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Title: The Memphis Three and Chris Byers, Michael Moore and Steve Branch.
Post by: Sleuth on June 14, 2009, 11:14:33 AM
I was always wondering about this case from the get-go due to the over blown up out of proportion hoopla in regards to the Santic angle.  So have been following it oh these many years. If anyone is interested in forensics, et al, this is one of the most brilliant comprehensive case website put together by Martin Hill and his group.


This website is a fascinating site, 160,000 words - equivalent to a 600 page book. It is one of the most objective, through writings of a case I have ever come across. It is broken down into categories. It has pictures from the crime scene, evidence, detailed drawing maps, layouts, who's who and their involvement, even their past history, and original coroners reports et al. This is an ongoing, 'labour of love' so to speak, as new information is acquired it is updated. What I find most fascinating is the different knots used to tie the boys up, they are very telling in and of itself.
Title: Re: The Memphis Three and Chris Byers, Michael Moore and Steve Branch.
Post by: Sleuth on June 15, 2009, 12:07:09 AM
 It was the lad's shoelaces which were used to hog tie the boys (right arm[hand] to right ankle, and left arm [hand]to left ankle] except for one shoelace left in one running shoe [did the perp(s) cut one in half?]. Because of the two different tie knots, on the left side and right side of one of the boys it shows two perps where involved. Also where the bodies were found, two together and one further down. And the some of the clothing which was taken [and never found]. Also there was no blood, and they were mutilated badly, but no semen was found. So does that mean they were taken and killed elsewhere and then brought back and dumped where they were found? The Police on this case from the very beginning acted like the Keystone cops. Employees phoned in to the Police about a man who entered the fast food take out restaurant, at the edge of the woods where the bodies were found. He was covered in mud and blood and used the women's restroom to clean himself up. A female Officer responded, but she drove through the drive through to question the person at the take out window, and then the Officer got a call in regards to someone throwing eggs so she left to investigate the egg thrower and never went back. A couple of days later, when a couple of Officers wandered in for food the manager mentioned again about the man who came in to use the women's washroom. Scrapings from the washroom wall etc. were taken and then lost. So from the get-go the investigating Officers screwed up big time. There are so many mistakes the Police made in this case that it puts all other great Police Officers to shame. But then again, in their defense, it is a small town and nothing much happens there so when this hit the fan they kinda stumbled through the process of investigation.