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Title: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: kindheart on January 02, 2008, 01:22:24 AM
What happened to Lisa?


Police have zeroed in on a suspect in the disappearance of Lisa Maas ? and they think it was someone the young woman knew
Posted By Scott Dunn
 ?It?s just a matter of time. It could be next week. It could be next year. It could be 10 years from now. Eventually, the police and the public are going to know what took place that weekend.?
Ontario Provincial Police Const. Dan Rajsic, lead police investigator into the Lisa Maas case, speaking to The Sun Times one year after she went missing in 1988.

After years of searching, police have zeroed in on a single suspect in the mysterious disappearance of Lisa Maas almost 20 years ago.
Originally there were seven suspects in the case, which badly unsettled area residents in the summer of 1988. Now, the list of suspects has been reduced to a single name by detectives of the OPP?s historical investigations unit.
Though they can?t as yet identify the suspect, police say it is someone Maas knew.
?It makes it more palatable for everybody when strangers are involved,? said Det.-Const. Andre Bayard, a detective with the cold case squad. ?Everybody wants to believe the bogey man?s out there and be wary. Well you know, I?ve been doing this job over 30 years . . . and the bogeyman is usually somebody you know.?
Police have long suspected that Lisa Leona Maas was murdered, her body disposed of and her car ditched on an impassable bush lane used by farmers to check their fields. The car was hidden from view on a sideroad about one kilometre southeast of Annan.
Next year will be the 20th anniversary of Maas?s disappearance. At the time of her death she was 22 years old and weighed 96 pounds. She was pregnant. Over the years police have sifted freshly laid road gravel, rappelled down crevices and wells, searched by air, land and water over and over again. Still, her body has never been found.

Bayard and Maas? family are certain she?s dead. But without a body, pressing charges is difficult.
In uniform, Bayard looks imposing, with his buzzed hair and quiet, confident air. In civilian guise he wears a tweedy golfer?s cap. He speaks with a hint of a French-Canadian accent.
The veteran Grey County detective, who picked up this trail 11 years ago when the Maas case was added to his other investigative duties, thinks he can still find the young woman?s killer.
Bayard said the circumstances of Maas? disappearance suggest murder. She was looking forward to the birth of her child. She had never previously left the Grey-Bruce area without contacting her parents and she was on good terms with them. She also was in constant contact with a large circle of friends.

The last person known to have seen Lisa Maas was a ?male companion? who left with her from a large party in Woodford on July 17, 1988, to retrieve her car at his home. Police have never said who that companion was and declined to do so for this story.
The ?male companion? told police that he saw Maas climb into her green 1976 Plymouth Fury and drive away at about 4:30 a.m that day, Bayard said.

Caption: OPP photograph of Lisa Maas' Plymouth Fury car.

But Maas knew the area around Leith, Annan and Woodford well, Bayard said. She wouldn?t have taken her car down a bush road more suited for a tractor in the middle of the night. Nor could she have mistaken it for another road, Bayard said. ?She knew these back roads.?
Locals say there are abandoned wells on the property where her car was found. There?s a waterfall that was once used to power a grist mill, a clearing, and the river below. The clearing was also a well-known party place, locals say.
?The car was dumped there,? Bayard said. ?In my humble opinion, I would think only someone that was from the area or knew the area well would access this road.
He added: ?It?s the kind of place someone would go to commit foul play.?

On the morning before her disappearance, Maas had a big fight with her boyfriend, Ron Vallierre, ending their rocky six-month relationship. She called her dad, Ken Reimer, and asked him to come and get her.
Reimer, a retired jeweller and Second World War air force officer, drove to Lisa?s apartment on 10th Street West in downtown Owen Sound, collected his daughter?s things and brought her home.
Reimer, now 83, would eventually become a strong advocate for his missing daughter, prodding police where to search and to search harder, often joining them.
About six months before her disappearance, Maas had moved in with Vallierre, someone the Reimers didn?t approve of. Vallierre, who Bayard said is not a suspect in the case, is believed to have been the father of Lisa?s unborn child. They moved in together at about the time she separated from her husband, Terry Maas. He is not a suspect either.
The afternoon before she disappeared, Lisa Maas drove a long-time friend to Orangeville. Upon her return, she and two girlfriends met the unnamed ?male companion? early in the evening at the bar once known as the Company Inn in downtown Owen Sound. It has since been demolished. The site is the city parking lot off 3rd Avenue East.

Two of the women agreed to drive to Annan and go to the Woodford house party with the ?male companion.? (Bayard and locals who know the man?s identity believe he moved away from this area many years ago.)
Maas left her car in Annan and all three went to Woodford to the party, being held at an old converted limestone schoolhouse.
The home, perched atop and back from an outcrop of limestone beside Highway 26, was the home of Danny Low, a friend of Maas who ?seemed like a stand-up guy,? Bayard said, judging by statements to police. Police have ruled him out as a suspect.
?This was part of the group that she chummed with,? Bayard said in an interview inside his unmarked police car in Woodford, a village on Highway 26, about halfway between Owen Sound and Meaford.

Low?s place was ?party central? on the night of July 17, 1988, though a Buck and Doe party was also going on in the community centre across the highway. Some wandered over but Maas didn?t, Bayard said. She left with the ?male companion? and was never seen again.
The fact Maas was surrounded by friends is part of what makes this case so disconcerting, Bayard said.
Maas? Plymouth Fury was found two days after she disappeared, a couple of kilometres or so from the male companion?s home.
The car was stuck in the mud and whoever drove it there had tried to free it. The car?s doors and trunk lid were found open. The contents of the car were strewn about and one window was partially down.
Maas? driver?s licence was found in the tall grass along Sideroad 24 a few kilometres southeast of Annan. This was a different road from the one on which her car was found.
?It was tossed out there by somebody,? Ken Reimer said. ?I know my daughter wouldn?t toss it out there.
The licence would be the only piece of evidence found, besides that of the car site, directly linked to Maas in any search, police said.

A woman who knew Maas and had met her ?male companion? several times in the ?80s said Maas hung around with a ?rougher crowd, a scarier crowd.? Speaking on condition of anonymity, she said Maas was a good person, but also one who liked to party and smoked pot recreationally.

?She was extremely generous, a very kindhearted person, very close to her friends,? Bayard stressed.
The Reimers adopted Lisa when she was two. She went to high school at West Hill and worked in Reimer?s jewelry store on weekends, where the McLuhan photography studio is today.
?We loved her very much and she was a very talented little girl. She wrote poems and she was an excellent writer,? Reimer said.
Lisa was athletic and played on Owen Sound?s provincial championship-winning lacrosse team in the early ?80s. She and her teammates were paraded up main street on a fire truck. Her medals remain on the wall in her parents? home, south of Chatsworth.
When she married Terry Maas, a surveyor, in 1986, they moved to Toronto. He?s a ?nice lad? who ?comes from a nice family,? Reimer said. Though Terry Maas has moved away and remarried, Reimer and Maas still keep in touch.
?I think if Lisa was around right now she?d tell you that one of the biggest mistakes of her life was leaving a guy like Terry Maas,? Bayard said. ?I spoke to her friends and I have no doubt about that.?

Ken and June Reimer posted rewards, first of $10,000, then $50,000, for information. Posters and billboards advertised the cash for anyone who supplied information that led to a conviction. That $50,000 reward is still available, payable now by the province.
The Reimers spoke with a half-dozen psychics too. Psychics would phone or send mail occasionally, even years after the disappearance, to share their intuitions. A local Native man took Reimer to Johnson?s Harbour up the peninsula and told him the direction his pipe smoke blew would point to clues.

Other psychics called to say that Lisa?s body had been fed to pigs, leaving no trace. Others said her body had been hidden in a septic tank, leading police to check some tanks in specific areas. None of it helped.
?I didn?t hesitate to incorporate anything that a person had to offer because life is funny, you know? And anything could happen,? Reimer said.
There was even a suggestion that sex-killer Paul Bernardo had attended a party in the area at the time that Maas disappeared. Police have ruled him out as a suspect.

Bayard said the OPP conducted more than 165 interviews. There were 24 organized searches involving OPP search teams, police dogs and sometimes a helicopter with a heat-seeking sensor. Concerned citizens undertook several searches too.
There were searches of the Genoe dump, near Annan, local waters, swamps, wells, septic tanks and deep rock crevices. They searched in the former Keppel Township and in 2004, Owen Sound?s West Rocks. Court TV broadcast Maas? story on a cold-case show in late 2006. That produced some tips but not a sign of Maas? remains.
A month after Maas disappeared, a front page story in the Globe and Mail quoted one of Lisa?s friends anonymously.
?Everybody?s scared to talk. Whoever hurt Lisa knew her. Someone was either waiting for her in the car or she picked up someone. I know Lisa wouldn?t stop on a back road in the middle of the night to pick up a stranger.?

Last year DNA testing yielded an individual profile from a blood sample taken from Maas? car in 1988. But more testing must be done to further narrow whose DNA it was and cold-case DNA testing is a low priority task when fresh cases require DNA analysis too, Bayard said. At some point, the active hunt for evidence needed to charge Maas? suspected killer will fizzle out. But for now, while police are still focussed on solving Maas? disappearance, the need for someone to step up and offer information may never be greater.
?It?s very unusual for someone to commit an act like this and never say a word to anybody, especially if these people are involved in the drugs, or the person is intoxicated,? Bayard said. ?You know that?s when loose lips sink ships.?
Anyone with any information that may assist the Lisa Maas investigation is asked to call the OPP at 1-888-310-1122 or 1-877-9FINDME (934-6363) or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). E-mails can also be sent to opp.isb.resolve@jus.gov.on.ca.

Title: Re: Lisa Maas-Owen Sound ON, 1988
Post by: Im_new_here2 on January 02, 2008, 03:52:21 AM
Thanks for posting this .I live in thornbury not to far from where her car was found and seen this case on the court tv so i became interested.I was much to young to ever know anything but iam an avid outdoors men if there ever are any more searches or even somewhere you beleive her remains are i often go on hikes and would be glad to hike in those areas just let me know ..hope her familly gets her home .
Title: Re: Lisa Maas-Owen Sound ON, 1988
Post by: kindheart on January 02, 2008, 12:25:31 PM
Wow! Thanks for the offer and welcome im_new2! Not sure about locations but i suppose we can all theorize and maybe come up with locations? Anyone wanna help here? It will take a while to read it over again and try and work out some places but give us a while and we will see what we come up with. No promises but no harm in trying right? I do believe police kinda know who killed her as i gleaned that from reading, but a body would help in their investigation. :)

Do you have any ideas about where you could look as you are right there?
Title: Re: Lisa Maas-Owen Sound ON, 1988
Post by: Im_new_here2 on January 02, 2008, 05:16:23 PM
Yes i think your right I think they do know who killed her but one thing is they said they have his dna why not arrest him then so im not sure about that..I did read or hear that a single person came forword said he new where her body was and that is off the owensound bluffs or cliffs i think there called he took police right to where it was and dug but could not find her remains ..so i dont know if thats just someone trying to get there 15 minutes or what..theres alot of swampy grass lands all around that area but what i would like to look at is some of those abandoned wells that are on the property where her car was found..its winter now you would be lucky to find a car barried in the snow let alone bones but come spring time iam a huge trout fisherman so that will put me all around that area i know i will be keeping my eyes open ..
Title: Re: Lisa Maas-Owen Sound ON, 1988
Post by: kindheart on January 02, 2008, 07:11:03 PM
What i would like to look at is some of those abandoned wells that are on the property where her car was found.

I was thinking that but advise you to be very careful, as those old wells can be dangerous. I think any bush wacking in the area is useful as sometimes remains that are shallow graved prevent animals from getting at the remains right away.Animals can only get at what they can smell/find. The chances of soil depression now are slim, but not totally impossible.If the remains are wrapped they may be better preserved, so do not discount soil depression. Many things change over all these years but if you can "recreate" the possible route and think outside the box-anything is possible. You are looking for clothes, tattered, personal items, garbage that looks older. Bones if not deeply buried will be very scattered and may present just below the soil. Scratch the surface of any areas you think look "bumpy" or "sunken".Old sheds just outside where they searched is also a good bet-look under them too if ya can. Finally do not piss off property owners, last thing you need it the OPP wanting to know what you are doing...that would be fun to explain! Never do this alone ,so you don't get lost, or hurt and have no help!! Tie ripped material to trees in areas covered, so you can break up the different places you searched at different times and correspond that to a google grid map. Bring cell phones and GPS and a way you goooo!

I wish you well and please drop in and let us know if we can provide any assistance from a distance. I will still look more closely and advise on what i think is a reasonable area to consider looking at. 

Thanks again.
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: Chris on January 03, 2008, 03:46:39 PM
Boy I sure hope they nail this punk. WHat a dispicable coward.
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: Im_new_here2 on January 06, 2008, 03:33:10 PM
Hi Kindheart in your reading on this case did you ever read about another young girl was also murdured not to far from owen sound ..I dont know if it was a week or too before lisa or after.I just remember hearing that at first they did think they were connected but leter i beleive they charged someone with that case and disscounted them being connected .That was all i ever heard about this other woman just wondering if u came across it anywhere .I dont even know her name I just know it wasnt far apart in distance and in time..
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: kindheart on January 06, 2008, 04:08:09 PM
Lois Hanna disappeared on July 4th, 1988 from Kincardine, Ontario. She attended a dance, went home to make some tea and settle into bed for work the next day. They have DNA in her case due to what they describe as "two pea sized drops of blood" found in her home connected to an (at the time) unknown male. The OPP consolidate II  have stated that the two case are not connected, but that may have changed-who knows. ???

Here is the thread on Lois Hanna's disappearance.

Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: kindheart on January 30, 2008, 02:52:37 PM
Article from December 14th, 2006

Cold case featured on TV crime show
Written by Christine Curtis
The power of the media may help police solve an 18 year old cold case.The case of Lisa Maas was recently featured on Court TV's Crime Files - Cold Case Edition.

The show features journalist Sue Sgambati re-visiting some of Canada's unsolved mysteries. Forensic experts, criminal profilers, lead investigators and victims' families join Sgambati to re-examine infamous cold cases Grey County OPP Detective Constable Andre Bayard says the show generated eight tips for police to follow-up.The then twenty-two year old Maas disappeared July 17th 1988 after a Woodford party.The Owen Sound-area woman was five months pregnant at the time.Her body was never found and no charges were laid.
Maas' car was found northeast of Annan two days later on a bush road.

Bayard says the investigation has been ongoing since Maas' disappearance, and Maas family is offering a 50 thousand dollar reward for information that helps lead to a conviction.He says police are now in the process of following up the tips received from the TV show.


(This is the date the courttv show aired if anyone wants to see when they will air it again? Hope the leads they gathered generated some POI or better yet suspects!)

Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: Chris on January 30, 2008, 11:35:16 PM
I watch that everyone once in a awhile, I will keep an eye out for it.
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: Cindy71 on February 12, 2009, 03:39:40 PM
Please help find Lisa....Join our Facebook Group "Lets Find Lisa Reimer Maas"....Please Join....Thank You
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: Chris on February 14, 2009, 12:36:11 AM
Hey good idea. are you a friend of her's?

Is the feeling that this case could be solved soon?
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: catlady on March 04, 2009, 08:50:31 PM
I am so glad that they are working on this case. I babysat the girls for Ken and June and have often wondered where she was. They have had enough heartache over the years and it would be wonderful if they could finally put this to rest. If they are going to do a search again I would like to get involved. It is also nice to see that people still have an interest in this case.
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: Chris on March 09, 2009, 08:13:07 AM
Thanks for posting this, it is good these cases are not forgotten.
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: Im_new_here2 on March 10, 2009, 01:30:39 AM
Hey no problem ..

Cat lady..you should send me an im I dont know if they are doing any searches but i said the same thing as you did i live some what close to owen sound and i do alot of fishing ecspecially coming up for the end of april and the start of trout season but my point is iam allways fishing the saugeen river which as i got from you ,u live close to O.S so iam sure your aware of the saugeen river and it goes all through O.S and around the escartments which is where they beleive she is located so i said the same thing i would like to do a search also i am all over the map fishing in places that most people dont know exist thank god for gps lol but because iam in those places iam allways looking for anything out of the ordinary ..And yes i too feel for her parents they had so many physics come forword and give them such false hope it really bothers me people do that for some reason her parents got alot of them and im not judging them but i think they gave way to much hope for something that was pretty clear about the ending or so i thought ..If you ever hear of a search please message me on here im allways availuable for anybody for that matter and if u are still in touch with the parents .let them know lisa isnt forgotten and her case is still on the polices mind they know who did it but like i said and they said knowing and proving it were too different things and on that note the parents prolly know also if they ever new who drove her to get her car im sure the cops told them the same thing... 
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: Cindy71 on November 23, 2009, 03:21:19 PM
There is now a $50,000 Reward leading to an arrest in Lisa's Case....PLEASE if you know anything about Lisa's case please contact The O.P.P....Thank You
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: solvy on October 12, 2010, 11:49:53 AM
I live on the adjoining property to where Lisa's car was found. I lived here for a number of years before I heard about the case. I have an abandoned well on the property and wondered if it had been searched but more than that I wonder why an arrest hasn't been made when they have dna and a suspect. Can someone enlighten me about this.  Thanks

Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: TalentsUnlimited on October 28, 2010, 05:48:00 PM
Well there is some action folks..... this is just in on the local radio station, web site....sure hope they find her.
http://www.am920.ca/news.php?area=details&cat_id=4&art_id=13378 (http://www.am920.ca/news.php?area=details&cat_id=4&art_id=13378)
Thursday, October 28, 2010 11:30 am

Members of an OPP investigative team have returned to a property in Owen Sound today to search for evidence linked to the disappearance of Lisa Maas over 20 years ago.
The same property on 3rd Ave. East was searched two weeks ago by experts using Ground Penetrating Radar.
Information from that search, along with new data, sent investigators back to the site today.The search involves members of the Unsolved Homicide Investigation Team, the OPP Urban Search and Rescue Unit, and an an OPP Forensic Identification Unit.
This is part of an ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Lisa Maas on July 17, 1988.
Her green 1976 Plymouth was found stuck in the mud on township road allowance near the hamlet of Annan two days later.
Police say the owner of the property being searched, and current occupants, are not persons of interest in the case.
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: lilmzangelic on October 29, 2010, 03:27:30 PM
This is on the Owen Sound Sun Times site: http://www.owensoundsuntimes.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=2823435 (http://www.owensoundsuntimes.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=2823435)
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: TalentsUnlimited on October 29, 2010, 08:39:17 PM
Here is CKNX report on todays.... tells of the $50,000 reward.
Friday, October 29, 2010 1:40 pm
Police aren't saying exactly what they found, only that they uncovered a few items of interest during the search of an Owen Sound property.
Police were back on the scene yesterday at 3rd Avenue, searching for clues into the 1988 disappearance of Lisa Maas.
Further searches of the property haven't been ruled out.
Police are offering a 50 thousand dollar reward for the arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for her disappearance.
http://www.am920.ca/news.php?area=details&cat_id=4&art_id=13396 (http://www.am920.ca/news.php?area=details&cat_id=4&art_id=13396)
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: sweetnurse64 on January 27, 2012, 12:33:33 AM
Hi; just following this after I saw the name on the O.P.P. missing persons site. I noticed that no one has posted on it for a long time and the last post said that the cops might have found something of interest when they did that ground search. Then there's nothing posted after that! I guess if her name is still on the missing persons site it wasn't her but it looked like a few people were going to be following up on a few things and then nobody posted any more. Just wondering...  ???
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: Im_new_here2 on August 19, 2013, 03:34:11 PM
WoW When you read the police article about the case it`s pretty clear that the police have no dought who committed the crime anyone that new lisa it is most likely common knowledge to them who he is as well . From what i understand The police simply don`t have any evidence it must all be circumstantial . Iam not too sure about our canadian history and if we even can arrest someone with out having a body It sure sounds like thats the real problem here they can`t find Lisa .If they do my guess is that this case will be solved in no time . Makes you wonder though this guy that they say is the poi and the fact they cant arrest him likely because of no body it make me wonder is this guy just exstreamly lucky that where ever he put her it hasn`t been located or on a more scary thought is he that good at getting rid of a body that after 25yrs no one has found it ...

PS. Too the person that lives on a adjoining property and wondering about the wells . They do say in the article at least that yes there were a few wells on the property checked ..
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: me on July 25, 2016, 07:38:36 AM
I don't know how long this video link will work, CTV seems to delete/redirect videos pretty quickly.  I will keep an eye out for a written article, but so far I haven't seen one.  http://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=917201
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: me on July 25, 2016, 07:51:38 AM
Just in case the video link won't work, the two young men who believe that they have found evidence relating to Lisa Maas disappearance are Nick Oldreive and Anthony Fox.  They were interviewed by CTV News, showed photographs of items that they found and turned over to police.  The video states that they started a website to generate tips, but no website address was provided.  Police stated that they would prefer that tips come through them
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: debbiec on July 25, 2016, 08:41:20 AM
Man thinks he knows where Lisa Maas's remains are

By Scott Dunn, Sun Times, Owen Sound
Sunday, July 24, 2016 3:05:48 EDT PM

ANNAN - Nick Oldrieve thinks he's found new evidence that points to the location of the remains of Lisa Maas, missing for 28 years this week.

But so far the 25-year-old Participation Lodge support worker, who formerly was part of a team in the Peterborough area paid to locate runaway foster children, hasn't convinced police to re-search the property where he found a large pair of women's underwear and a pop can dated 1988 this spring.

Oldrieve first learned of Maas's disappearance by viewing a national website of missing persons in February. Since then, a combination of sleuthing and pluck has turned his interest in Maas's disappearance into a cause for him.

Maas was 22 and five months pregnant when she attended a house party in Woodford on July 17, 1988. She had just moved back home.

She returned to Annan to get her parked car with someone police identify only as a “male acquaintance,” who told police he watched her drive away at 4:30 a.m. Her car was found stuck on a farm lane hidden from view, about one kilometre southeast of Annan, two days later.

That bush lane leads to a waterfall and former grist mill and was a popular party place. That's the area Oldrieve searched.

“We found a pair of women's underwear, and then we found a Sprite can that was maybe about a foot above that and the Sprite can was from the year 1988. So it was just very odd to find those two things exactly in an area where somebody had said she was,” Oldrieve said in an interview this week.

“We have a good idea that, because of everything we've found, and this tip we got in, and where the car was found, we have a good idea that she is there,” Oldrieve said. “But we don't want to be narrow-minded . . . .”

So Oldrieve created a website, bringlisahome.webs.com.

He and friend Anthony Fox set it up to make it easier for those with knowledge of Lisa Maas's whereabouts, who may otherwise be fearful, to come forward. He said tips left there are anonymous.

Oldrieve, an Owen Sound resident who grew up in Chatsworth Township, hopes people will provide compelling information which helps find Maas, for her parents' sake, if nothing else. If the information offered helps confirm where Oldrieve thinks she is, or points in other directions, Oldrieve wants to know either way.

“We put on the website that we're not interested in who did, what happened. We're interested in where she is. That's it.”

The digging up of garbage made such a mess that the landowner revoked permission for Oldrieve to go back, he said. There were also safety concerns about the dangerous terrain, he said.

“We found over 150 bones throughout searching that area and all came back animal.” He sent pictures of bones to police, who checked with an expert and let Oldrieve know the results, he said. He got someone at a university to look at the pictures too, who agreed they were all of animal bones.

“It looks like a dumpster full of garbage down this one hole.”

He said he has shared everything he has found with police and has told Maas's father, Ken Reimer, about his efforts.

Reimer and his wife, June, who still live in the area, have had no choice but to wait and see as each new development arose in this cold case, which many local people have followed too.

“I've never met him (in person) but I think he's very interesting and he has an objective and I wish him luck,” Reimer said of Oldrieve in an interview, adding he knows his mother, with whom he's done business. Reimer was intensely involved in previous searches for his daughter, including in areas where Oldrieve has looked.

“Oh I know exactly the spot. And I can recall being there with the police at the time and they had sent a fellow down into the little hole and all they could find were old rocks and stuff that they had said had been accumulated over the years.

“So he said I don't think that, it doesn't look as if it's something that has been just new on the spot at that time. Now that was in 1988. So it was just within a week or two weeks of when she went missing. And that was the report that the police gave.”

He also remembers a grid search was undertaken which included a dog. “So we didn't go any further than that in regards to that particular spot that he's been looking in.”

There's still a $50,000 provincial reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for Maas's disappearance. Police are on record saying they have a murder suspect in mind. Without a body, police have said, charging someone is more difficult.

Oldrieve searched where he did based on old rumours he heard. After he searched there, he received information from an anonymous source that strongly indicated he should look there, which he also shared with police.

Det.-Sgt. Scott Moore oversees the Grey County Ontario Provincial Police crime unit. He knows who Oldrieve is and confirmed he has been liaising with police. But Moore wouldn't comment directly on what Oldrieve is doing.

“As with any investigation, we are following up on any leads that come in, any information that comes in . . . ,” Moore said.

“And any time somebody brings attention to an investigation, certainly that can stir up further information and further investigation. It is occasionally helpful and often times we generate media attention for the public's assistance in investigations.”

Asked if police or anyone else dug in the area Oldrieve found the underwear and pop can, Moore said: “I'm not going to speak specifically to that location. There's been a number of locations that have been searched through the course of the investigation over the years.”

Any information turned up by Oldrieve, including any anonymous tips he receives, will still have to be checked out by police, Moore said.

“It dilutes the value of information when we are not deriving that information directly from a source,” he said. “There may be information that comes through that has value, there may not be. I can't really say.”

http://www.owensoundsuntimes.com/2016/07/21/man-thinks-he-knows-where-lisa-maass-remains-are (http://www.owensoundsuntimes.com/2016/07/21/man-thinks-he-knows-where-lisa-maass-remains-are)
Title: Re: Lisa Maas | Owen Sound ON, | 1988
Post by: debbiec on September 03, 2016, 03:55:23 PM
Hi Nick,

You can either post the information yourself, on this thread, or send me a personal message and I can do it for you.