribly wrong as to cause her death. Out by the lighthouse.  I believe she was drugged and drunk, and Joran was big and strong and during sex with Natalee he prevented her from breathing properly, and she convulsed and died.  Due to her impairment, and his total disregard/disrespect for women,(maybe only American women), and his probable resulting mistreatment of Natalee, she died.  The 3 panicked and put her in water... either in the sea or the swamp.  Once again, only my opinion.   ;)
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: clancy on April 25, 2010, 01:45:44 PM
I think that most people think she was drugged and raped.
Why else make sure women are drunk and then ad drugs  result all the sex you want, this time the girl died(Natalee Holloway).
Want hide your crime who wouldn't.
Who helped him/them and why should those who helped do it.
They had so much help with evidence with getting a search of the main house stopped(why)  lets see (afraid something that you missed may be found)
Judge's revering decisions, police losing or not collecting evidence, police sending  family members on wild goose chases.
Not bringing Paulus van der Sloot to trial when it's on record the he did hinder the case not once but twice and bring his son a cell phone to jail.
All this and the fact that the police chief  and daddy were best fiends.
 The crime of rape and murder pale in comparison to the crimes that were committed after the fact all who helped the three boys are as guilty as theyare and Aruba's system of law failed to it's job in the worst way possible.
The whole world saw how Aruba handled this crime  and should hang it's head in shame for ever no one should ever go there again for vacation.
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: Chris on May 14, 2010, 11:06:20 PM
I watch Greata sometimes, and she always updates this case.

It is amazing at this point, that in the dutch system, a case like this cannot go to trial. I mean, they have this guy admitting it, then changing his story, then admitting it again, changing his story etc etc.

Give the case to a jury. I know there is no body, obviously it wlil never be found.

Maybe the fear of being convicted will cause one of those 2 friends to finally come clean.
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: SAP on May 26, 2010, 01:37:20 PM
H/T Amethyst at BFN
I typed up most of pages 43-48... the last pages of the article. Then ran it through Google Translate. Left out Dompig's comments... he pretty much said the same thing as he did in the "Terror" Jaap show.

Smart suspects

(page 43)

What's going on? Pseudo Logic fantastica? A psychopathic personality disorder? Prompted by Cold Blood is a psychologist Harald Merckelbach a very different vision.

"Since the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, the life of Joran van der Sloot is characterized by a succession of bizarre behavior, pathological lying, and deceitful fantasies. How do you explain that?"

Merckelbach, "I'm not sure that's the case. There is indeed something like the pathological liar, but you also have smart suspects who pretend to fall within that category. To me it is fully understood not a foregone conclusion that Joran to the first, and not to the second category. I have the following arguments: unlike pathological liars Joran does not deny it when someone says that he is a sick fantasist. In fact, since by the hidden cameras by Peter R. de Vries of interviews with Patrick van der Eem, he has a lot to have to get a qualification. It is the vivid description in the Landrover Joran gave Natalee Holloway's final hours less credible and therefore less stressful for him. You do not have great psychologist to see a world of difference lies between Joran and a real morbid fantasist. "

"What do you wrong with the psyche of Joran? Is he a sociopath or psychopath really like scientists think?"

Merckelbach: "I have no reason to believe that something is wrong with him. Until the contrary appears, I assume that he is a smart and a reasonably "normal" boy. Even normal people are capable of doing very bad things. "


Time line

Besides the many lying, and onbetrwouwbare unverifiable statements of Joran, the police investigation a number of objective facts and circumstances brought. There are not many, but they have great value. On the basis of camera images in the night life, mobile and internet data and post data from Joran's computer, the following timeline be reconstructed:

* Around 1:45 hours Joran and Natalee are dropped off at the beach between the Marriott Hotel and the Fisherman's Huts.
* Between 1:45 am and 2:26 hours he leaves her behind.
* Between 2:26 am and 2:34 hours with Joran calls Deepak. He is currently in an area that is 200 to 700 meters inland; the villa district of Palm Beach. It includes McDonald's, and the house of the parents of André. It is a logical route to his ancestral home.
* From 2:34 am to 3:11 pm, Joran's cell phone "dies". The battery of the phone is dead (or is deliberately removed). Joran is 37 minutes off the air.
* Intermediate, at 2:46 pm, Deepak from his computer sends a text message to Joran. It is 12 minutes after their call. Deepak: "Wait till you get home. Miss Call me." one missed call is where you eentelefonische call after one ring disconnects. This is a request to receive calls. This often happens when someone has no more credit.
* At 3:11 o'clock Joran home. His phone is "alive" again. He sends a message to his then girlfriend. At 3:13 hours, he sends a message to Deepak. He answered the text of 2:46 am, just that he has received. Joran: "swa Hey, thanks, I am home now, I will see you tomorrow."

Pole Data

The call to Deepak (2:26 to 2:34 pm) and its SMS (2:46 pm) in June 2005 when police said. Thanks to his testimony (11 and 16 June 2005) makes the search also - broadly - the contents of the telephone conversation: Joran left Natalee passed out on the beach and walk without shoes near the McDonald's.

Joran knows the contents of the police file in which information about the eight-minute phone call is recorded, it appears two years later "The Natalee Holloway case, my own story" about her disappearance in Aruba. In the book, his previous statements were changed, and for good reason. The call to Deepak now takes place while Joran was at the beach and now he was all of a sudden picked up by Satish

But what Joran probably not aware that the police also post information. This is information that comes from the masts that are mobile during the call with Deepak has transmitted. This shows conclusively that between 2:26 am and 2:34 hours no longer on the beach, but the Palm Beach district. This remarkable event not only reflects the new book lies in its exposure, but also casts a revealing look at the two television confessions were broadcast in 2008 and 2010.

If Joran 2:26 hours after the beach on his own has left, Natalee has died before that. That does not fit into that Joran told version of "Terror" Jaap, but it is true with Patrick van der Eem scenario. On the other hand, the period 2:26 am - 3:11 pm (exactly 45 minutes) for a very long walk from the beach to Joran's house. At that time he has done something else? When he had help? He was Natalee's body disappear?

Case closed?


Chief Justice Mr. Peter Blanken: "Joran should be transparency for all. When he was a testable explanation, we will immediately take action and investigate the statement. It is clear that OM Aruba police and the truth and to know all the tips seriously studies. We still have an active police team, which investigates the matter. "

Psychologist Professor Harald Merckelbach: "I find it totally incomprehensible that he prosecution, no effort has been taken to bring the matter to the trial. What are they waiting for? Or play all considerations of the type that is was Natalee Holloway's own fault by drinking and pills? Let's hope that the officers on the island do not suffer from such blaming-the-victim sentiments. "

Peter de Vries: "I think Joran should be tried for his role in the disappearance case. The case is not so technical legal weak as people sometimes think. There is considerable evidence against him. I also think that a very bad signal to society would be if someone with such a practice get away without a judge to pass judgement. Present all the facts in a public trial, and it will clear how serious hisrole was. Apart from the fact that he announced that he is her body dumped. It is indisputable that he quite a few questions during police interrogation hard lied. It is certain that he has several other key questions have no answers at all.

Joran, the day after the disappearance of Natalee have a sophisticated story twisted together, he and his friends Deepak and Satish, the girl that night had dropped off at her hotel, the Holiday Inn. The story was peppered with well-arranged detail that she almost stumbled and face a pillar holding up. Why did he think if he make that up if had nothing to do with it, and at that time was not even clear that Natalee never coming back? "

"Maybe she was just her blissfully asleep and could resurface at any moment ..."

De Vries: "No, you come up with something in my view only if you know that Natalee never come back, she lies so you can not deny, and you are served by these lies."

No case

Chief Mr. Peter Blanken: "Joran made some statements about his involvement in the disappearance of Natalee. But always found those statements were not reliable. See the sheer variety of the ever changing statements, and the fact that no supporting material is find the accuracy of the statements. The remains of Natalee is never found, never established that she is dead. In a strafzitting is badly need proof that legal and convincing. I currently have no case against Joran who provable in the criminal court.

Slimme verdachten

(bladzijde 43)

Wat is er aan de hand? Pseudologica fantastica? Een psychopatische persoonlijkheidsstoornis? Desgevraagd door Koud Bloed komt psycholoog Harald Merckelbach tot een heel andere visie.

"Sinds de verdwijning van Natalee Holloway wordt het leven van Joran van der Sloot gekenmerkt door een aaneenschakeling van bizarre gedragingen, pathologische leugens, en bedrieglijke fantasieën. Hoe verklaart u dat?"

Merckelbach: "Ik zie dat niet zo. Er bestaat inderdaad zoiets als de pathologische leugenaar, maar je hebt ook slimme verdachten die doen alsof ze tot die categorie behoren. Voor mij is het helmaal geen uitgemaakte zaak dat Joran tot de eerste, en niet tot de tweede categorie behoort. Daar heb ik de volgende argumenten voor: anders dan pathologische leugenaars sputtert Joran niet tegen als iemand zegt dat hij een ziekelijke fantast is. Sterker nog: sinds zijn door de verborgen camera van Peter R. de Vries vastgelegde gesprekken met Patrick van der Eem, heeft hij er veel voor over om zo'n kwalificatie te krijgen. Het maakt de levendige beschrijving die Joran in de Landrover gaf van Natalee Holloway's laatste uren minder geloofwaardig en daarom minder belastend voor hem. Je hoeft geen groot psycholoog te zijn om te zien dat er een wereld van verschil zit tussen Joran en een echte ziekelijke fantast."

"Wat is er volgens u mis met de psyche van Joran? Is hij inderdaad een sociopaat of psychopaat, zoals wenschappers stellen?"

Merckelbach: "Ik heb geen reden om aan te nemen dat er iets mis met hem is. Totdat het tegendeel blijkt ga ik er vanuit dat het een slimme en redelijk "normale" jongen is. Ook normale mensen zijn tot heel nare dingen in staat."



Naast de vele leugenachtige, onbetrwouwbare en oncontroleerbare verklaringen van Joran, heeft het politieonderzoek ook een aantal objectieve feiten en omstandigheden opgeleverd. Het zijn er niet veel, maar ze hebben grote waarde. Op grond van camerabeelden in het uitgaansleven, gsm- en paalgegevens en internetdata uit Joran's computer, kan de volgende tijdlijn worden gereconstrueerd:

* Rond 01:45 uur worden Joran en Natalee afgezet op het strand tussen het Marriott Hotel en de Fisherman's Huts.
* Tussen 01:45 uur en 02:26 uur laat hij daar achter.
* Tussen 02:26 uur en 02:34 uur belt Joran met Deepak. Hij loopt op dat moment in een gebied dat 200 tot 700 meter landinwaarts ligt, in de villawijk Palm Beach. Daar bevinden zich onder andere de McDonald's, en het huis van de ouders van André. Het is een logische route naar zijn ouderlijk huis.
* Van 02:34 uur tot 03:11 uur is de mobiele telefoon van Joran "dood". De batterij van de gsm is leeg (of er doelbewust uitgehaald). Joran is 37 minuten uit de lucht.
* Tussentijds, om 02:46 uur, stuurt Deepak vanaf zijn computer een sms naar Joran. Het is 12 minuten na hun telefoongesprek. Deepak: "Wacht tot je thuis bent. Misscall me." een misscall is eentelefonische oproep waarbij je na één keer overgaan de verbinding verbreekt. Het is een verzoek om gebeld te worden. Dit gebeurt vaak wanneer iemand geen beltegoed meer heeft.
* Om 03:11 uur is Joran thuis. Zij gsm "leeft" weer. Hij stuurt een bericht naar zijn toenmalige vriendin. Om 03:13 uur stuurt hij een bericht naar Deepak. Hij beantwoordt de sms van 02:46 uur, die hij dan net heeft binnegekregen. Joran: "Hey swa, thanks, I am home now, I will see you tomorrow."


Het telefoontje met Deepak (02:26 - 02:34 uur) en diens sms (02:46 uur) zijn in juni 2005 bij de politie bekend. Dankzij zijn getuigenverklaringen (11 en 16 juni 2005) kent de recherche ook - in grote lijnen - de inhoud van het telefoongesprek: Joran heeft Natalee passed out achtergelaten op het strand en loopt zonder schoenen in de buurt van de McDonald's.

Joran kent de inhoud van het politiedossier, waarin de informatie over het acht minuten durende telefoongesprek is opgenomen, zo blijkt twee jaar later uit "De zaak Natalee Holloway, mijn eigen verhaal" over haar verdwijning op Aruba. In het boek heeft hij zijn eerdere verklaringen niet voor niets aangepast. Het telefoontje met Deepak vindt nu plaats op het strand en hij is nu plotseling opgehaald door Satish

Maar wat Joran hoogstwaarschijnlijk niet weet is dat de politie ook over paalgegevens beschikt. Dat is informatie die afkomstig is van de zendmasten die zijn gsm tijdens het bellen met Deepak heeft aangestraald. Daaruit blijkt onomstotelijk dat hij tussen 02:26 uur en 02:34 uur al niet meer op het strand was, maar door de wijk Palm Beach liep. Dit opmerkelijke feit legt niet alleen de nieuwe leugens in zijn boek bloot, maar werpt ook een onthullende blik op de twee televisiebekentenissen die in 2008 en 2010 werden uitgezonden.

Als Joran na 02:26 uur het strand in zijn eentje heeft verlaten, is Natalee daarvoor overleden. Dat past niet in der versie die Joran vertelde aan "Terror" Jaap, maar klopt wel met het Patrick Van der Eem scenario. Aan de andere kant is de periode 02:26 uur - 03:11 uur (exact 45 minuten) erg lang voor een wandeling van het strand naar Joran's huis. Heeft hij in die tijd nog iets anders gedaan? Heeft hij toen hulp gehad? Heeft hij toen het lichaam van Natalee laten verdwijnen?

Dossier gesloten?


Hoofdofficier van justitie mr. Peter Blanken: "Joran moet openheid van zaken geven. Wanneer hij een toetsbare verklaring geeft, zullen wij onmiddelijk actie ondernemen en de verklaring onderzoeken. Het moge duidelijk zijn dat politie en OM Aruba de waarheid willen weten en alle tips serieus onderzoeken. We hebben nog steeds een politieteam actief, dat onderzoek doet naar deze zaak."

Psycholoog prof. dr. Harald Merckelbach: "Ik vind het totaal onbegrijpelijk dat he Openbaar Ministerie nog geen enkele poging heeft ondernomen om de zaak ter zitting te brengen. Waar wacht men eigenlijk nog op? Of spelen allerlei overwegingen een rol van het type dat Natalee Holloway het er door haar drank- en pillen gebruik zelf naar gemaakt heeft? Je mag het toch niet hopen dat de officieren op het eiland last hebben van zulke blaming-the-victim sentimenten."

Peter de Vries: "Ik vind dat Joran terecht moet staan voor zijn rol in de verdwijningszaak. De zaak staat er juridisch-technisch helemaal niet zo zwak voor als mensen soms wel denken. Er is behoorlijk wat bewijs tegen hem. Ik vind ook dat het een heel slecht signaal naar de samenleving zou zijn als iemand met een dergelijke handelswijze weg zou komen, zonder dat er een rechter aan te pas is gekomen. Presenteer alle feiten maar in een openbare rechtszitting, dan zal een ieder duidelijk worden hoe kwalijk zijn rol is geweest. Nog los van het feit dat hij bekend heeft dat hij haar lichaam heeft gedumpt. Het staat onomstotelijk vast dat hij op een behoorlijk aantal vragen tijdens de politieverhoren keihard heeft gelogen. Ook staat vast dat hij op een aantal andere belangrijke vragen helemaal geen antwoord geeft.

Joran heeft de dag na de verdwijning van Natalee al een geraffineerd verhaal in elkaar gedraaid, dat hij en zijn vrienden Deepak en Satish het meisje die nacht hadden afgezet bij haar hotel, de Holiday Inn. Het verhaal was doorspekt met goed afgesproken details dat zij nog bijna struikelde en zich aan een pilaar overeind hield. Waarom moest hij dit verzinnen als hij nergens mee te maken had, en op dat moment ook niet eens duidelijk was dat Natalee nooit meer terug zou komen?"

"Misschien lag ze alleen maar haar roes uit te slapen en kon ze ieder moment weer opduiken... "

De Vries: "Nee, zoiets verzin je in mijn optiek alleen als je weet dat Natalee nooit meer terugkomt, zij je leugens dus niet kan tegenspreken, en jij bij die leugens bent gebaat."

Geen zaak

Hoofdofficier mr. Peter Blanken: "Joran heeft enkele verklaringen afgelegd over zijn betrokkenheid bij het verdwijnen van Natalee. Maar steeds bleken die verklaringen niet betrouwbaar. Zie alleen al de veelheid van de steeds wisselende verklaringen, en het feit dat er geen ondersteunend materiaal is te vinden voor de juistheid van de verklaringen. Het stoffelijk overschot van Natalee is nooit gevonden; nooit is vastgesteld dat ze dood is. Bij een strafzitting is hard bewijs nodig, dat wettig en overtuigend is. Ik heb momenteel geen zaak tegen Joran die bewijsbaar is bij de strafrechter.

Koud Bloed (Cold Blood) magazine



Seems there will be no trial, not enough evidence after all. Aruba LE has managed to solve some of their "missing" problems but none from out of country, all of whom disappeared under strange circumstances and one especially after an argument about not having been given options he paid for in advance.
Aruba tourism has made a statement they prefer visitors from Europe over Americans anyway, b/c people from Europe bring more money to spend and stay longer.
Stories I've been given by American ex-pats living in Aruba permanently...it's all about Insurance money, that some disappeared themselves and now living in VZ enjoying their Insurance reapings.  ::) Really now Aruba?? That sounds pretty lame!!
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: SAP on May 27, 2010, 12:19:27 AM
From 2008

KELLY:(lawyer for Holloways)   I mean, there have been all kinds of things. There are phone logs there. I've asked for the surveillance tapes from the casinos. I haven't gotten them. I've asked him to review them. He hasn't gotten back to me on those. I've asked for phone records. I haven't gotten those. I've asked for backup on witness interviews. I haven't gotten those.

VAN SUSTEREN: Anything to sort of piece together to see whether or not this is true or not, the surveillance video -- what surveillance video do you want him to look at?

KELLY: Well, for starters, if you recall -- and it was sort of pushed aside by the law enforcement also, when Joran is sitting in the Excelsior casino with Natalee and her friends, there's a middle-aged Caucasian gentlemen sitting there who actually speaks to Natalee and the other girls. And I just want to know -- you know, he absolutely fits the description of the man Joran describes. He actually looks a lot like Paulus, too.

And I just want to see whether he had talked to that man before the girls arrived, whether he talked to that man after the girls left. And quite remarkably, Hans Mos told me they've never even identified who that man is to this day.

VAN SUSTEREN: Does Hans Mos want to help investigate Deepak and Satish and Paulus or not?

KELLY: No. In fact, the first call I made to him, he said -- he asked if this had anything to do with the Dr. Phil litigation, and if it did, he would not help me because he totally supports Satish and Deepak.

above are snips from

Fallout From Joran van der Sloot's 'On the Record' Interview
 Wednesday, November 26, 2008
(for which he received 10,000. dollars. He actually approached Greta to sell his story for bucks)
Aruba is hoping the case just goes away. All of the Prosecutors who have come on board, start with great zeal to solve the case and then peter out. Aruba is more concerned with their tourism dollars.
Title: Re: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: Concerned on May 30, 2010, 11:15:14 AM
5 Years since Natalee Holloway vanished in Aruba

Posted : May 30, 2010 9:36 AM

It's been five years since Natalee Holloway was last seen leaving a local bar in Aruba.

The teenager from Alabama was vacationing with friends when she disappeared the night before she was supposed to fly home.

Search teams and volunteers relentlessly scoured the island trying to find out what happened to Holloway on the night of her disappearance. She was last seen leaving a bar with a dutch boy, Joran Van-der-Sloot, and his two friends.

Aruban authorities took Van-der-Sloot and his friends into custody, but all three were eventually released.

Over the past five years, Van-der-Sloot has told differing accounts of what happened the night Holloway disappeared.

Her mother, Beth, is still hoping for new information explaining what really happened to her daughter and is opening a resource center to help families of other missing individuals.

Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: Sleuth on June 11, 2010, 01:18:30 AM
Joran van der Sloot is a psychopath with an entitlement complex. He's also a big Baby who cries to momma after killing a woman that the Police are rude to him. Here's a Kleenex van der Sloot, suck it up and take your punishment like a man. Momma can't help you when big ol' Bubba asks you to bend over to pick up his soap in the very near future.   
Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: debbiec on June 11, 2010, 05:04:36 PM
Dutchman to reveal info on missing US teen
Module body

2 hours, 18 minutes ago

LIMA (AFP) - A Dutchman charged with the murder of a Peruvian woman will tell police where to find the body of a US teen who disappeared in Aruba in 2005, a senior Peruvian police investigator said Friday.
General Cesar Guardia, who is leading the investigation into Joran Van der Sloot's role in the murder of the Peruvian woman, said the Dutch citizen had let slip that he knew the whereabouts of 18-year-old American Natalee Holloway.

But Van der Sloot told Peruvian police that he would only "talk about the matter with Aruban authorities," Guardia told AFP.

"It is what he said and it did not appear in the investigation documents because it was not revealed during an interrogation," he added.

"He revealed it... during an informal conversation," Guardia said. "He said he knew where the young American is."

Earlier Guardia told US network ABC that Van der Sloot had agreed to provide information about the case, which attracted huge media attention in the United States, the Caribbean and Europe, but was never solved.

"Yes, Joran is ready to discuss this whenever officials from Aruba can come to Peru," he said.

Van der Sloot, 22, was charged Friday with first-degree murder in connection with the May 30 death of 21-year-old Stephany Flores who was found beaten to death in his Lima hotel room.

Lima Judge Juan Buendia ordered that he "be prosecuted as the perpetrator of the alleged crimes of first-degree murder and simple theft," court spokesman Luis Gallardo told AFP.

Earlier, prosecutor Ninfa Espinosa had urged that Van der Sloot be detained on the charges and accused him of having carried out the alleged crime "with the aggravating factors of ferocity and cruelty."

After the charges were announced, he was transferred to the Castro Castro prison in Lima surrounded by security officials and journalists and a crowd that screamed "die murderer" and "pay for murdering" at him.

A police source told media here that Van der Sloot has confessed to killing Flores in his hotel room on May 30 in a fit of rage, saying she used his laptop without permission.

Van der Sloot has long been a prime suspect in the 2005 disappearance of Holloway, who went missing after a night of drinking with him on the Caribbean island of Aruba.

The son of a prominent judge, Van der Sloot was twice arrested in connection with Holloway's disappearance and spent three months in jail but was never charged.

In quotes released by Peruvian authorities, Van der Sloot said he was motivated to kill Flores after she used his computer and saw information online linking him to the Holloway case.

"She had no right" to see the laptop, he said, according to police. "I approached her, she was frightened. We discussed it and she tried to escape. I grabbed her by the neck and hit her."

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation came under fire this week after reports that it missed an opportunity to arrest him last month, prior to the Peru murder.

It was investigating the Dutch citizen for criminal conduct after he offered information on Holloway's disappearance in exchange for some 250,000 dollars.

FBI agents met with him in Aruba and he reportedly accepted sting money, committed wire fraud and made incriminating statements about Holloway's death during the meeting, which was recorded.

But he was allowed to go free, and made his way to Peru and then to Chile, where he was finally arrested on June 3 in connection with Flores's death.

Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: Baba Donya on June 11, 2010, 09:21:51 PM
This is nothing against fishermen....but this is an analogy.

You know how fisherman go to different lakes to catch the prize fish, or get a trophy fish.

Well, I think this creep, travelled from country to country, baiting himself a young beautiful woman, murdering her, and bonus when he gets her money, but he probably has a map with little flags on it meaning to him, he trophied himself a catch. He may be a bored rich kid, who found himself a reality TV hobby. This is sick and twisted, but this fellow likes the television exposure, and he is sick and twisted.
Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: capeheart on June 12, 2010, 05:54:06 PM
Vandersloot has said that he hoped they never found Natalee's body and there is a reason for that. He knows they will never find her body, because he knows what he has done. He is a brutal cold blooded killer, who just preyed on young women. Well he is in a place now and it looked to me that the men in this prison make him look like a midget. He will finally get some of his own medicine handed out. The police are also checking to see if there are any other young women missing in some of the places he's been. The creep is finally behind bars. ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: Baba Donya on June 12, 2010, 08:47:35 PM
How many murders have gone unnoticed?

What if, just what if...(I have mentioned this before) the family (father/mother) had hired a special cleaning crew. (Mafia type) This cleaning crew cleans up his murders, and gets rid of the evidence. Maybe this time, they didn't come as quick, because his father is dead. Maybe this creep doesn't know where Natalee's body is, if there was a cleaning crew cleaning up after him....

This has been known to happen, all over the world!
Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: capeheart on June 14, 2010, 10:13:29 AM
Baba, I do believe he was afraid they would find Natalee, because of how she died. That was kind of the way he spoke in that video that I saw him on, he seemed actually afraid that they would find her. He has told so many lies, but he did say that she was put in the ocean. A terrible tragedy to happen to a family, like yourself, living with the tragedy until the day you take your last breath. One cannot forget and can only pray for some peace of mind to get through the days ahead. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: Sleuth on June 17, 2010, 11:01:03 AM
Psychopath Meets Hitman, MSNBC, The Today Show

Joran is sharing a cell with two other guys, and is isolated from the general population due to concerns for his safety. He has befriend a hitman in prison who he calls "Hitman" and Hitman calls Joran "Psychopath". According to prison officials, Joran still has an appetite and the prison officials say he is sociable and doesn't appear to be a violent guy.

Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: jobo on June 17, 2010, 12:49:45 PM
Joran is a murderer of women.....a coward....Nancy Grace briefly alludes to 2 other murders of women in casinos in South America, that are unsolved.   I believe in Columbia, but may be wrong.  No other details yet either.

The only reason he is admitting to killing Stephany is that the authorities  have video footage, and his blood stained clothes.  He knows he is backed into a corner...this time there is evidence.    Seems to me on that video of him returning to the room with coffee's he is debating whether or not to have the maid discover Stephany's body when she unlocks the door for him.  He changed his mind...went in the room, and tried to figure out what to do next, since Stephany was dead before he went for coffees.  That's when he decided to skip the country...after all he has gotten away with it before.

I am not surprised he is more willing to tell the truth re: Natalee, he is trying his best not to stay incarcerated in Peru (apparantly it's hell)

This has to be so heartbreaking for Natalee's family as well as Stephany's....
Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: Sleuth on June 20, 2010, 10:39:58 AM
Report: Van der Sloot mentally ill, mother says

Sun Jun 20, 9:19 AM

By Toby Sterling, The Associated Press

AMSTERDAM - Joran van der Sloot, the main suspect in the killing of a young woman in Peru last month and in the 2005 disappearance of U.S. teenager Natalee Holloway, suffers from mental problems, his mother told a Dutch newspaper in an interview published on its website Sunday.

"My son is sick in his head," De Telegraaf quoted Anita van der Sloot as saying in her first public comment since her son's latest arrest.

Joran van der Sloot, 22, has been jailed in Peru on suspicion of killing 21-year-old Stephany Flores on May 30 — five years to the day after Holloway's still-unsolved disappearance while on vacation in Aruba. Holloway was last seen alive with Van der Sloot.

Police in Peru say Van der Sloot has confessed to killing Flores. He is due to be interviewed by a judge in Lima next week.

The Van der Sloot family lives in Aruba, where the interview was conducted. Anita told the paper her son had abruptly disappeared in mid-May two days before he was due to travel to the Netherlands to stay at a mental institution. He left a note saying he was going to Peru.

Van der Sloot had been travelling the world but returned to Aruba in April after his father Paul died of a heart attack while playing tennis.

Van der Sloot confessed to, then later retracted, involvement in Holloway's disappearance several times publicly and privately. He has told his jailers in Peru he is ready to clarify the Holloway case — but only with Aruba authorities.

In the Telegraaf interview Anita told the paper she does not believe Joran killed Holloway.

"But if he killed Stephany, he'll have to pay the price. I won't visit him in his cell, I cannot embrace him," she was quoted saying.

She said Joran's mental health had deteriorated steadily from the time of the Holloway disappearance. She attributed his decline in part to intense media scrutiny.

She told the paper he had called her several days before Flores' death.

"He said he was being followed. He had been arrested together with a girl and robbed. He was not making sense," the paper quoted her as saying.

"I can't cry for Joran like I did for Paul. I hope that he gets psychological help."

Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: capeheart on June 21, 2010, 08:19:37 PM
Vandersloot's mother is still defending him. His father got him out of every scrape he ever got into. If they had not covered up for him for all the times  he was in trouble since he was a child, this would never have happened. Vandersloot is not mentally ill, he is an out of control person that thinks he can get whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. I just hope that she doesn't think he is going to get away with these murders and who knows how many more, by using the "mentally ill" plea. This is not going to work, so she might as well sit up straight and face the music and stop this making excuses for Joran. His days of lies and deceit are finally over. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: Sleuth on June 22, 2010, 10:44:24 AM
Here are some pictures of the Stephany Flores murder scene. Crime scene photos were obtained by 48 hours.

WARNING: some pictures may be disturbing to some people.

Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: Baba Donya on June 25, 2010, 07:40:50 PM
Well, at least now Vandersloot said someone else did it. You know he is just like one of those kids, whose parents blame someone else, because they think their children can do no wrong. How sad so many lives have been lost because of Vandersloots sense of entitlement, that it is everyone else's fault he is doing what he does.
Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: SAP on July 04, 2010, 11:27:57 AM
Federal grand jury in Birmingham indicts Joran van der Sloot on extortion, fraud charges

Published: Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 3:35 PM
Updated: Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 4:09 PM

An Alabama federal grand jury in Birmingham has indicted Joran van der Sloot on extortion and wire-fraud charges in connection with the disappearance in Aruba of Mountain Brook teen Natalee Holloway.

The indictment, announced today by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Birmingham, formally charges the Dutchman of allegations released earlier this month in a federal complaint. Federal authorities contend van der Sloot exploited the fear of Holloway’s mother, Beth, that she would never find her daughter’s body or know what happened to her unless she paid him $250,000.

Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: Baba Donya on July 04, 2010, 11:59:41 PM
so true SAP
Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: capeheart on July 05, 2010, 01:59:50 PM
Sap, Baba and Lost, this creep will never change, like you say it is always somebody else's fault. He will try every legal angle and every trick in the book he can use to get himself out of that jail. Well if it was my daughter, I would go for someone to do him in before he gets out of that place he is in. I would pay somebody off to do him in. See how the tide turns, as soon as he thinks he can weasal his way out of things, the story all of a sudden changes. What about the confession??? Oh yeah, he was mistreated, the police abused him and didn't treat him right. I just had so much of this bastard's lies and thinking he can get one over everybody all the time, it is pathetic. Hopefully the judge that is going to hear these briefs will shut him down big time. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(
Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: Chris on July 05, 2010, 11:57:53 PM
This man probably really believes he can beat the system. he faces charges in 3 countries now and is probably 100% certain he'll be free in a matter of time. It will come as a shock when he does not. I have not ever seen such a killer detached from his legal reality as this man.
Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: Baba Donya on July 06, 2010, 12:55:08 AM
Look out he is probably going to plead insanity...
Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: capeheart on July 06, 2010, 08:06:37 PM
Chris, I definitely agree with you. He has been so used to getting out of everything he has ever gotten himself into, that he feels he is some kind of a god and that it's just going to fall in place and he will be out of there in no time. He is in for one heck of a shock, that is for sure. I think he has the Scott Peterson syndrome, the same kind of attitude, thinks he can get away with anything. Actually, he had even dyed his hair to try and conceal his identity, which SP had done when he was trying to flee to Mexico.  ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::)
Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: Baba Donya on July 07, 2010, 12:14:36 AM
When I think of Vandersloot...I think of Jack the Ripper!
Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: capeheart on July 09, 2010, 01:18:56 PM
Sap, are you really serious on that one that someone has offered him 1M to be interviewed. This is pathetic. Well the prosecution can step in there and do something to the effect that no money can be made from his crimes behind bars. It has been done before where murderers have tried to profit from behind bars. The family's of the Natalee and the lady in Peru should get together immediately and start a civil action against Vandersloot to freeze any monies that he may make from interviews or any books he might think of getting someone to write. That is what the Brown's did in the OJ Simpson case, a civil lawsuit.  ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::)
Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: capeheart on July 14, 2010, 01:44:03 PM
I don't think he is going to get away with too much over in Peru. The President of the country wants his neck, it is just great that he is in that prison. And according to what the President said previously, he has no intention of letting him get extradition to another country. Daddy is not around now to cover up and con judges and prosecutors and everybody to get him out of jail, so he is in for the long haul. ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::)
Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: SAP on July 29, 2010, 09:18:08 PM
A new movie about the investigation of Joran van der Sloot and the new discovery of something else that happened on the beach in Aruba. Something which the director has found, and is not new. What he will be doing is the same tarnishing the victim and her family as Renee Gielen tried with Documentary. Gielen did a docu called "Time Lies" in which she consulted some psychics who have a 0 batting average for any kind of closures, plus rumor posted on a "slam the victim" forum. No one wanted Rene's Docu and called her crazy for her lies against the victim and the family. Renee wanted to sell her Docu in America to the Media as well but there were no takers. So now this Dutch producer will do the movie scheduled to come out next year. I do hope Americca does not go for it.

Van der Sloot movie being shot while he's arrested in Peru

Birmingham, Al (WIAT) Sometimes life…and death… imitate art. And sometimes art imitates life and death. Whether a film being made about Joran van der Sloot is truly art no one knows yet. But the very existence of the movie shows truth is stranger than fiction.

When Joran van der Sloot catapulted back into the news with his arrest in Peru for the murder of 21 year old student Stephany Flores, a Dutch filmmaker was shooting a movie about van der Sloot and the Natalee Holloway case in Aruba.

According to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, the film Me & Mr. Jones is being made by Dutch film maker Paul Ruven. It tells the fictional story of an undercover journalist trying to solve the Natalee Holloway case.
Holloway, a Mountain Brook High School grad disappeared on a graduation trip to Aruba. She was last seen with van der Sloot who, despite being questioned several times by Aruban authorities, has never been charged in connection to Natalee’s disappearance.

The Dutch national was indicted on wire fraud and extortion charges by a federal grand jury here in Birmingham last month. The FBI and U.S. Attorney’s office claim he took money from the Holloway family in exchange for information about Natalee’s fate, but never came through with any information. While the U.S. authorities where preparing their case after a sting-type meeting with van der Sloot, he went to South America where he is accused of killing Flores after meeting her at a poker tournament in Lima, Peru.

And while all of that was happening, Ruven was quietly shooting his movie in Aruba…apparently without publicity because of sensitivity on the island about the Holloway case and criticism of the handling of it by Aruban authorities.

The movie stars Dutch actors Robert de Hoog and Hanna Verboom and was shooting on Aruba from April through June. When the Flores murder controversy erupted in South America, it was apparently incorporated into the story line of the movie. Ruven’s website says the film will be released early in 2011.

Title: Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
Post by: Concerned on August 12, 2010, 11:32:19 PM
If he was involved with human trafficking, then could Natalee still be alive?

Joran Van der Sloot, suspect in Holloway and Flores murders involved in Thai sex slave gang: tabloid


Friday, July 16th 2010, 1:20 PM
Accused murderer. Pathological liar. Sex trade recruiter?

Joran Van der Sloot -- who is under investigation for two high-profile murders – also is being probed for the disappearance of young women he recruited for a sex slave gang in Thailand, according to the National Enquirer.

The Dutch playboy fled to Bangkok in 2008 after he wasn't charged in the 2005 disappearance of Alabama high school student Natalee Holloway. Last month he was jailed in Peru pending trial on charges of murder and robbery in the May 30 death of 21-year-old Stephany Flores.

While in Bangkok, Van der Sloot lured young women by posing as a production consultant with a model agency, using the name "Murphy Jenkins," according to the tabloid. He convinced them he was going to send them to Europe to become models, and even printed phony business cards.

Several of the girls have gone missing.

"Girls who are approached by sex traffickers here often get killed, especially if they discover they are being tricked into prostitution and start to resist or threaten to go to the police," a Thai law enforcement official told the Enquirer.

"Many of these girls have no legal documents. If they go missing, nobody notices. It's easy to kill them, hide the bodies and get away with it."

The sick game ended when a friend of Van der Sloot in Holland contacted Dutch journalist Peter de Vries, who set up a sting operation at a Thai hotel. The undercover operation was his second involving Van der Sloot. Previously, he had taped the 22-year-old confessing to being with Holloway the night of her disappearance.

"Joran showed up with several girls he'd recruited by telling them they'd be photo models in Holland. He promised they'd make big money and live a luxurious life," the journalist told the tabloid.

"In reality, his plan was that once they arrived in Holland, they'd be forced into prostitution in Dutch brothels."
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Post by: Chris on August 13, 2010, 11:55:39 AM
This man is a monster. Many peopel might dismiss the national enquirer, but more and more they are scooping stories that other media miss.
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Van der Slut, I mean Sloot, is such a blabbermouth. Which is a good thing.  :)

Sept. 6, 2010

Accused Dutch Killer Confesses to Extortion While in Peru Prison

Accused killer Joran van der Sloot says in a new interview he extorted money from Natalee Holloway's parents for revenge.

"I wanted to get back at Natalee's family — her parents have been making my life tough for five years," the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf quoted him as saying from prison in Peru. "When they offered to pay for the girl's location, I thought: 'Why not'?"
In the interview, van der Sloot says he took money from the family of the missing American in return for revealing the location of her body. He never revealed the information and has since been charged with killing another woman at a Peru casino.
Holloway was last seen alive with him on Aruba in 2005. At various times he has confessed to killing the 18-year-old, though he later retracted the confessions.
In an interview in June with the same newspaper, van Der Sloot blamed himself for landing in arat-filled Peruvian prison cell, but he suggested that the FBI lured him to Peru in a botched sting operation.

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This man is a real Psycho. It sort of spooks me that psychos like him can game the system to there advantage sop easily.
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By The Associated Press, cbc.ca, Updated: September 17, 2010 8:54 PM
Natalee Holloway's mom confronts suspect in jail
mother of Natalee Holloway entered a maximum-security prison in Lima, Peru, this week and confronted the Dutch man who remains the lead suspect in the Alabama teen's 2005 disappearance on the Caribbean island of Aruba.

Beth Twitty entered Castro Castro prison Wednesday — reportedly without registering as a visitor — with a Dutch television news crew to talk with Joran van der Sloot.

"But he refused, so there was no interview," said van der Sloot's attorney, Maximo Altez.

Van der Sloot is charged with killing a woman in Peru on May 30, five years to the day that Holloway, then 18, disappeared while on a high school graduation trip in Aruba.

Van der Sloot has told several people he was involved in Holloway's disappearance, only to later retract the statements.

U.S. law enforcement officials say he extorted $10,000 from Twitty after offering to lead her lawyer to Holloway's body in Aruba, then used the money to fly to Lima.

Van der Sloot has said in various interviews that he is a pathological liar.

'Determined to get answers'

Twitty's lawyer, John Q. Kelly, said on NBC's Today Show Friday that she entered the jail on Wednesday "without violating any laws or breaking any regulations."

He said Twitty didn't expect to get answers about Holloway's disappearance but wanted van der Sloot, 22, to know that "she hasn't gone away, she's determined to get answers and, you know, she wants to bring Natalee home."

Kelly did not respond to a phone message left at his office by The Associated Press. Attempts to reach Twitty were also unavailing. Her cellphone voice mailbox was full.

In Peru, a spokesman for the national penal authority said Twitty's name did not appear in the visitor registry of Castro Castro.

The website of a Dutch journalist who has long hounded van der Sloot over the Holloway disappearance, Peter de Vries, said he was in Lima with Twitty preparing a documentary for Dutch television.

"Nothing, nothing at all, was done by Peter, Beth and the crew that was in conflict with previously made agreements and rules in Peru or the Castro Castro prison," the website said.

The AP was unable to reach de Vries for elaboration.

Visited family of recent alleged victim

Peruvian immigration records obtained by the AP show that Twitty arrived in Peru on Sept. 11 and departed early Friday, bound for Panama.

Van der Sloot is awaiting trial in the bludgeoning death of Stephany Flores, a 21-year-old business student whose body was found in his Lima hotel room. He was arrested in Chile several days after her death, and police say he confessed to killing her.

Van der Sloot later said the confession was forced, and his attorney has filed a motion seeking to rule it inadmissible.

While in Lima, Twitty visited with members of the Flores family, said Enrique Flores, a brother of Stephany.

"The meeting was very short, nearly a half hour, and went unreported in the Peruvian media," he told the AP.
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Vandersloot is never going to tell where Natalee is. We all know that he has stated in the past that she was taken out and put in water. That is a vast area in the ocean that they will never be able to find her. I believe that Natalee's mother should take a trip to Aruba and go out on a body of water with her ex, the body of water where they believe her to be and place flowers and wreaths and say some prayers. I believe if she did this that she would feel some peace within herself. She will drive herself crazy trying to find an answer that is never coming.  :o :o :o :o :o
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News out today that Beth Holloway and Peter de Vries from Nl working on a documentary together regarding Natalee. They have also been to Aruba and met with Blanken, and were off to Alabama. This should be quite an interesting one as it may have something on the extortion plot by Joran.
I think it's an excellent move, since the Docu of Joran and his mother, try to make Joran out as a victim, which is a real stretch of imagination.
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Part 1 of 4 Het gewetenloze spel van Joran van der Sloot (1/4) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZeKZl6T6Kc#)
Part 2 of 4 Het gewetenloze spel van Joran van der Sloot (2/4) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=705G6JJ_o9U#)
Part 3 of 4 Het gewetenloze spel van Joran van der Sloot (3/4) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN2CvdCAExY#)
Part 4 of 4 Het gewetenloze spel van Joran van der Sloot (4/4) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTH1K1xIS3U#)
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A friend told me last nite that she had Nancy Grace show on and that in Aruba, the beach where Natalee supposedly was on, that a jawbone was found with teeth. The authorities had mentioned it could be Natalee's. Tests were going to be done. That was the only information she gave me.
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Here's the link to the latest on the bone being tested. The bone was found on the beach of the Phoenix Hotel near one of the locations mentioned by van der Sloot.

New clue in Natalee Holloway disappearance
Published: Nov. 16, 2010 at 11:28 AM

http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2010/11/16/New-clue-in-Natalee-Holloway-disappearance/UPI-14461289916973/ (http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2010/11/16/New-clue-in-Natalee-Holloway-disappearance/UPI-14461289916973/)

This is the story about the skeleton in the photo form last March

Skeleton photo to be part of Holloway case
Published: March. 19, 2010 at 12:35 PM
http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2010/03/19/Skeleton-photo-to-be-part-of-Holloway-case/UPI-37111269016555/ (http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2010/03/19/Skeleton-photo-to-be-part-of-Holloway-case/UPI-37111269016555/)
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Yes the jaw bone has been determined by Forensics in Aruba to be that of a young white caucasian. The NFI in Netherlands is where they do detailed testing and can determine DNA. The dental records would be faster and I don't doubt those were already asked for, although I don't know.

The only problem with finding things on the beach now is that Thomas went through there and caused considerable upheaval destroying beach huts and making a mess of the beaches. There is speculation amongst those that live in Aruba and visit there, the remians could have come from anywhere. We're all hopeful there is finally an answer for the Twitty/Holloway families.
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http://video.foxnews.com/v/4425089/break-in-the-natalee-holloway-case/ (http://video.foxnews.com/v/4425089/break-in-the-natalee-holloway-case/)

New technology out now that can test for date rape drug in root canals which can stay present for many years after death according to Dr. Baden.
One of the Kalpoe brothers mentioned in a statement that if girls weren't responding to Joran fast enough he would use date rape drugs on tourist girls.
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I feel everyone on here is praying that this is Natalee's remains. This would be a great boost to get this case solved. And knowing about the date rape drug maybe able to be found in the testing, makes it all that more possible for a conviction in this case. Wouldn't it be a wonderful present for the families of this young woman if this case could be solved. :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
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‘Jawbone belongs to a young female’
19 Nov, 2010, 13:25 (GMT -04:00)

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ORANJESTAD — The partial jawbone found by American tourists on the beach near the Phoenix Hotel last week Friday, belongs to a young female. At any rate, that’s what American media are saying, who base this on comments from field officer Peter Blanken. He is currently in the Netherlands and was not available for comment this morning.

Meanwhile, the Public Prosecutor (OM) here does not wish to comment on the case and says one will wait for the result from the Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI). Whether Blanken had indeed told the American media that it regarded a jawbone of a young female, solicitor general Taco Stein could not ‘confirm or deny’ this morning. “As I have not spoken to him yet, I do not know what he did or did not say. Our viewpoint remains that we wait for the result from NFI,” Stein said before the Amigoe.

It is unknown yet when the research from the Forensic Institute will be completed. However, the solicitor general does know that no result will be available today anyhow. “We will probably know more next week.” Stein says that based on the result, the OM will ‘consider’ what will be made known to the media and that any relatives will be informed first. “You can imagine the Holloway-family is having a hard time now.” Stein did not wish to anticipate of which consequences a positive identification could have for the investigation into the case surrounding Natalee Holloway. Nevertheless, he says one has meanwhile searched the location where the jawbone had washed ashore. This investigation had not yielded anything, according to Stein.

For that matter, it is still not certain whether one could remove sufficient DNA from the jawbone for positive identification. “We will have to wait what the experts say, but the bone had been in the seawater for a long time.” The DNA material from the jawbone will be compared with the DNA profiles from Natalee’s parents. Dental data from Natalee is supposedly sent from the United States to the Netherlands for comparison as well. The American teenager disappeared without a trace in 2005 after spending an evening out at Carlos and Charlies. Joran van der Sloot was the last person she was seen with. Joran is meanwhile on remand in the Castro Castro prison in Peru. He is suspected of murdering the Peruvian student Stephany Flores last May.

Dave Holloway was asked for Natalee's dental records this past week and they have been sent  to NFI.
Fox crew and CNN have already established themselves on Aruba as of the 20th. Jean Casearz claims she's camped out at the Prosecutors office already.

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Oranjestad, Aruba (CNN) -- Aruban prosecutors plan to release Tuesday the results of tests conducted on a jawbone found on an island beach and disclose whether it belongs to missing U.S. teenager Natalee Holloway, officials said.

The tests, conducted at the Netherlands Forensic Institute in The Hague, Netherlands, were to first determine whether the bone is that of a human or that of an animal. If the bone is human, authorities said, they would attempt to determine through DNA testing if it belonged to Holloway. The Alabama 18-year-old was last seen on the island in 2005.

Aruba Solicitor General Taco Stein said prosecutors will issue a statement Tuesday with the test results.

Holloway's dental records were sent to the forensic institute last week, according to the FBI.

"Dave has been in contact with Aruban authorities and spoke with FBI this morning, the agent working the case. Dave believes it is Natalee," Miller said about Holloway's father, Dave Holloway.

A call to the father was not immediately returned Monday.

Part of a jawbone with a tooth was found earlier this month by an American tourist near the Phoenix Hotel, a large resort on the western side of the island, Aruban prosecutor Peter Blanken said. Contacted by CNN, the hotel referred questions to local authorities.

The prosecutor said the bone was initially examined by a forensic expert in Aruba, who determined it was from a young woman. But Blanken cautioned the final determination would be made by the forensic institute.

Also on Monday, police collected a second bone that was found earlier this month on the beach by a New Jersey family, said Ana Angela, spokeswoman for Aruban prosecutors. However, "it does not appear to be human," said Richard Roy, general manager of the Westin Hotel.

The bone was found in the same general area as the first. The family, who was staying at the Westin, put it on their hotel balcony. They told CNN that once they returned home and heard media reports on the jawbone, they called the FBI and then contacted the Westin. Staffers at the hotel found the bone on the balcony and notified police.

Holloway was last seen in the early hours of May 30, 2005, leaving an Oranjestad nightclub with Joran van der Sloot and two other men. She was visiting the island with about 100 classmates to celebrate their graduation from Mountain Brook High School in suburban Birmingham, Alabama.

Van der Slootwasdetained twice in connection with Holloway's disappearance but never charged. He is now awaiting trial in Lima, Peru, on a murder charge in the death of Peruvian student Stephany Flores. Her body was found in May in a hotel room registered to van der Sloot. A surveillance camera captured images of the two entering the room .

Van der Sloot, 23, is also charged with wire fraud and extortion in Alabama for allegedly attempting to extort more than $250,000 from Holloway's family in return for disclosing the location of her body.

Her father believes it to be her...that must mean something has come out prior to the announcement they are making tomorrow.  Personally, if it isn't her, they wouldn't be making this such a big deal, setting a date to make the annoucement.
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I've just heard on a news flash that a tourist has found another bone part.
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Bone material not of Natalee Holloway

At the request of the Aruban Public Prosecutor's Office the Netherlands Forensic Institute has conducted forensic anthropological and DNA investigations on bone material, a piece of jawbone with a tooth. These investigations were executed simultaneously. Detailed examination by the NFI excludes the possibility that the bone material found in Aruba is that of Natalee Holloway.

Exclusion after comparing dental records

It was, first, necessary to establish that the bone material was in fact human material. This is the case. Thus the forensic anthropological investigation was expanded to include an investigation by forensic odontologists. Using the dental records of Natalee Holloway, such as the location of wisdom teeth and fillings, a comparison was made with the jaw bone recovered on Aruba. Based on these comparisons it could be excluded that the investigated bone material and molar came from Natalee Holloway.

DNA testing

Along with the forensic anthropological and odontological research, the NFI initiated a forensic DNA investigation. However, only a very small amount of DNA material was present and that was also of low quality. The bone appeared to have been exposed to various (weather) influences and proved to be porous. DNA researchers at the NFI therefore have applied extensive and highly sophisticated techniques to the DNA present in the bone to be examined.

On the basis of the comparison of the dental records the possibility that the bone material came from Natalee Holloway was excluded, therefore further DNA testing has been stopped. There is still a possibility that the molar from the jawbone could be used for further efforts to generate a DNA profile. However this follow-up study of said molar would inhibit future research into identifying the person from whom the bone originates.

Given that, based on dental records, it can be ruled out that the bone fragment came from Natalee Holloway, the Office of the Public Prosecutor in Aruba has decided not yet to carry out further research on the material. The prosecution will decide what further action will be taken to identify the bone material.

Natalee Holloway Investigation

The Office of the Public Prosecutor in Aruba has been involved in an investigation into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway since her dissapearance. The case retains the constant attention from law enforcement on the island.

http://gretawire.blogs.foxnews.com/jaw-bone-not-natalee-holloways/ (http://gretawire.blogs.foxnews.com/jaw-bone-not-natalee-holloways/)

All the pomp and ceremony regarding the Press conference; everyone was so sure this was Natalee, even her father Dave was certain they could finally bring Natalee home.  :(

I hope at least this mandible will answer some other family's quest. I believe an airplane went down near the coast of SA and not all were recovered. In the wake of Thomas, seas have been rough and made havoc of Aruban beaches, and likely alot of foreign material was deposited there with the constant changing of tides.
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Joran van der Sloot's computer to get FBI going-over in Natalee Holloway case


Posted by Camille Mann

(CBS/WIAT) BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - FBI agents will travel to Peru to inspect the hard drive of a laptop belonging to Joran van der Sloot, who is accused of killing a Peruvian woman, and who has twice been arrested in connection with the disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway case.

Federal agents are scheduled to meet with two agents of the Peruvian National Police High Technology Crime Division at their police headquarters in Lima on March 14, according to a report by CNN.

They hope to find clues on Van der Sloot's computer to help solve the 2005 disappearance of Holloway, who was on a school trip to Aruba. She was last seen leaving a club with Van der Sloot and two other local teens. While he has never been charged in the Mountain Brook teen's disappearance he is still considered the prime suspect.

The FBI was able to win an indictment against Van der Sloot on wire fraud and extortion charges. They claim the Dutchman promised the Holloway family information about Natalee's fate but never provided any relevant information, reports CBS affiliate WIAT.

The laptop could also provide critical information about Van der Sloot's legal troubles in Peru. He is now being held in the Castro Castro prison facing charges for allegedly killing 21-year-old Peruvian Stephany Flores last May. Her body was found in van der Sloot's Lima hotel room, 5 years to the day after Holloway's disappearance, WIAT reports.

Van der Sloot confessed he killed Flores when she found material relating to Holloway on his laptop, police say, the same computer the FBI will now get a chance to examine, reported the station.

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Post by: SAP on April 10, 2012, 02:08:36 AM
Google translation of a recent Dutch news article:

Paul Ruven, Dutch director that movie Me & Mr.. Jones made a very special offer received last week. According to his own, he can say the hard drive of the laptop of Joran van der Sloot buy. Ruven said to have been mailed by someone in Australia, asking if he was interested.

In late Shownews Ruven some prints to see that he has been sent. Thus, there on the laptop pictures of Joran with ex-lovers are even snapshots of Joran and Natalee Holloway together.

Click here for the video!

http://www.bruno.nl/nieuws/12160/video- ... sloot.html


How likely would it be that someone in Australia would have Joran's old computer hard drive? About as likely as the Aruban police issuing a copy of taped investigative interviews to an Internet persona in USA!
In the early years of this case a supposed Australian wrote a long diatribe of the case and he even could be found on the Net under the name of Rolls/Roly Roper on writing on amplifiers and such however he has since dropped off the face of the earth with his view on the case; all the other websites have died.
Seems more consistent with the personas that played on the Internet, vilifying Natalee and her mother Beth. How anyone can do this over a missing and likely murdered young girl's body is beyond me. Bizarre!

Now that the dust has settled on Joran and he is doing hard time of 28 yrs for another vicious murder, some internet personas are missing their Joran "fix" and pulling out of the woodwork, files that Joran shared willingly and selling them to movie makers?
It is a fact that Aruban police did NOT produce a tape to an internet self acclaimed sleuth, rather Joran was able to get a copy and the copy was transcribed on the Net, under the label of Deepak tapes.
It doesn't make a difference how many essays many personas write of what they/he think happened to Natalee (in defense of Joran) the game playing over a missing and likely murdered young girl is totally sick and disgusting!   
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Possible U.S. Extradition for Joran van der Sloot
April 24, 2012 - 11:41 AM

Joran van der Sloot could soon be in the United States where he faces federal extortion charges. That's according to Dutch media reports out today. Van der Sloot remains the prime suspect in the 2005 disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

The Department of Justice declined to comment on the reports of a possible extradition in the works.

Citing Joran van der Sloot's Peruvian attorney Maximo Altez, CNN is reporting that a Peruvian judge has approved a U.S. request for provisional detention, the first step in the extradition process.

Former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones tells us it's possible. A prisoner can be released to stand trial in another nation while incarcerated, but regardless of the outcome the prisoner would ultimately be sent back to complete the sentence.

"It's one of those cases that's being looked at all over the world really. So I don't think it would be too unusual, but it is out of the norm no question about that," said Doug Jones, former U.S. Attorney. "If there are extradition papers pending then I'm sure the authorities in both countries are going to carefully take a look at them."

"This is a pretty big case. It's a high profile case; you can count on the fact that it's going to get a close scrutiny from both governments," said Jones. "I think the biggest question is whether or not he is going to continue to serve that sentence, whether or not he is going to be released into US custody through diplomatic channels. That can happen. You can be released. Through writs you can have one prisoner released to another sovereign in order to stand trial, but then at the end of the day he would have to go back regardless of the outcome of the trial in the United States they would go back. The other thing is whether or not that 28 year sentence is not really a 28 year sentence and he's looking to be getting out you know at some point very soon and then there's a hold on him in which case he would be extradited to the United States," said Jones.

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Post by: malloryknox on April 26, 2012, 03:58:47 PM
Yes!, great news!
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Post by: SAP on May 10, 2012, 01:51:05 PM
Van der Sloot is being prosecuted for murder Holloway
Updated: May 10, 2012 1:42 p.m. info
WASHINGTON - The United States wants Joran prosecuted for murder. That, Michael Griffith informed the Huffington Post Thursday.

Griffith is a leading member of the International Legal Defense Counsel, an organization that citizens in captivity abroad assists.

The U.S. is asking Peru to Van der Sloot's extradition in connection with his alleged extortion of the mother of Natalee Holloway. Griffith suggests , however, that the American judicial system has no time to investigate such matters.

Justice would Van der Sloot, once he is in America, to prosectue him for the murder of Natalee Holloway, who disappeared in Aruba in 2005.

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Post by: jobo on May 12, 2012, 05:24:14 AM
If they go ahead and prosecute, then they can get the two brothers to testify.  And they will hopefully tell the truth, which will seal Van der Sloot's fate.  Many years have passed, the brothers will not feel the same allegiance to Van der Sloot, I hope.
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Post by: SAP on May 12, 2012, 09:05:58 AM
I'm wondering also if the two young men feel safer now to speak up or may have already. The persons who could have brought them harm are no longer there on the Island. Those that tried to throw them under the bus, and turned things around so that they looked like the perp, have somehow become quite friendly towards them. Or perhaps it was b/c of the money they hope to gain from suing Dr. Phil and Co. that has made the turn around of some of these folks. Joran's staunch supporters are a whacky lot of people.
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Post by: Concerned on March 09, 2017, 09:30:56 PM
It's hard to believe that it's been nearly twelve years since Natalee Holloway went missing. She remains unfound. I've always felt she was alive, I don't know why, it's just the energy I get when I think of her story. But, then again, I hang onto hope for a long, long time. I ran across an article about her friends and how they've gone through the last five years missing her. I admire Natalee's mother even more once you hear about her efforts. Something I'm sure we would all do. She really didn't have a choice, but to feverishly look for her child. Bless her.

"What We've Never Told Anyone About Natalee Holloway," visit http://www.glamour.com/story/what-weve-never-told-anyone-about-natalee-holloway.

I hope Natalee has a chance to come home some day. It's a prayer.
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Post by: Sap1 on March 10, 2017, 02:43:50 PM
In the beginning I also felt she would return, but later when Joran started telling his story to a detectives "plant" a lot of what he said really made it sound like he was there when Natalee died.
There were a lot of detractors working on Joran's side and most did not want Aruba to get a bad reputation as their livelihood and that of many others was, in their minds, in danger, if Aruba got a bad rap. 
When he killed Stephanie in SA, some of his supporters began to see the light, except for a small group of conspiracy theorists who tried to say Joran was set up by FBI who were friends of Beth.  ::)

I followed this case in discussions on a forum and there were tons of forums in that time frame. Joran had a particularly nasty following who would go to any lengths to find out who the negative (to Joran) posters were and would try and find anything on them and make it all public. I guess it was about this time also that I began to realize that not all the crazy people were not in mental institutions. It's odd how some of these cases affect people who have absolutely nothing to do with them.

Beth found herself a niche to help her deal with all the hurt and she is a strong woman because she did have a lot of adversity to face and through it all she stayed well. Dave on the other hand jumped at every mention of Natalee and would fly off to Aruba with great hopes only to be pumped down again. He had a heart attack and had to learn to let go to an extent.
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Post by: Sap1 on August 16, 2017, 05:10:10 PM

Natalee Holloway's father discovers human remains in Aruba: 'I was shocked'

Twelve years after Natalee Holloway's disappearance on a graduation trip to Aruba, her father is hoping a recent discovery will yield a major break in the case of what happened to his daughter.

Dave Holloway and private investigator T.J. Ward announced on TODAY Wednesday that an 18-month investigation has led them to discover human remains that are being DNA tested to confirm if they are Natalee's.

Natalee Holloway's father talks about investigation of her disappearance
"When we determined these remains were human, I was shocked,'' Holloway told Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie. "I know there's a possibility this could be someone else, and I'm just trying to wait and see."

In May 2005, Holloway vanished on a trip with friends following her graduation from an Alabama high school in a disappearance that remains an unsolved mystery. No one has ever been charged in her disappearance.

Joran van der Sloot, the Dutch man Natalee was last seen with outside a popular tourist bar, is currently serving a 28-year prison sentence in Peru for killing business student Stephany Flores. She died on the fifth anniversary of Holloway's disappearance in 2010.

An informant known as "Gabriel" put Ward and Holloway in contact with a man they claim had direct knowledge of Natalee's disappearance.

"We have a person who states he was directly involved with Joran van der Sloot in disposing of Natalee's remains,'' Holloway said. "I thought, you know, there may be something to this."

Ward and Holloway are featured in a new Oxygen series premiering on Saturday night called "The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway," which follows their search to find out what happened.

"We've chased a lot of leads and this one is by far the most credible lead I've seen in the last 12 years,'' Holloway said.

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Natalee Holloway's disappearance: Mother speaks out 11 years later

The men have been back and forth to an unspecified location behind a house in Aruba that was provided to them by the informant, ultimately digging up remains that were found to be human after they were tested. The DNA test will take several weeks to a month to determine if they are Natalee's remains, Holloway said.

A year after Natalee's mother said on TODAY that "justice has not been served" in Natalee's death, her father is hoping for some closure if the remains are determined to be his daughter.

"It would finally be the end,'' he said.
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Post by: Concerned on September 26, 2018, 10:38:56 AM
Natalee Holloway case: Man who claimed to help Joran van der Sloot dispose of teen's body is stabbed to death

Stan Chambers, WTSP-TV, Tampa-St. Petersburg
Published 8:55 a.m. ET March 15, 2018 | Updated 12:54 p.m. ET March 15, 2018

NORTH PORT, Fla. — In the 2017 series The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway, John Christopher Ludwick made headlines when claiming he helped Joran van der Sloot dispose of the missing teen's body.

Now he, too, is dead.

Ludwick, 32, of Port Charlotte, Fla., a community northwest of Fort Myers, Fla., was stabbed to death Tuesday after he attempted to kidnap a woman from her vehicle in nearby North Port, police said.

Ludwick was roommates with the woman at one point and wanted a romantic relationship with her, but she didn't, North Port police spokesman Joshua Taylor said.

"He essentially ambushed her getting out of her car, going into her home," said Taylor.

The woman was able to wrestle a knife from Ludwick, then stabbed him in the abdomen, police said.

 â€śIt appears that the male subject who has passed was attempting to kidnap a young woman as she exited her vehicle in her driveway. They are familiar with each other,” police said in a statement on Facebook. “A struggle ensued, and he is the one who ended up stabbed. He then fled the area on foot. He was found nearby suffering from the stab wounds.”

Ludwick was airlifted to a local hospital, where he died. The woman won't be charged, Taylor said.

"From every ounce of evidence we have so far, she was a victim in this case," he added....

Source:  https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/03/15/natalee-holloway-case-man-who-claimed-help-joran-van-der-sloot-dispose-teens-body-stabbed-death/427290002/