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Title: Im kinda surprised that no onehas brought this up yet !
Post by: Im_new_here2 on July 17, 2008, 06:01:02 AM
District Attorney  Mary lacy has wrote john ramsey and said that through a new DNA technique called touch DNA showed who evers DNA was in side her underwear and there was a fluin and some blood and from this they got an unknowen make DNA sample it just didnt match anybody we actually new about that DNA along time ago bu 98 anyways ..ok so up to kist recently they tested the long johns she was wearing because they new if someone undressed her they had to redress her and in doing so this new touch DNA CAN detect the skincells left behing by the perp pulling up her long johns and sire enough the touch DNA was a match to the DNA inside her panties and this discluded john and oatsy and any familly mrmber so marry lacy took it upon her self to send john a letter saying that the RAMSEYS HAVE BEEN 100% cleared of anything to do with the murder of beautifull jon benet ramsey..they put it in codis and no hits there .Now there was a guy in jail that claimed to have done this john mark karr's brother..lol just jokin..but he confessed i have no idea what his name is but he then killed him self and there thinking of reexzuming the body for some DNA. I appologise of someone had allready put this up i just couldnt find it anywhere and when it happened last wed i think it was it was on every News channel.
Title: Re: Im kinda surprised that no onehas brought this up yet !
Post by: capeheart on July 17, 2008, 12:05:17 PM
I did see this information on the news about the Ramsey's being cleared, which should have been done at the getgo. What an ordeal to put this family through, mindboggling, because they idolized her. Even with the news of an unknown murderer, they still will not let it die that she was continually molested, according to the autopsy report. This was also on TV on CNN-Nancy Grace program. They did not indicate it was her dad, but that someone in the beauty pagent industry was possibly molesting her continuously, they used terms related to sexual activity and I am not a gynecologist, so that is out of my territory. The beauty pagent business is definitely a palce where these sexual predators hang around. In fact they have to keep checking the credentials of persons continuously to try to keep it clean, but we all know it is the one usually that you least suspect. I am glad for John Ramsey, but his wife Patsy went to her grave without being 100% cleared of any involvement. This new DNA is an exceptional device to help in the solving of crimes.  :D :D :D :D :D :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o
Title: Re: Im kinda surprised that no onehas brought this up yet !
Post by: Chris on July 17, 2008, 05:17:14 PM
Glad they finally ecluded the family. It must hve been horrible. Poor mother especially.

I agree with capeheart, those pervs love those kinds of things and I bet one setup to find the girl. The only question is, was it someone the family knew?

Also, I am so excite they have touch DNA now, that could end up solving even more crimes. How exciting.
Title: Re: Im kinda surprised that no onehas brought this up yet !
Post by: Im_new_here2 on July 18, 2008, 02:32:40 AM
You know capeheart patsy didnt go to her grave not knowing in fact she went to her grave thinking they had caught the guy because she was showen the emails the one email in which has still been kept secret but yet karr stated this in his email which obviousilly convinced lacy and then the ramseys .Ungortunentlly she passed just before they picked him up in thiland so i guess u could say she died thinking she was cleared and they found the intruder we now know different but she had allready passed bu that time...And yes your right about the abuse the term and maybe if a girl reads this she can tell us but the term that the autopsy used was that they new she was assaulted that night with the paintbrush but there was no semon found but what he said was that she had minimal to no hymen left and abraision on top of abrasions which told him she was being physically molested and over time as the hymen doesnt fade away in just one or too sexual acts....
Title: Re: Im kinda surprised that no onehas brought this up yet !
Post by: capeheart on July 18, 2008, 04:33:32 PM
Yes, I guess Patsy did die thinking they had finally caught up with the murderer, I forgot about that, because Karr was in custody then. What a creep, just looking at him and thinking that he came up with that story just to get his face on the news, a real weirdo. I bet now there will be success in getting the criminal, because I will be that he has committed other crimes. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I did forget that she died while they were just going through his arrest and investigation.  8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
Title: Re: Im kinda surprised that no onehas brought this up yet !
Post by: Im_new_here2 on July 18, 2008, 11:35:44 PM
NO,PROBLEM. When Da mary lacy wrote the ramseys this appology and exonerated them completley with her sorry letter ..that night it was clearly huge news and on the greta van sustren show she some how got an interview with that steller performer john mark karr...and you know gretta was different then i see her most nights she was outting him right on the spot and he still wond say if he killed her ..well first he says no one did it was an accident then she said is it true that u mentioned something in the emails u shared with retired detective i forget his name now hes the guy that got them all on to mark  karr in the first place when he sent this guy an email but anyways he said yes that is true i new something that the detectives kept close didnt tell no one  so r u saying you did kill her that night gretta says to him and he goes back to no i have never said i did kill her or that i didnt kill her and besides no one killed her it was a tottal accident ..The guy is messed up something severe..One other thing greta brought up was about a guy that was in jail for killing another girl she was a college student one year later to the axact same date he was found guilty in that case i dont know the names of her or him but gretta said that he confessed to killing john benet but this wes right in the middle of the karr situation so i guess they figured well ig this turns out wrong hes not going anywhere we will talk to him after we do this..but then the guy goes and kills him self and in vlood he wrote i love jon benet...so there was some talk back then of digging up his grave for his dna...ok have a good night ..
Title: Re: Im kinda surprised that no onehas brought this up yet !
Post by: Chris on July 19, 2008, 12:20:26 AM
Greta also did a great job showing how weird and unconventional (AKA incompetant) that local DA's office is. And it looked even worse bring Karr in before investigating that a little more.

The DA's office probably wasted a lot of valuable time and effort targeting the Ramsey family.