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Title: Man Suspected in Attempted Kidnapping Let Go
Post by: Emylee on April 18, 2009, 05:24:31 PM
ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- An Orange County man was arrested Thursday night after he allegedly attempted to kidnap a 9-year-old girl who was playing with friends in her neighborhood. Marcus Younge, 23, was booked into jail, but was released on $5,000 bond Friday morning, nearly 12 hours after his arrest.

"We took this very seriously. Anytime you attempt to abduct a child we book under no bond," said Sergeant Rich Mankowich of the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators say the arresting detective put a zero in the bond amount column on Younge's arrest affidavit. The question is, how was he released without seeing a judge?

Eyewitness News reporter Vanessa Welch discovered that a rookie deputy, still in training, made a big mistake when he took Younge in for booking.

The sheriff's office says a jail employee told the rookie deputy set Younge's bond for attempted kidnapping at $5,000. The rookie wrote that number next to the zero, overwriting the detective's order and allowing Younge to walk out of jail.

The girl's mother told Eyewitness News Younge tried to grab her daughter while she was playing outside near Pershing Avenue and Goldenrod Road (see map) in Orlando. She said she's very angry.

"I don't understand that. Where is the protection for our kids? I don't understand at all," she said.

The girl told investigators that she was playing hid and seek with neighborhood friends when an unknown black male came out of nowhere, grabbed her by the wrist and tried to pick her up. However, the girl was able to break free and run home. She also noticed the man running away in another direction.

The girl's parents immediately called deputies. While deputies were responding, the victim's family conducted their own search of the neighborhood. They saw a man who fit the description on the next street over and managed to snap a photo of him with their cell phone and notified authorities when they arrived.

Deputies cordoned off the area and used a K-9 to track the scent. The dog led deputies to a house about one block away. That is where they found Younge and arrested him.

Investigators say Younge initially denied even being outside his home during the time the alleged kidnapping took place. However, once he saw there was a photograph of him, Younge admitted that he was on the street.

Younge told deputies he reached down to give the girl a hug. He also acknowledged to deputies that he may have a problem when it comes to young children and wanting to hug them.

According to investigators, Younge admitted to deputies that he tried to kidnap the child Thursday night on Tern Drive in Orange County and also said he's attracted to young children.

"I didn't abduct the little girl. It was false information," Younge told WFTV. "I would never pick up a child that doesn't belong to me. I grew up in a good home, my mom is a minister. I am not stupid; I am not going to do something to someone's child."

Younge admitted that he was wrong and wrote an apology letter to the little girl for scaring her. Investigators said he has no criminal history and told them he was sexually abused as a child.

Younge's neighbor's worry he will try to harm another child.

"I think they should really punish the person who let him out early. A day without pay or lose their job. We are talking about kids. They cant defend themselves," Younge's neighbor said.

Deputies have not released the rookie deputy's name and said he may be reprimanded, but more than likely will be shown the proper procedures instead.
I ask how does this happen?
I mean sure its a rookie detective, but if he is a rookie, why let him book him?

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Title: Re: Man Suspected in Attempted Kidnapping Let Go
Post by: Chris on April 22, 2009, 03:03:57 AM
What a horrible mistake! I hope this guy does not do anything while he is out on bail. These freaks shold never be let out on bail.