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Title: agroup for Robert
Post by: ojanaway on January 05, 2009, 08:20:58 AM
Asyou know,I'm looking for Robert Wylie Harris,an UScitizen involved with The Family religious sect.Icreated a Yahoo group called find_robert.
Here is thelink:
Ifyou want to visit it,you'll find Robert's whole story and informations about The Family religious sect.Odette
Title: Re: agroup for Robert
Post by: ojanaway on January 14, 2009, 01:39:09 AM
I started a campaign called AMAIL FOR ROBERT.
The Family won't give me news and denies even the existence of a MARK OZIAS(Robert's namein the sect).They act this way because believe no one but me cares.
I ask anyone who views this post or visits my Yahoo Group to write a mail,with the subject WHERE IS MARK OZIAS? and nothing else at thefollowing addresses:
This way TF will realize Robert is not alone.
An US pastor and an indian reverend wrote themselves and are spreading word.If you can,if you feel like it,if you want to,please write and tell anyone you knowto do the same.A mail can make a BIG difference.Thanks.Odette
Title: Re: agroup for Robert
Post by: ojanaway on February 03, 2009, 09:16:40 AM
There are strange developments in Robert's story.
Last summer I met a woman who,after 20 years,escaped TF and isworking in an antisect center (so she says).She shared my views about Robert and when I started the group and the campaign grantedher help.Exactly one week ago,she told me she even posted an ad on her own about Robert in an exmembers forum (unasked for).Yesterday,abruptly,the music changed.According to her mail,I'm making too much fuss over nothing,there is nocertainty Robert really disappared,I have to drop the matter "for yr lovedones's sake".
Now if Rober really got out of my life freely,why,after sept 2007,for 2monthsthechief of Renaissance Home in Mumbai and his righthand man bothered to make at least 20 threatening phne callsfrom India to Italy,stopping only because Ithreatened to involve Mumbai police and media?Why,in the same period,my mail address was violated andimportant mailsdeleted?Why all this "fuss over nothing"?
Unfrotunately I'veknown TF for years and this mail is totally Family-like,veiled threats included.According to me,this is THE evidence Robert really disappeared and I'm moredetermined than ever to know the truth.Odette Janaway
Title: Re: agroup for Robert
Post by: Adrian on February 05, 2009, 02:38:05 AM

Hi! I read over your posts, and get the jist of what you are saying. Can you explain, a bit more?

You believe that Robert, is living with a cult in India? Also that it is against his will? Were you your self ever in the cult The Family? Also have you contacted the police, or any deprogrammers, that have worked with this group?

Thanks for helping me along, and if you have any pictures?
Title: Re: agroup for Robert
Post by: ojanaway on February 05, 2009, 07:40:08 AM
Dear Adrian,
Thank God I never was in The Family.If they have been part of my life for years it's because of him.I was always against them,and after what was done to me and what i found out when I was in India,I'm against them more than ever.
I don't know where Robert is now,I haven't known anything for nearly 17 months now.My instinct tells me there are two alternatives:either India or USA.There is no halfway,knowing Robert the way I do.
I believe he has no way to communicate with me.
TF is very clever in emotional blackmail,and Robert's soft spot is her youngest kid,Amanda,now 9.
They used her also when I was in India.
I'm sure that what keeps him there is the fear he might never see her again,that she might be set against him.
In 2002 Robert literally escaped from Calcutta,where he was then living with Tf.After 9 months he had to go back because of Amanda.
Go to my Yahoo Group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/find_robert)and read Robert's whole story.You'll understand what I mean.
About deprogrammers and so on,there is a big problem here.They won't do anything,because I'm not a relative,am not his wife.Relatives must ask for help,not strangers.
As much as I carefor him,my hands are bound.
Don't think I didn't try.
What I can do,what I'm doing,is wiriting here and in other places,creating a group and a blog,make fuss hoping that people who read canhelp me in some way.
Thanks for yr time.Odette
PS I have one picture,but am not able to post it.
Title: Re: agroup for Robert
Post by: waabzy on February 05, 2009, 09:23:42 AM
RE PS I have one picture,but am not able to post it.

Odette for personal reasons I do not get into threads regarding cults.  AND NO I AM NOT A CULT MEMBER!!!

However, I have one question; it seems you are the only person who is concerned about this man.  His family are not showing concern for whatever reason. We have only your version of this story - not his family's and not his.  without meaning to sound cold and uncaring i suggest that he MAY be choosing on his own accord to remain with these people or maybe he is not with them at all and wants no contact with you  for other reasons. We don't know because we have only heard from you. I have found NOTHING on the internet about this man except what you have posted on various websites in your desperate search for him.

This I do not understand.  Seems to me if I  had a loved one missing I would go to any length to find that person - including making sure their picture was posted EVERYWHERE
Title: Re: agroup for Robert
Post by: ojanaway on February 05, 2009, 02:12:55 PM
Dear Wazzby
you are right.
i'm used to hear the same thing over and over.
Yes,there is only my version,and you know why?Because his relatives washed his handsof him long ago,and whatever happens to him is not their business.Robert's belonging to TF really disrupted his original family,and other things added up during the years.I know their reasons and Ithink that in their place maybe i'd have done the same.Of course,I know only Robert's version and must accept it,the same way you have mine.
If you doubt of my good faith,it hurts,as it always hurts,because I know my feelings and my heart,but obviously you have yr own mind.
Ionly wanted to tell you that you don't live 24 hours a day with somebody for along time with closed eyes.
If Iwas sure Robert doesn't want to have nothing to do with me,do you think I'd do what I'm doing?Why,to hurt myself more than I've already been hurt?It would be asuicide.
I'm not asking you to blindly believe me:I simply tellyou things are as I told you.OJ
Title: Re: agroup for Robert
Post by: waabzy on February 05, 2009, 07:01:56 PM
I do not doubt your good faith. just suggesting he may not want to be found. perhaps he is still with the family or is out and living with another woman. I found a mark ozias in wa state
have you checked this out:

A New Leaf Plants & Produce

Mark Ozias & Lisa Boulware
1605 Happy Valley Rd.
Sequim, WA 98382
United States

daytime phone: 360-683-0164
evening phone: 360-683-0164

and that mark ozias signature is on the following link. is this his signature?

Title: Re: agroup for Robert
Post by: ojanaway on February 06, 2009, 01:01:36 AM
Dear Wazzby,
thanks but it's not him.
You know, in sense you got a point.
There is a small chance he left TF and doesn't want to be found.Last night I was chatting with a friend of mine and she mentioned the same thing.
In 2002,after all,when he escaped from Calcutta and went back to California,it took TF 9 months to find him and make him go back to India.
As you know,in all these years I came to know them well:sometimes I'm even able to think likethem.
If someone escapes from TF,the way Robert did,they won't let go so easily.
When his first wife fled with the kids and then divorced Robert (in the 80s)TF pestered her for years to make her come back,in any way.Luckily she never changed her mind,and granted her kids anormal life,far from TF.
That might explain the fact that  his sister in California never answered my mails.
I really hope this is the case.
Anyway I'll go on looking for him.
Maybe it won't seem so,but I really love Robert.To join him in India,I burnt all the bridges here,lef behind all my previous life.I'd do it again and again,but it's devastating,and you pay a big price every day.Thethought of him is always me, wherever I am,whatever I do.
I need to know he's well and safe,out of there.
Thakns again.OJ
Title: Re: agroup for Robert
Post by: waabzy on February 06, 2009, 01:49:46 PM
have you tried the xfamily website?  all those people left tf/cog .maybe someone there might know him or where he went.
there are people there who post who have been out of tf for years and others who recently left. some were in when it was still cog. none report being harrassed or harmed for leaving. they all post openly. i am sure tf people read these posts as they are open to the public. im not a member and i read them all lol.
if he left he may well have changed his identity again and begun a new life altogether needing to leave the past in the past.
good luck!
Title: Re: agroup for Robert
Post by: ojanaway on February 07, 2009, 01:10:33 AM
Dear Waazby,
I posted on exfamily.org three weeks ago.Every two or three days I check for answers.Right now no luck,but everything is possible.Anyway,you are giving me interesting things to think about and i thank you for that.OJ
Title: Re: agroup for Robert
Post by: capeheart on February 07, 2009, 12:33:19 PM
There is a jumbled message here and I am not getting it. I do not understand the facts of this story. I like you do not believe people when they do not want to post a picture. That is the only way anyone can get help to find an individual. I tried to get on the thread that was here, but could not. Hope more information is forthcoming. :o :o :o :o :o :o
Title: Re: agroup for Robert
Post by: waabzy on February 07, 2009, 01:31:11 PM
i agree its weird that anyone who is searching for a missing loved one who has a picture of that person doesn't post pictures everywhere.  actually i have never come across anyone before who has a picture but won t post it. how else are we to try to help find the missing person. physical descriptions  of missing people isn't enough to go by.  too many people match same description.

this was my first concern but then after researching tf/cog cult and seeing the xfamily website and how so many have left without being harrassed by the cult to return, i posted my thoughts on perhaps this man is not missing but is either in the cult and wanting to break all contact with everyone or has left the cult changed his identity and doesnt want contact with anyone from his past.
Title: Re: agroup for Robert
Post by: capeheart on February 07, 2009, 04:40:49 PM
You could be right there on the money. He may not want to be found, because he is afraid to be found because of someone harming him because he left the cult. That is something to think about. :o :o :o :o :o
Title: Re: agroup for Robert
Post by: ojanaway on February 08, 2009, 02:13:15 AM
I see that my goodfaith is questioned,andthis hurts,a lot.
As Navajos say,to understand aperson you must wear his moccassins for three moons(and,Iadd,is niot enough).
THethings I told,Robert's story,are all true.Ican understand that it's hard to believe,but Ididn't make up anything.Sometimes Iwish I had.Anyway,I'm not here to be questioned or crucified.
You may think I'm stopping right now to post here because Ihave something to hide.Welcome.
Isimply stop because I'm not on trial,I'm not guilty of anything,have nothing to show to anybody.Thanks the room I had up to now.OJ
Title: Re: agroup for Robert
Post by: HaveThoughtsWillTravel on February 08, 2009, 11:13:54 AM
I'm going to throw a stone here and say she is TF looking for him.
Title: Re: agroup for Robert
Post by: mauvelilac on February 08, 2009, 11:55:43 AM
Have: I'm in your corner and I very much like your new avitar.
Title: Re: agroup for Robert
Post by: Adrian on February 08, 2009, 01:36:39 PM

ojanaway : I have done some reading, and I am wondering if perhaps you could provide solid information concerning the where abouts of your friend...lover...husband...boyfriend...mentor...exactly who was he to you?

Not knowing the circumstances makes it hard to understand for me, anyway.Also a picture would be good. What is the reason for not wanting to post it?

PS HTWT: Looking good, on your avatar!